Suzuki AU’s new campaign demonstrates fun in ‘any number of wheels’

Teddy Cambosa - March 19, 2021

Sydney, Australia – The Australian arm of automotive maker Suzuki has recently launched a new campaign that demonstrates a ‘fun’ approach to vehicles, regardless of how many wheels a vehicle has.

The campaign, rolled under its campaign series ‘For Fun’s Sake’, shows a man riding a mini Suzuki car as if he is riding a motorcycle. The campaign’s narration focuses on how ‘doubling’ the wheels adds more fun to one’s journey, which embodies the message of the ‘For Fun’s Sake’ tagline.

“The least fun thing you can do is to repeat yourself, so it’s great that we have a brand platform that really lets us change things up and keep our creative fresh, because the least fun thing you can do is to repeat yourself,” said Michael Pachota, general manager at Suzuki.

The campaign, created by Deloitte Digital, the creative digital consultancy arm of consulting firm Deloitte, was launched in retrospect with Suzuki leading the Australian light vehicle segment sales, reporting a 30% increase in total vehicle sales year-on-year.

Charles Baylis, executive creative director at Deloitte Digital stated, “When it comes to having fun on the road, we realized the only thing that comes close to a Suzuki, is a motorbike. And even then, it’s only half as fun. Mathematically speaking.” 

The campaign has been rolled out across out-of-home (OOH) platforms, radio, digital ads, as well as across social media channels.