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New programmatic 2.0 solutions launched by martech Maadtech

Teddy Cambosa - January 11, 2021

Hong Kong – With a greater focus on the Hong Kong and Thailand market, martech and adtech Maadtech is launching its Programmatic 2.0 solutions, featuring new  technology features and campaign performance optimization.

With the latest launch, Maadtech is integrating their data management platform-customer data platform (DMP-CDP) as well as media and campaign optimization tools made available through global partnerships with Adzymic Singapore, Sublime Paris, and others.

In a statement, Wilson Chan, executive director of Maadtech Programmatic, said that the latest product launch aligns with ‘the golden era for Programmatic trading’ as 5G connectivity will lift the programmatic ad spend in Asia from currently USD30Bto over USD50B. 

“Our solution is not only about technology and features. Our mission is to help Asian marketers and advertisers to adopt Programmatic best practices and remain competitive globally, which we are very much behind the western markets in this field,” Chan stated.

He added, “We are currently in development of a client CPD platform solution which will complement our existing products and offer marketers a truly data-driven Programmatic Marketing ‘end-to-end’ solution starting from zero base. We aim to launch this later in the year regionally across Asian markets.”

Founded in 2019, Maadtech integrates adtech and martech solutions under one platform in enabling effective adoption of programmatic advertising in display, social media, and other channels.