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Ad verification IAS acquires ad transparency Amino Payments

Teddy Cambosa - January 18, 2021

Jakarta, Indonesia – Digital ad verification Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced the acquisition of programmatic ad transparency provider Amino Payments in response to IAS’ expansion of solutions to the market.

Entailed in the new acquisition is the acquisition also of Total Visibility, an existing Amino Payments solution designed to provide insights into digital media quality and corresponding supply path costs. The product offers advertisers impression-level financial insights and media quality verification to optimize campaigns in real-time and helps advertisers determine media quality including viewability, fraud and brand safety, by offering critical insights and control to optimize campaigns toward supply paths that deliver cost-efficient and high-quality media.

In addition, Total Visibility can save advertisers up to 15 percent of their programmatic media spend by optimizing their advertising investments toward the most impactful placements through the most cost-efficient supply path.

“As even more digital media is transacted programmatically, the need for transparency will continue to be critical for advertisers. The Amino Payments team is thrilled to join IAS, the market leader in verification, to pursue a joint vision to bring unprecedented transparency into programmatic advertising.” said Will Luttrell, CEO of Amino Payments.