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Trapper partners with Ikano Insight to provide analytics-based ESG solutions

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Malaysia Media services company Trapper has recently announced a strategic partnership with data and business intelligence agency Ikano Insight to launch consultancy and advanced analytics services for environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-centric transformation practices.

Trapper and Ikano Insight will be providing their expertise in machine learning and IoT learning, amongst others, for tracking and optimisation, big data analytics and visualisation, sustainability framework and measurement consultation, as well as internalisation and go-to-market strategies.

The partnership aims to enable and empower businesses to transform their sustainability practices to meet internal ESG targets in a transparent, accountable, and accurate way with the use of data.

This is in connection with independent audits stating that companies performing ESG practices obtain higher financial growth and optimisation, lower volatility, higher employee productivity, reduced regulatory and legal interventions, improved top-line growth, and ultimately, reduced costs.

Whilst ESG is becoming a trend among businesses and investors, Trapper Group CEO Sue-Anne Lim says that many companies do not realise that they are ‘greenwashing’. She further explains, “Many companies are marketing themselves as ESG practitioners because of oncoming financial pressures. However, in their haste to go to market with ESG messaging, brands do not realise that they are greenwashing and we’ve seen public backlash from well-intentioned campaigns.”

On partnering with Ikano Insight, Lim said, “Ikano Insight specialises in advanced retail and sustainability analytics, supporting businesses such as IKEA for over 10 years. They are the perfect partner because data-first sustainability practices are in the DNA of the Ikano Group. Their expertise in operational transformation using data insights is second to none.”

ST Chua, Ikano Insight’s regional director of Southeast Asia, said, “There are two parts to a successful ESG plan — one is having the right goals and measurement, and the other is a strong change management plan.”

“Ikano Insight harnesses data, technology and advanced analytics to define, measure, visualise and deliver actionable insights for businesses to know how every part of the business is doing against its target. We see Trapper as a complementary partner to offer a holistic change management plan for clients,” Chua added.

Trapper has also previously partnered with satellite communication services premium supplier MEASAT for the latter’s prepaid WiFi satellite broadband service CONNECTme NOW.

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