Marketing Featured South Asia

Pentonic demonstrates how its glue stick lasts well through an epic cartoon tale

India – Writing instrument brand Pentonic has released a new film, demonstrating its product Pentonic GumStik. The ad was conceptualised alongside Wunderman Thompson Kolkata.

The film tells the story of a nerdy 10-year-old who loves Airplanes. He creates a model with a Pentonic GumStik and throws it in the air, which then embarks on an epic flight. The visual story is complemented by a unique sound design as it builds on the idea of kids using vocal effects while playing with toys. 

Deepak Jalan, managing director at Linc Pens, said, “Pentonic as a brand is designed to be unique. The GumStik is a transparent gum in unique black packaging and comes with Super Sticking Power. We needed a unique film to expand our mindshare among the target audience which is school-going kids and their parents.”

Meanwhile, Vijay Jacob Parakkal, managing partner at Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, commented, “We have been partnering with LINC Limited on the brand Pentonic since 2019 across multiple product and format launches. We are happy and proud to be part of their growth story.”

Lastly, Soumya Chowdhury, VP & CSD for client servicing at Wunderman Thompson Kolkata, said, “Pentonic GumStik is a new entrant in a category that is defined and created by a behemoth. We had to do something to get noticed. This is a film that attempts to do that. It retells the story of adhesive power in a way that is likely to stick around in the mind a bit longer.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

KFC Thailand transforms iconic bucket into the ‘Bucket Basket’ this Christmas

Bangkok, Thailand – KFC Thailand transforms its iconic bucket into the new ‘KFC Basket the Bucket’ this Christmas to join Thai people in their obsession with gifting baskets. This is in collaboration with their newly appointed creative agency, Wunderman Thompson Thailand. The KFC ‘Basket the Bucket’ is made of locally sourced materials and handcrafted by local artisans, with the iconic chicken bucket packaging a perfect fit inside it. 

According to KFC Thailand, gifting during the festive season in Thailand is always an epic battleground of festive hampers or gifting baskets. The basket has been a symbol of well-wishing and gifting for Thai people. 

The 30-second commercial that came with the campaign shows Thai people receiving usual gifts given this Christmas as they sarcastically let out dry laughs before showing a man munching on KFC chicken and ends with lines, “when the bucket comes, its party on!”

Chief Marketing Officer Suhayl Limbada at KFC Thailand said, “Taking a global icon like the KFC bucket and infusing it with the locally famous gift basket depicts the richness and beauty of our country’s culture and is a very special project. As people return back to celebrating special moments with their loved ones, to be able to incorporate our iconic KFC Bucket as a gift in such a unique way is a perfect ode to our excitement at the prospect of a festive season that is full of cheer and Finger Lickin’ Good moments.” 

Park Wannasiri, chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand adds, “KFC is a leader that always wants to stay connected and culturally relevant. We are always looking for the opportunity to infuse our brand into the culture in the most distinctive way, not just driving sales but also building the brand. Although KFC is not always associated with end of year gifting, ‘Basket the Bucket’ changes everything. By turning our iconic bucket into a gift basket, a symbol of the Thai gifting season, we directly put ourselves into the centre of attention this festive season.”

KFC also mentioned gifting their friends clown, king, and dragon, with their unique bucket basket this Christmas, to show their generosity for the holiday season.

Platforms Featured ANZ

The Australian Financial Review launches new brand platform via BMF

Sydney, Australia The Australian Financial Review (AFR), the market’s business-centric media, has launched a new brand platform called ‘Make it your Business’, conceptualised with the help of BMF.

‘Make it Your Business,’ will be released in stages over the next few months, and is a mix of tactical live data OOH, press, digital, social, and podcast assets. 

BMF’s Creative Director, David Roberts, speaks about the brand platform, “‘Make it your Business’ is a call out to anyone, in any field, hustling for success. You never know what AFR article could kickstart your next career move, investment opportunity or entrepreneurial adventure.”

Nine’s Head of Brand and Acquisition, Vera Straubinger, also said, “When you need information you can trust on investing, business moves, and careers, you turn to the most trusted and credible source. The AFR is the source that gives you a deep, nuanced understanding that stretches beyond your own horizons. And goes beyond the headlines.”

This is BMF’s first work for AFR since winning the account earlier this year.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Department store Myer encourages Aussies to go bold and indulge in newest campaign

Melbourne, Australia – In the spirit of the upcoming Christmas season, Australian department store chain Myer has launched a multi-touchpoint campaign, encouraging Aussies to indulge, smile, and shop more this holiday season.

Part of the campaign is a film that is set on Christmas eve, where a couple faces the relatable stress of having to wrap their family’s long list of gifts. Starting from exhaustion, the couple finally gets into their groove, transforming the mundane palaver into an exhilarating performance.

With fun, cheeky, and attention-grabbing tag lines such as, ‘Stuff the turkey, stocking and self-control’, ‘Grab Christmas by the baubles’, and ‘Deck the halls, kitchen and living room’, the campaign will be brought to life across TV, BVOD, OOH, digital, social, online, in-store VM, gift wrapping and team member uniforms.

The campaign is conceptualised by Clemenger BBDO, with its media strategy led by Essence.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Geoff Ikin, chief customer officer at Myer, said that they are approaching the festive season with more confidence than ever.

“From our much-loved Melbourne Christmas Windows, which will feature iconic scenes in celebration of Disney’s 100 years of wonder, to our national Santalands, curated Giftoriums and our Myer one VIP shopping nights, we are there to help our customers celebrate this festive season,” he said.

Ikin added, “The campaign has been created to cut through the noise in typically the most cluttered media environments at Christmas. It’s fun, engaging, irreverent and offers what our customers love – a little surprise and delight. Australians love to celebrate Christmas, and so do we.”

Meanwhile, Jim Curtis, chief creative officer at Clemenger BBDO, commented, “Christmas is a weird and wonderful time of year filled with rituals that under normal circumstances would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. We leave carrots in our driveways for flying reindeer, we wear itchy, woollen sweaters in the middle of summer and we go the extra mile to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.” 

He added, “This year we’re asking Australians to let the season be the reason and double down on everything that makes Christmas, Christmas. Yes, that even means fully embracing the unique task of wrapping gifts at midnight the night before.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Want a Carlsberg? This AI rewards you with a free beer when pronounced correctly

Vietnam – As Vietnamese find themselves having a hard time to pronounce the brand name ‘Carlsberg’ locally, the popular beer brand has teamed up with Happiness Saigon and BLISS Maker Studios to launch an AI that rewards bypassers with a free beer if they manage to say Carlsberg the right way. 

The AI was built using voice inputs from hundreds of people pronouncing ‘Car-z-berg’ and was trained to distinguish the most accurate entries possible. The Carlsberg AI doesn’t just power the voice activated tap, it also powers the campaign website.

In addition, a social video of the on ground activation, billboards across the city of Ho Chi Minh, YouTube pre-roll, and Spotify ads all lead to the microsite where anyone in Vietnam can attempt to nail the difficult name themselves and win some ice cold beer.

“Carlsberg is one of the leading brewing companies in the world today. This year they are celebrating 175 years as ‘probably the best beer in the world’. But before doing that, the brand needs to properly (re)introduce themselves to the Vietnam market. A market where their unique name is practically unknown,” according to a press statement.

Meanwhile, Hoàng Vũ Hải, brand manager at Carlsberg Vietnam, commented, “Working on carlsberg for all these years, our team realised something: it is so difficult to pronounce. So difficult in fact, we want to reward anyone who can pull it off with a complimentary beer. We think it’s a fun and smart way to increase brand recognition and product trial, especially for the launch of the new product in Vietnam.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

STB, TBWA\Singapore conceptualised new sculpture representing SG tourism

Singapore – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has teamed up with creative agency TBWA\Singapore in conceptualising ‘Here is SG’: a sculpture that symbolises the newest representation of the Singapore’s Destination Brand – ‘Passion Made Possible’.

The sculpture is a joint effort by local talents from contemporary art and design collective PHUNK, urban greening specialists Greenology and design-to fabrication consultancy Superstructure.

It features the SG Mark and Singapore Tourism Board’s Passion Made Possible brand – which articulates the stories on Singapore, its endless possibilities, and the passions of Singaporeans. Coupled with the vision to encourage user-generated content by the public and inspire travellers to visit Singapore for their next holiday destination, the sculpture is also designed to be more than just a brand installation and a new photo taking opportunity.

“Opportunities were thoroughly examined, and strategic considerations were included in the creative proposal to enhance placemaking efforts and encourage exploration of tourism precincts, promote positive interactions, and serve as an anchor of identity and community bonds,” the agency said.

They added, “As a young nation with few natural resources, Singapore has always depended on the tenacity and resourcefulness of its citizens – this was the root of TBWA\Singapore’s innovative creative idea to use the deconstructed Trust Mark as a representative of people coming together from all walks of life, and forging a national identity amid diversity.”

The sculpture, which opened to the public on August 15, seeks to strategically shape the physical and social character of the area around arts and cultural activities, and bring diverse people together to celebrate, inspire and be inspired. 

Marketing Featured East Asia

KFC encourages overthinking Hong Kongers to think less, indulge more in new campaign

Hong Kong – Global fast food brand KFC has launched a new campaign, encouraging overthinking to think less and indulge more with their signature fried chicken–using a brand-new tech device called the ‘KFC Brainwave Bucket’.

Conceptualised alongside Edelman Hong Kong, the device is a brain-sensing helmet with a built-in headband that analyses people’s brain activity. The data from the helmet is connected to an app which provides real-time biofeedback showing how active the mind is.

The helmet design, and the mind-detecting enclosure, are based on KFC’s iconic bucket. People are invited to sit inside the bucket-inspired structure and wear the helmet on their head, after which they’re encouraged to switch off and think less with the help of some Finger Lickin’ Good chicken.

The campaign is based on recent studies that indicate Hong Kong is one of the most stressful cities in the world and ranks first in the stress index of employees all around East Asia, with a massive 53% of employees feeling pressured and stressed from their day-to-day occupation. However, scientific findings have shown that comfort food relieves the stress response in the brain.

John Koay, regional executive creative director at Edelman, said, “Born from a great truth, we recognise the brand’s ability to provide people in this pressure cooker of a city with a moment of escape – and the Brainwave Bucket is a fun way to prove it. Partnering with KFC always brings so much excitement and innovative opportunity and this campaign is a great demonstration of that.”

Marketing Featured ANZ

Epson launches B2B campaign following appointment of Orchard, Kaimera

Sydney, Australia – Electronics company Epson has launched a B2B campaign in Australia called ‘Taking Sustainability Seriously’, following the appointment of digital creative agency Orchard to its creative account and media agency Kaimera to its media strategy account.

The ‘Taking Sustainability Seriously’ campaign positions Epson inkjet solutions as the leading B2B printer choice for organisations across corporate Australia who want to reduce their energy consumption by choosing inkjet over laser, without sacrificing on efficiency or cost. 

Created and developed by digital creative agency Orchard, the campaign uses a playful, quirky approach to deliver serious messages around sustainability and the environment with credibility.

The campaign’s ads and messages are airing on the Sky News network and also feature on the 7Plus, 9Now, 10play and SBS On Demand BVOD channels, online and across LinkedIn. 

Epson also partnered with well-known tech commentator Trevor Long to produce short-form tech review content for broadcast on Sky News’ Business Weekend programme.

Priscilla Dickason, senior marketing communications manager at Epson Australia, said, “‘Taking Sustainability Seriously is one of the most significant B2B campaigns we have ever undertaken in Australia. Whether it’s government, consumers or big business sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must do.” 

She added, “We are very happy to be working with Orchard and Kaimera as they both bring clever creative and strategic expertise to the table. We are also very much looking forward to the campaign’s success and to be working in partnership with both agencies for the long term.”

Meanwhile, Michael Di Natale, managing partner at Orchard, commented, “We are extremely excited to partner with Epson, to further demonstrate our credentials in the B2B space and accelerate Epson as a market-leading business. Seeing the team come together to showcase our ability to deliver market-leading strategy and creative for clients, fills me with great pride and confidence for the road ahead.”

Lastly, Anna Magliano, head of client services at Kaimera, said, “It’s not every day you get to be involved with such a well know brand at such a crucial point in their growth. We believe that the Taking Sustainability Seriously creative platform supported by a credible media strategy can create another defining moment in the Epson brand story and we are excited to see the impact of the campaign in market.”

Orchard has been appointed previously by telco amaysim as its digital creative agency, and by Hyundai to improve the customer experience of the company on Facebook.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Kinder Joy, KidZania launch kid-centric experience to drive learning around animals 

Mumbai, India – Ferrero’s confectionary brand Kinder has partnered with interactive family entertainment destination KidZania is all set to enter the world of Metaverse with Natoons Metaverse Safari, this World Animal Day on October 4, with the aim to drive learning around animals in a unique way.

The companies are introducing an immersive metaverse experience for children to celebrate World Animal Day and understand its importance. To experience the metaverse zone, visitors can put on VR headsets and go on a Natoons Safari in the Metaverse and learn about animals in a unique way. 

The Metaverse Safari will showcase animals such as porcupine, whale, blue macaw, otter, tortoise and many more in their natural habitat. Kids will also have an opportunity to take photos in the experience.

Additionally, the phygital experience through the AR feature on the free Applaydu app, will further amplify the fun experience. The first Metaverse journey of Kinder Joy will be inaugurated in Delhi and Mumbai on 1st October and will continue till 9 October in Delhi up until 17 October in Mumbai.

Amedeo Aragona, regional marketing manager for Indian subcontinent for Kinder Brands at Ferrero said, “With our entry into the world of Metaverse, we wanted to engage children into learning more about animals while having fun. It is our constant endeavour to consistently find new and innovative ways to nurture the imagination and creativity of children through novel content, based on new technology platforms. Metaverse is one such initiative that drives children to learn, build, and explore exciting themes”.

Meanwhile, Prerna Uppal, chief partnership officer at KidZania India commented, “At KidZania we are always looking forward to the future. We did that by creating a one of its kind multi-sensory Kinder Joy Treat Factory experience that brings alive the joy of manufacturing everyone’s favourite treat. We are extremely excited for adding another innovative dimension to our partnership with Kinder Joy by creating a truly unique environment – “The Natoons Metaverse Safari”. Through this hybrid experience not just kids but even young parents will have fun, learn about animals and values of respecting nature & all its creatures – a truly inventive celebration for World Animals Day”.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Panasonic India encourages consumers to get smarter in a quirky way in latest ad

India – Appliance brand Panasonic in India has launched a brand new campaign which urges consumers to get smarter in a quirky way. The campaign is conceptualised alongside Dentsu Creative India.

The campaign is a series of short films that cleverly conveys the message to the world. The three-film campaign showcases Naveen – the protagonist, introducing Gupta Ji to a smarter way of washing clothes. The characters’ humorous banter illustrates the features of the washing machine in an entertaining and interesting way.

Said ads are for Panasonic’s washing machines, powered by its connected living platform Miraie.

Shirish Agarwal, head of brand and marketing communications at Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “Panasonic as a brand is committed towards helping consumers live their best by aiding them with the right choices customised as per their lifestyle. The digital campaign is an extension of this. It depicts the true, slice-of-life moments of an Indian household, on how we struggle to remove stubborn stains using various home remedies.” 

He added, “It goes on to highlight how technology can be the key enabler for clean and fresh laundry. Panasonic’s latest range of smart washing machines is designed with advanced technologies that offer a value proposition of comfort, convenience, and connectivity.”

Meanwhile, Ujjwal Anand, executive vice president at Dentsu Creative India, commented, “Very few people are aware that Panasonic is a noteworthy name in the domain of Home Appliances and washing machines globally. Even fewer people know about the astonishing features of these washing machines. So, as the brand custodians, it was pertinent for us to convey it to the audience; and what better way than utilising and leveraging the already established chemistry of Gupta Ji and Naveen for Panasonic?” 

He added, “We made sure to take that love-envy relationship of these two next-door neighbours to the next level and deliver the core message in a fun & interesting way. The catchphrases and punches in the communication will surely intrigue the TG to know more about Panasonic Washing Machines.”

Lastly, Mayank Khattar, executive creative director at Dentsu Creative India, commented, “Smart is what smart does. Easily. And that is what we wanted our TG to understand in a quirky way. We wanted to raise awareness without sounding ‘too techy’. Working on a simple insight that washing clothes need not be a mix of age-old hearsays, we decided to introduce the smart angle.” 

He added, “Through the banter between Gupta Ji and Naveen, we have tried to make it easy for the TG to understand what is it that the latest technology and features deliver to the consumers. Also, the quirky performances by the protagonists not only deliver the message effectively but are sure to bring a smile on everyone’s faces.”