Marks & Spencer India subtly calls to action breast cancer awareness through vital feature in women’s bra

m&s breast cancer campaign

India – While the awareness on breast cancer is one that is said to be in its full form, Marks & Spencer in India thinks that you can never gain too much knowledge on the disease, launching a new campaign that aims to add to people’s vigilance on breast cancer. 

Being a lingerie brand, Marks & Spencer in the country aims to leverage its top-of-mind position among women consumers, releasing a special set of imprinted bra straps, that helps women be reminded to be on top of their breast health.

Done in collaboration with its charity partner Women’s Cancer Initiative and digital agency Isobar India, the transparent bra straps, called ‘Straps That Remind’, are imprinted with an important reminder – ‘With regular check-ups, the chances of late-detection of cancer can diminish, just like this message’.

‘Straps That Remind’ aims to be a helpful nudge for every woman to examine herself for early signs of breast cancer. Printed with thermochromic ink, the message will start to diminish due to body heat when the straps are worn and reappear when the straps are taken off.

Furthermore, the straps also come with a detailed leaflet from the Women’s Cancer Initiative to encourage women to look out for the symptoms of breast cancer, and to provide advice around where to get support when they notice anything unusual.

Marks & Spencer has been working with the Women’s Cancer Initiative at Tata Memorial Hospital since 2016 to raise awareness and educate women about the cause, signs, and symptoms of breast cancer. ‘Straps That Remind’ is another prominent action towards the same cause, as both believe that regular awareness is created via disseminating key messages, asking women to self-examine themselves all year round.

James Munson, the managing director of Marks & Spencer India, said, “‘Straps That Remind’ is a unique tool to remind women to check for the unusual in their own personal space. I feel proud that we have been able to support such an important cause innovatively.”

Meanwhile, Deveika S. Bhojwani, the vice president of the Women’s Cancer Initiative at Tata Memorial Hospital, shared that breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women in India, which if detected at the early stages, can be cured. 

“‘Straps That Remind’ is an excellent step in that direction to help women read the early signs of breast cancer and get them checked. It can be a life-changing product for so many women out there and it is such a personal way to remind them of their well-being,” added Bhojwani.

“With ‘Straps That Remind’, we have set out to achieve that with the Women’s Cancer Initiative and Marks & Spencer. I am proud of the team for coming up with an entirely new means of communication to spread such an important message. I hope that the straps reach women across the country and can help detect the disease right at the start,” said Anadi Sah, the executive creative director of Isobar India.

The lifesaving bra straps are accessible to all women on selected M&S India stores and come free of cost.

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