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Dentsu launches APAC gaming insight capability with industry-first data fusion

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Singapore – Dentsu International has announced the launch of its exclusive dentsu gaming data and insight capability which aims to help brands connect more authentically with consumers and become part of the gaming culture.

For the launch, two specialist sets of data were fused with dentsu’s proprietary Consumer Connection System (CCS) research panel data, including gaming data from GWI Gaming and dentsu’s proprietary Southeast Asian research on gaming attitudes.

GWI’s data is available across 21 markets globally, including nine markets in Asia-Pacific. On the other hand, Dentsu’s data came from six Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. 

The data fusion allows brands to access high-fidelity portraits of gamers that encompass lifestyle and media attitudes, behaviours, and deep-rooted gaming habits. Moreover, the SEA data shows insight into gamers’ willingness to pay for in-game products versus similar real-life products. 

This is expected to open a new depth of insight available for strategy, planning, and activation.

Jamie McConville, dentsu gaming lead for APAC said, “The explosion of gaming genres and ways to play has led to an always-increasing variety of gaming behaviours. Our motivation-based segmentation provides an effective way for brands to identify relevant groups of gamers that consistently translate in every market and provide strong creative and behavioural insights for these audiences.”

This project is also in conjunction with dentsu gaming’s 42-page global report titled “dentsu: For The Game” last October, which includes an in-depth analysis of gaming culture and how brands can value-add to the gaming experience and develop a genuine and effective presence in the gaming ecosystem.

The said report also identified six gaming archetypes for brands to tap into. These archetypes have been named according to their primary motivations, such as “For The Revive”, “For The Hype”, “For The Party”, “For The Win”, “For The Immersion” and “For The Downtime”.

Prerna Mehrotra, CEO of dentsu Media APAC said, “There are an estimated 1.5bn people in Asia Pacific who game. Of these, over 40% are females and a quarter are Gen Z. 25% of them play to be part of a community, while 8% do it For The Win; to develop their skills and be praised.”

She added, “Simply grouping them together as “gamers” isn’t good enough. In the current economic context, marketers need to demonstrate how every dollar counts when building their brand. Therefore, it is critical brands are reaching the right audience and targeting effectively for maximum relevancy and to minimise wasted efforts as they venture into new virtual territory.”

Sunil Naryani, chief product officer for APAC at dentsu international also commented, “By supercharging our CCS data platform with proprietary gaming research data in Southeast Asia, we have built fully media-addressable gamer profiles which our clients can access for holistic insight across gaming preferences, media consumption habits and brand affinities, along with the ability to also activate these profiles today in their marketing campaigns for increased effectiveness.”

CCS and GWI’s fused data and insight are exclusive to dentsu gaming, and are accessible through dentsu’s agencies including Carat, dentsu X, iProspect, DENTSU CREATIVE, Merkle and the dentsu Japan network.

Established last year, dentsu gaming has been providing access to specialist strategy, activation, and original intellectual property (IP) development for brands seeking to connect with and navigate the gaming ecosystem.

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