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Marketing insights startup InsightzClub’s new solutions to gather data from actual user behavior

Teddy Cambosa - December 11, 2020

Singapore – Marketing insights startup InsightzClub has announced the launch of its new customer insights solutions which uses the passive-embedded technology.

The aforementioned technology focuses on gathering data based on actual consumer behavior rather than data collected from surveys or those based on user claims. 

InsightzClub will make available to customers two new solutions- a brand journey solution and an advertising effectiveness solution from early 2021 onwards.

InsightzClub’s passive-embedded technology utilizes a mix of image recognition, textual analytics, and behavioral signals to creative data analytics to arrive at metrics for brand journey and advertising effectiveness.

In a statement to MARKETECH APAC, InsightzClub’s co-founder and managing director Padmanabhan Ramaswamy said the newest innovation responds to a greater need to ‘understand behavior more accurately, as well as providing more confidence to marketers to make data driven decisions.’.

He also stated that InsightzClub envisions to ‘offer solutions to consumer brands who are more likely to be early entrants to use new disruptive solutions in the market to set a precedence for other consumer brands to follow across the region.”.

“We are very excited at the possibilities these two solutions could offer to change  the manner in which consumer insights are consumed. These two solutions have been developed at the back of extensive R&D by our technology team. We look forward to partnering with various brands on these solutions to drive data driven decisions,” Ramaswamy added.

Once available, the new solutions will be offered as subscriptions to customers. and can be accessed by downloading the InsightzClub mobile app on Google Play or Apple App Store.