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What happens when someone hires from social media? JobStreet PH pokes fun at it with these ads

Manila, Philippines – With companies actively doing background checks when hiring someone, viewing someone’s social media can get confusing for employers. With some potential applicants still hiding under anonymity, employers often have less transparency to look into as to what type of individual their next employee is.

And that is exactly what the latest ads from JobStreet Philippines show: instead of relying on social media for hiring, companies can get ‘real talent’ by visiting the JobStreet platform.

The ads, conceptualised by local creative agency GIGIL, feature a series of hilarious situations when an employer interviews someone from social media. Instead of a real person, they interview a fictional character, an avatar, or even the whole family of the applicant.

For Soleil Badenhop, associate creative director at GIGIL, humour has been an integral part of most of their campaigns, even for a formal brand such as JobStreet.

“Hiring can be really taxing for HR managers. We wanted to come up with content that would break the monotony and entertain them, get their attention while getting the message across clearly,” Badenhop said in an exclusive statement to MARKETECH APAC.

When asked how GIGIL came up with the idea for these ads, she said that while the brief for the ad was to simply market the service for free to HR managers, they wanted to dig deeper into the insights from HR managers to conceptualise the ads.

“We dug deep for true insight and found that HR managers still hire largely on social media simply because the Philippines is still the social media capital of the world. The funny thing about hiring on social media is, you don’t know whom you’re talking to because most profiles use cartoon pictures, avatars, group pictures, and fictional characters. By showing the reality of hiring there, we were able to push JobStreet as the reliable yet free option for hirers,” Badenshop told MARKETECH APAC.

Meanwhile, Kim Martin Viray, country head of marketing at JobStreet Philippines told MARKETECH APAC that aside from promoting said service to HR managers, the overarching objective of the ads was about addressing unstructured hiring, particularly on social media, where it is prone to scams and fraud.

“We have seen ads with humour and lightness to engage better with Filipino audiences, especially on digital. Our ‘Hire With Real Talent for Free’ campaign is one of the first-ever hyperlocal ad creatives we’ve produced for JobStreet Philippines, fronting our employer franchise that is emotive and targets real situations of HR professionals when hiring on social media,” the company told MARKETECH APAC.

They added, “Specifically, the already-heavy and often stressful situation of an SME hirer and then only to get low-quality candidates. To resonate more with the target audience, we re-imagined that situation lightly and with humour while highlighting our key message on what JobStreet can deliver better.”

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Tiger Beer unveils retro-modernist campaign, dramatising beer brewing process

Singapore – Just months after the release of its ‘A Bolder Tomorrow’ campaign, Tiger Beer has launched a new campaign called ‘The Brewery, Uncaged’, which dramatises the beer’s brewing process centred around a retro-modernist theme.

The campaign, once again conceptualised by Publicis Groupe’s Le Pub, doubles down on the 80s nostalgia that is trending again amongst Gen Z. Bold, simple, sometimes over-the-top but also somewhat familiar, said campaign is steeped in cues from that iconic decade but with a modern layer to the styling and music.

Tiger Beer has also reinvented and modernised the classic ‘Eye of the Tiger’ track with a rap from Mega Ran, a globally-renowned DJ, rapper, and producer. Famous for fusing hip hop and gaming and for his endearing ‘nerdcore’ lyrics, Mega Ran’s songs have debuted on the Billboard Top 200.

For Sean O’Donnell, global brand director at Tiger Beer, the campaign perfectly dramatises the brand’s attitude towards perfecting the brew in the boldest possible way, with a reinvented soundtrack to match with it.

“Explaining what makes a great beer can be a generic and boring story that’s not very exciting for most consumers. But there is boldness rooted in Tiger Beer’s attitude – since 1932, we’ve been unstoppably bold, challenging the odds as a beer that was not supposed to exist in the tropics and is now a winner of global awards, conquering 60 markets and counting,” O’Donell said.

Meanwhile, Cyril Louis, executive creative director at LePub, commented, “From the first shot, it’s clear this is not a typical beer commercial; it’s all designed to entertain a new generation. A mix of styles takes elements of the past mixed with today’s culture to create something unique and entertaining while showcasing the Tiger brewing process, quality ingredients, and award winning credentials.” 

The campaign is part of the latest 360-degree credentials campaign from Tiger Beer, which will run in all Tiger markets globally across TV, print, digital and online channels. 

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McDonald’s, Leo Burnett Taiwan team up to breathe new life into customary receipt donation

Taipei, Taiwan – Fast food chain McDonald’s and agency Leo Burnett Taiwan have teamed up to create donation wallpapers, which promotes a refreshing method to the customary practice amongst Taiwanese, where purchasing receipts are dropped in ‘donation boxes’. These receipts then benefit charities like that of McDonald’s Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) as a major source of income. 

The campaign was launched as a digital alternative to the staple Uniform Invoice Lottery in Taiwan, which allows customers to get a ticket to enter the government’s Receipt Lottery, with prizes ranging from NT$200 to NT$10m. Said lottery uses physical receipts to enter, but with the rise of digital payments, they have all but disappeared, out of sight, and therefore out of mind.

To launch this campaign, McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Taiwan have tapped up-and-coming new media artists to create a series of downloadable wallpapers and inject an engaging twist to the routinary receipt donation. With 35 designs to choose from, every donation wallpaper includes a barcode, and when scanned at any cashier, the receipt is automatically donated to RMHC.

Donation Wallpapers can be scanned at retailers across Taiwan, making every transaction in any store an opportunity to donate to RMHC.

Jin Yang, creative partner at Leo Burnett Taiwan, said, “Gen Z can’t live without their phone, and the screen they see most of all is their mobile phone wallpaper. With this in mind, we came up with an idea that makes receipt donation impossible to ignore – every time someone wakes up their phone, it’s a reminder to do good.” 

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Honest Eggs Co. launches first-ever fitness trackers for chickens in campaign via VMLY&R

Victoria, Australia – Egg brand Honest Eggs Co. has launched its new product, FitChix, the first-ever fitness trackers designed for chickens. The new innovation comes with an integrated campaign made in collaboration with marketing agency VMLY&R, which is designed to show people how free and healthy the brands’ chickens really are.

For the campaign, VMLY&R collaborated with creative collective Airbag to create ergonomic, chicken-friendly fitness trackers that don’t impose on day-to-day life and behaviour. The new tool measures step counts, which are printed onto the eggs that Australians buy at the supermarket.

“Honest Eggs Co. is on a mission to change egg farming for the better. We launched FitChix to help monitor the health of our chooks and to continue to bring attention to why regenerative farming is better for the hens, the egg, the land, the farmer and the community,” said Honest Eggs Co. General Manager Roger Boyd.

Jake Barrow, group executive creative director of VMLY&R also commented, “Right through from product, to campaign, to transaction point, FitChix is an innovation that delivers irrefutable proof that the chickens at Honest Eggs farms live a free and healthy life. So, make sure your next carbonara is an Honest one!”

Charmaine Griffith, growth director VMLY&R, also said that Honest Eggs Co. aims to bring the promise of regenerative farming front and centre on supermarket shelves. “ As one of Australia’s foremost pioneers in this field, we’re proud to share their story,” she added.

FitChix will appear in OLV, OOH, Social and in-store to educate consumers on the importance of sustainable and regenerative farming practices.

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Want to vent out? Alcoholic beverage Chill makes this possible with a ‘venting machine’

Manila, Philippines – Chill, the new alcoholic beverage from Universal Robina Corporation (URC), has launched a new outdoor campaign which allows bystanders to have a safe space to release all their frustrations surrounding Valentine’s Day, by setting up a ‘venting’ machine, a pun on the concept of a vending machine.

Conceptualised by BBDO Guerrero, the ‘venting machine’ is a 16-foot-tall booth in the shape of a Chill can. Inside it were three activities; screaming, punching, and a slicing game. A Chill can was dispensed after completing the chosen activity and participants can share a photograph on social media.

Mian David, chief marketing officer at Universal Robina Corporation, explained that the campaign was aimed at the younger demographic, allowing for a ‘drama-free moment’ following the Valentine’s Day festivities.

“We created the venting machine to give them an avenue to have fun and just chill. That’s what Chill is all about – it offers a laid-back drinking experience for people who want to just relax and unwind,” David said.

Meanwhile, Karen Go, general manager at BBDO Guerrero, commented, “Younger Filipinos love to creatively express their feelings. Congratulations to our partners at Chill for their successful event and we are excited to see how we can elevate them further.”

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Digital payments Maya taps biggest ambassador yet since rebranding

Manila, Philippines – Maya, one of the top digital payment apps in the Philippines, has launched a new campaign called ‘My Money. My Bank. My Way’, simultaneously introducing its newest — and biggest ambassador yet since it rebranded in May 2022. 

The fintech tapped top local actress Liza Soberano and even appointed her to the unique position of chief advocacy officer. As chief advocacy officer, Soberano will champion shared advocacies for financial inclusion with Maya and lead key initiatives, starting with a joint activity for Save The Children, the world’s leading independent organisation for children. 

The new campaign of Maya is aimed at doubling down on the local wallet’s advantage in the digital banking scene. 

The campaign was conceptualised by Soberano herself and said move breaks the mould of traditional celebrity endorsements and changes the game for marketing financial services.

Speaking of her involvement, the actress said, “I’m excited for everyone to level up their banking experience with me through Maya because I love using their app. On top of that, working with Maya truly feels like a level up for me – it’s a joy to collaborate with them creatively, and I’m excited for the professional challenge of becoming their chief advocacy officer.”

Meanwhile, Pepe Torres, chief marketing officer at Maya, commented that their partnership with Liza hopes to communicate that it is about time for Filipinos to make bigger and bolder financial decisions with the help of game-changing innovations. He also added that they aim at spearheading the industry’s evolution on making digital banking a breakthrough experience for all.

Shailesh Baidwan, group president at Maya, said that their digital banking strategy has allowed them to be more advantageous than other local competitors.

“Filipinos trust banks and like the convenience of e-wallets. By providing an all-in-one digital banking app where people can save, spend, borrow, and invest seamlessly, we have simplified the whole financial services experience for consumers,” Baidwan said.

The new campaign comes months after Maya appointed IPG Mediabrands’ Initiative Philippines as its media agency of record.

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Singtel holds indie rock concert livestream from an underground MRT cabin to showcase 5G capabilities

Singapore – To showcase its high-speed 5G network, Singaporean telco Singtel held its first-ever 5G-enabled musical performance. The concert was live-streamed from an underground MRT cabin on February 23.

The performance featured local band Sobs, who performed some of their most popular indie rock songs transmitted over Singtel’s social media platforms from 17 metres underground.

The event is part of a larger six-week campaign involving content across various MRT lines and Singtel’s social media channels to drive awareness of Singtel 5G’s capabilities and benefits to consumers from how they communicate, work, and play with technology.

“As the only telco to reach nationwide and underground coverage across the most travelled main MRT lines, we are excited to have commuters experience Singapore’s most powerful and fastest 5G network first-hand,” said Diana Chen, managing director for customer value at Singtel.

She also said that by ensuring ‘high-quality and uninterrupted connectivity’ on trains and stations, Singtel’s consumers are in for an exceptional digital experience. 

“With the Singtel 5G network’s ultra-fast and low latency capabilities, consumers can upload and download content, watch live video streams, or play games in high definition while on the move,” she added.

Singtel is also set to release a series of videos expounding the advantages of Singtel 5G. These will be posted on its YouTube and Facebook pages and will run until the end of March 2023.

Previously, Singtel has also released a Chinese New Year campaign highlighting its commitment to providing prompt and quality service to its customers.

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Want some chicken? Popeyes Singapore gives you some—by venting out your woes

Singapore – Popeyes in Singapore has launched a new campaign to promote its new Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets—in a rather quirky way. The catch? The chain invites Singaporeans to call its hotline and bare their life vents and complaints, in exchange for chicken.

Conceptualised alongside creative consultancy agency Happiness Saigon, a hotline was set up which gives callers a six-piece chicken nugget order for free.

Jazz Tonna, partner and creative director at Happiness Saigon, said, “We know people love to vent about life’s little problems. It makes you feel better. With stress levels rising globally and good food being proven to reduce stress, we set up the Popeyes Chicken Hotline. Now when life gives you problems, Popeyes gives you chicken.”

Happiness Saigon is also the agency behind a recent campaign with Carlsberg in Vietnam, which rewards someone with a free pint of Carlsberg beer if they manage to say the brand name right. 

Marketing Featured East Asia

This AR campaign by HSBC invites Hongkongers to make a wish and move forward

Hong Kong – Financial services company HSBC has launched an augmented reality (AR) campaign alongside Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong to empower Hongkongers to move towards their goals this new year and open up a world of opportunity.

The campaign depicts a virtual wishing tree that carries the wishes of seven million Hongkongers. The wish-making tradition was gamified together with a lucky draw to incentivise city-wide participation. This is all supported by a full suite of product offers including payment, account opening, and investments, amongst others.

Hongkongers can participate by pointing their phone towards the HSBC Main Building, selecting the seed that befits their wish and tossing it towards the building to add their ‘blossom’ to the ‘HSBC Wishing Tree for 7,000,000.’ 

Participants are then prompted to register for the Lucky Draw with a total prize pool of $1,230,000 RewardCash.

“Each seed of the Wishing Tree for 7,000,000 is a visual representation of the wishes that people make, which then blossoms into an auspicious flower to symbolise how their dreams would come true with the support of HSBC. The words of blessings were creatively crafted to be witty and culturally relevant to engage with local audience in an entertaining and resonating way,” HSBC explained in a press statement.

HSBC also recently launched a campaign alongside MSL Hong Kong, which turned Hong Kong into an ‘open canvas’, coinciding with the launch of HSBC’s Metaverse Gallery, targeted at giving local emerging artists more exposure.

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The Times of India celebrates unity amidst diversity in new campaign

India – Made in collaboration with marketing communications agency Wunderman Thompson India, Indian English-language newspaper The Times of India (TOI) has launched its new campaign that elevates unity despite the diverse differences in India.

Titled ‘The Idea of India’, the campaign featured a short film that invites every Indian to participate and celebrate their perspective of India in their own way through the hashtag #WhatMakesUsOne.

The visual thread for the film is the festival of lights captured by cinematographers and drone photographers and timelapse content creators throughout the festive season. It also included a narrative taken from the speeches of India’s inspiring leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi, AB Vajpayee and Narendra Modi — the voices that set fire to the ‘Idea of India.’

“In this context, our new initiative from TOI – #WhatMakesUsOne, focuses on the many unifying threads that make up our Idea Of India. Despite our diversity and multiculturism, the threads that unite us also drive our growth in the world today powerfully,” said Kaustuv Chatterjee, brand director at TOI & Languages.

He also added that through the campaign, TOI hopes to spark conversations and connections around what makes Indians one as they celebrate the country’s 74th year of becoming a Republic.

Meanwhile, Wunderman Thompson India’s Chief Creative & Film Director Senthil Kumar also commented, “India was an idea long before it became a free nation… It is the same thread that continues to bind us as one nation, in spite of our diverse differences. It is the invisible ektara that stirs our souls and ignites our hearts. This binding thread of tolerance and inclusivity is represented as the thread of light cinematically and metaphorically in the powerful Times Of India narrative form.”

Joy Chauhan, senior VP & managing partner at Wunderman Thompson Delhi added, “The idea of India is a campaign that makes you pause and yet again fall in love with our magical nation… It was an opportune time to celebrate our diversity and #WhatMakesUsOne. We are proud to partner [with] the iconic Times of India in this celebration.”

The campaign is live across national news media, social media, and various digital platforms. 

‘The Idea of India’ follows TOI’s ‘Maa Aashcen. Tumi Kothaye?’ campaign in October 2022, which was targeted at celebrating togetherness and connection between loved ones during Hindu festival.