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STB, TBWA\Singapore conceptualised new sculpture representing SG tourism

STB, TBWA\Singapore conceptualised new sculpture representing SG tourism
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Singapore – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has teamed up with creative agency TBWA\Singapore in conceptualising ‘Here is SG’: a sculpture that symbolises the newest representation of the Singapore’s Destination Brand – ‘Passion Made Possible’.

The sculpture is a joint effort by local talents from contemporary art and design collective PHUNK, urban greening specialists Greenology and design-to fabrication consultancy Superstructure.

It features the SG Mark and Singapore Tourism Board’s Passion Made Possible brand – which articulates the stories on Singapore, its endless possibilities, and the passions of Singaporeans. Coupled with the vision to encourage user-generated content by the public and inspire travellers to visit Singapore for their next holiday destination, the sculpture is also designed to be more than just a brand installation and a new photo taking opportunity.

“Opportunities were thoroughly examined, and strategic considerations were included in the creative proposal to enhance placemaking efforts and encourage exploration of tourism precincts, promote positive interactions, and serve as an anchor of identity and community bonds,” the agency said.

They added, “As a young nation with few natural resources, Singapore has always depended on the tenacity and resourcefulness of its citizens – this was the root of TBWA\Singapore’s innovative creative idea to use the deconstructed Trust Mark as a representative of people coming together from all walks of life, and forging a national identity amid diversity.”

The sculpture, which opened to the public on August 15, seeks to strategically shape the physical and social character of the area around arts and cultural activities, and bring diverse people together to celebrate, inspire and be inspired. 

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