Australian advertisers expected to boost programmatic DOOH investment by over a third

Aliza Carmona - September 13, 2023

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Australia –  A majority of Australian advertisers are set to increase their spend on programmatic DOOH by over a third by the next few months, according to a report by VIOOH.

The findings of the research showed that the future of programmatic DOOH (prDOOH) remains strong, with its popularity surging, especially in Australia. 

Over 37%, or a third, of Australian advertisers who have worked across campaigns in the past 12–18 months have included prDOOH, with the average expected to increase to 43% in the next 18 months. 

The survey respondents in Australia stated that they plan to increase spending by over a third, or 34%, over the next 18 months. Nearly a third of advertisers in Australia are taking budgets from other digital or traditional channels (28% and 29%, respectively), and 15% are allocating new budgets for prDOOH.

And while only 7% of main OOH teams are likely to be accessing new budgets for prDOOH,  this increases to 17% for digital or programmatic teams when buying is diversified. 

A majority, or 81% of those surveyed, also felt that prDOOH offers the most innovative opportunities compared to any other media channel, with it delivering highly targeted activations, the ability to buy placements in real-time, optimise campaigns in-flight, and delivering dynamic and contextually relevant creative.

Furthermore, with the steady rise of advertisers in Australia adopting prDOOH, awareness of the distinctive advantages it offers is also gaining recognition, with brand safety at 67%, accurate location targeting at 66%, and establishing trust and credibility with the target audience at 67%.

Oftentimes, OOH teams oversee prDOOH buys (67%), with over half (56%) of buying responsibility sitting within digital teams, suggesting some level of overlap. 

The Australian advertisers take advantage of prDOOH’s flexibility (63%, +8% pts vs. DOOH) and ability to establish credibility with an advertiser’s customer (64%, +8% pts vs. DOOH). 

Another part of the report showed that over a third, or 35%, of Australian advertisers purchase their DOOH campaigns through a programmatic buy only, followed by 32% of Australian advertisers saying they usually or always use a mixture of programmatic and direct buys. 

Additionally, both performance-led and brand-led campaigns are popular options in the market, with a large overlap of participants totaling more than 50% stating that prDOOH is important for both options (81% for performance-led and 78% for brand-led campaigns).

Meanwhile, Australian advertisers also consider social media to be a natural fit to complement prDOOH in both brand (80%) and performance campaigns (80%). Other options considered include the use of display ads (77%), alongside prDOOH in both performance and brand-led campaigns.

Jean-Christophe Conti, chief executive officer at VIOOH, said, “Programmatic DOOH is becoming mainstream and is now a must-have on every media plan. This year’s State of the Nation report shows not only that advertising budgets continue to be reallocated for increased prDOOH spend year-on-year, but the opportunities from highly targeted activations to trigger-based buying are giving advertisers a raft of flexible, high-value tools which complement both brand and performance ad campaigns.”

He added, “With programmatic DOOH becoming more mature, media professionals are also increasingly integrating prDOOH into multi-channel strategies, often using it alongside social media and display advertising.”