SoftServe launches generative AI lab to aid businesses in generative AI solution implementation

Gian Japsay - September 12, 2023

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Singapore – SoftServe, a provider of IT consulting and digital services, launches its Generative AI Lab with the objective of assisting businesses in achieving concrete business results through the application of Generative AI solutions.

Through research and development of generative models in numerous AI applications, the newly established lab strengthens SoftServe’s AI/ML knowledge. It is supported by a team of professionals committed to improving the potential of Generative AI, spanning from initial discovery to practical integration.

The SoftServe Generative AI Lab will support research and development projects in a variety of areas, including model improvement, domain adaptation, multimodal Generative AI, cost-performance enhancements, operational management (LLMOps), and other facets. Its goal is to combine various technologies and methodologies within these focus areas to create spanning a range of industries.

The expertise and resources developed in the lab will be incorporated into realistic business scenarios by matching these research priorities with the requirements and plans of SoftServe’s clients for efficient implementation.

Alex Chubay, SoftServe’s chief technology officer, said, “Unlike other areas with more developed and mature best practices, Generative AI stands out with its novelty and emergent properties unveiling not just technological innovations, but also groundbreaking use cases that may redefine business strategies.” 

He remarked, “The pace of innovation here is staggering, often overwhelming businesses with new advancements released weekly. This is where the Generative AI Lab shines. It’s not just a hub for rapid experimentation, value discovery, and solution engineering with the latest techniques and technologies. It’s a conduit for channeling this explosive innovation directly to our clients.”

Meanwhile, Iurii Milovanov, SoftServe’s AVP of AI & Data Science, commented, “To move forward, we must be strategic about implementation. This is where a pragmatic approach becomes critical to proving these once-hypothetical possibilities can make real impacts across various business functions and industries.”