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APAC consumers expect orgs to demonstrate higher ethical standards in terms of personal data collection: report

Singapore — According to a new report, on average, 66% of consumers reported expecting to be able to decline to share any personal data without compromising on the level of service received as brands will face increasing challenges in incentivising consumers to part with their personal data. The scope of the report spanned 14 Asia Pacific countries with over 20,000 respondents between the ages of 16 and 64 and aimed to showcase how consumers feel and respond to brands accessing their data. The report was conducted and shared by Dentsu Data Consciousness Project.

Another report finding was that 64% of the respondents are happy to share their health data for medical research and 58% are willing to have their carbon footprint tracked to help the fight against climate change.

Meanwhile, 72% feel that organisations will need to demonstrate higher standards of ethical behaviour as far as personal data is concerned. Additionally, 74% believe that the government needs to play a bigger role in regulating the use of personal data by companies.

The study also showed that people are likely to continue to be willing to share their data, including sensitive personal data, in situations where there are specific benefits to be gained or where there would be a positive societal impact.

For Gen X and Gen Y, discounts on food in exchange for food delivery history and travel offers in exchange for travel history were among the most valued benefits, while outcomes that advanced peoples’ personal sense of purpose were also consistently favoured. 64% are happy to share their health data for medical research and 58% are willing to have their carbon footprint tracked to help the fight against climate change.

Christine McKinnon, head of business intelligence of dentsu Solutions, shared, “Brands need to address 5 key variables: the purpose which the collected data will be used for, the benefit to the consumer in exchange for sharing that data, the consumer’s level of trust in the brand, how much control the consumer has in determining whether and what to share, and the perceived sensitivity of the data.”

The study also explored countries’ ‘data cultures’. It mapped markets according to their relative openness towards technology, and their attitudinal bias between ‘dataism’ and ‘humanism’. Dataism posits that only by being data-led can we advance further and faster. Humanism rests on the belief that we should never let technology lead in an unfettered manner. As an overall trend, a skew towards dataism went hand in hand with greater openness to technological change.

Regardless of nationality, concerns around the opacity of how brands use their data and potential misuse of personal data were significant across the board. 62% of respondents do not know how their personal data is being used. 72% feel that organisations will need to demonstrate higher standards of ethical behaviour as far as personal data is concerned. 74% believe that the government needs to play a bigger role in regulating the use of personal data by companies.

Conducted in Q4 2021, this is among the most contextualised survey done on attitudes toward data privacy in the region. Findings have direct relevance to multiple industry verticals as respondents were asked about their willingness to share their data in highly specific ”micro-contexts”.

Technology Featured Global unveils new free offerings to the public on app ranking, intelligence

Singapore – Global mobile data analytics tool provider, formerly known as App Annie, has launched two new offerings to the public regarding measuring data on a mobile application’s ranking, as well as data intelligence, including performance against similar apps.

The first offering, ‘Top Charts’, shows a daily update of the top apps across more than 190 countries and 46 app store categories in a fully customisable view. Said offering gives users unprecedented access to’s market-leading unification and best-in-class rankings — illuminating the digital landscape for all.

This feature includes holistic downloads and revenue ranks unified across iOS and Google Play combined, top daily active user ranking charts for all smartphone devices combined, top software development kits (SDKs) installed on all smartphone devices across 34 SDK types, as well as store ranks for iOS, Google Play, Mac, Amazon and Apple TV for free downloads, paid downloads and app store revenue.

“Never before has the industry had widespread access to top charts covering the leading mobile apps, games and SDKs. goes beyond app store ranks to give unified views for downloads, revenue, active users and SDK installs — illuminating the mobile landscape with more data than ever before,” the company said in a press statement.

Meanwhile, the ‘Free Intelligence’ offering will include the following tools, namely ‘Insights Generator’ which is a tool for unearthing advanced competitive analysis around monetization, audience attention, stickiness, engagement depth, and growth stage; ‘Compare Apps Report’ which allows the user to benchmark directly against their competitive set; and ‘Ratings Over Time’, allowing you to understand how a user or their competitors ratings change over time in response to new features and app updates.

“In an industry-first move, we are also upleveling access to competitive benchmarking of top-performing apps. We have unlocked 3.5 million additional top charts to enable you to get a view into apps, technology, and company trends for up to 190 countries and across 46 categories,” the company added.

Technology Featured Global

CX management Alida opens up the year with new product launch, feature enhancements on platform

Toronto, Canada – Customer experience (CX) management and customer insights platform Alida has recently announced a new slew of products and services, developed with direct feedback from their customers.

Alida’s initial product release for their Winter 2021 release is the Alida Video, which helps brands harness video to amplify their customers’ voices. Through Alida Video, brands can easily capture customer-recorded video feedback, uncover authentic, deep insights, and inform stakeholders and decision makers at the speed of business, all in a unified platform.

Meanwhile, enhancements to existing features include improvement to the platform’s deep insight feature Alida Sparq and broad feedback feature Alida Surveys.

With the improvements on the Alida CXM & Insights Platform, users can expect the following:

  • Hub Newsletter Redesign for brands to better engage their Alida Sparq insight community members and stakeholders with more visual and content-rich newsletters
  • Quotas for administrators to control the number of responses to a survey or a set of questions
  • Mobile Survey Image Enhancements to improve the respondent experience
  • Recodes & Rollups as an Early Access Program (EAP) for users to create new custom variables based on a dataset and analyze data from a different view

Included in the CXM & Insights Platform are also updates on Alida Touchpoint, including NPS® via Quick Polls, that enable organizations to keep a pulse check on brand perception. Brands can now place activities in mobile applications to engage customers with on-brand micro-surveys designed to collect contextual feedback.

“In today’s global climate, video has become an integral mode of communication to engage and connect with people. It is imperative that brands use it to humanize their customers’ emotions and glean accurate context, to put insights into action and build a great customer experience,” said Riaz Raihan, president of products and engineering at Alida

He added, “We are thrilled to provide our clients with the added value of video to deeply understand and analyze their customers by hearing and seeing them talk directly.”

Alida has also launched its FS Industry solution, specifically catered for the benefit of financial services clients. It has enhanced its CXM framework, with features such as ‘Case Management’ for case creation on the platform for customer follow up, ‘Data Lake’ for accumulating various organizational data sources in one platform, ‘Crosstab Analysis’ for checking survey data by various categories like demographic, and ‘Configurable Dashboards for Alida Surveys’ for creating a dashboard for Alida Surveys.

Alida, formerly known as Vision Critical, and headquartered in Toronto, Canada; has recently expanded its presence in the Asia Pacific

Technology Featured ANZ

Adludio afoot on AU market through ad-tech Inskin Media

Sydney, Australia – Mobile advertising company Adludio is expanding its presence to the Australian market by forging a new partnership with ad-tech company Inskin Media, bringing Adludio’s ad unit accessible for Australian marketers.

Adludio’s services revolve around interactive mobile advertising that helps users engage in ad campaigns. This then allows marketers to collect anonymous audience engagement data, which is then fed to Adludio’s algorithm to deliver high engagement rates across mobile devices.

On the other hand, ad-tech Inskin Media focuses on providing multi-screen display advertising. Itmerges design and technology to promote clientele ad campaigns across online publishers and websites, which scopes under the umbrella of mobile advertising.

“This partnership with Inskin Australia is a testament to our constant evolution and development of Adludio in the APAC region. Through this partnership with Inskin, we’ll be able to present innovative Australian advertisers with a more robust offering to engage mobile audiences in the region,” Adludio CEO and co-founder Paul Coggins (left of banner picture) said.

For Inskin Media APAC General Manager Georgia Woodburne (right of banner picture), the recent deal means bringing more opportunities to Australian marketers to create more immersive ad experiences for their mobile audiences.

“We share the same values and both believe in the importance of a well-designed, outstanding creative. Becoming Adludio’s exclusive reseller is a fantastic commercial opportunity for both parties,” Woodburne stated.

Technology South Asia

India’s MoMAGIC to offer public opinion monitoring in platform, ties up with QISDA Group

New Delhi, India – India-based data science-driven mobiletech MoMAGIC has entered a strategic partnership with Taiwan-based original design manufacturer (ODM) Qisda Group as it looks to unveil new feature for its AI SaaS platform, TrueInsight. 

Via the platform, MoMAGIC will be offering consumer digital footprint and online monitoring of public opinions for the retail industry. 

As a part of the partnership, TrueInsight will be able to provide advanced algorithms of ‘Intelligent POI (Point of Interest) Mapping & Intelligent Online Listening’, for the retail store chain.

This is said to enable critical capability to see through dynamic consumer footprint traffic and retail competition analysis, allowing businesses to process non-sensitive and anonymous consumer movement data.

Founder and CEO of MoMAGIC Technologies, Arun Gupta believes that the collaboration will help the company’s AI solutions to expand to other verticals.

“The strategic partnership with Qisda Group in Taiwan is a window to expand our AI Solution offerings into retail and other industry verticals,” Gupta said.

“With our advanced data science capability, we also hope to expand our AI solution application out of India. Looking forward to accelerating our offerings in AI business, to other Asian countries in 2021,” added Gupta.

Michael Lee, General Manager of Qisda’s Business Solutions Group agrees, and thinks that a viable expansion is on its way. 

“We are looking forward to the strategic partnership with MoMAGIC, for AI SaaS solution applied in the retail sector and other similar industry. The cooperation can be extended from Taiwan, even to India and other Asian countries in the future,” said Lee.