Sprinklr teamed up with Google Cloud to enhance its AI capabilities for unified CX

Gian Japsay - September 11, 2023

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Singapore – Sprinklr, a platform that manages customer experiences in modern companies, has recently made public the integration of its Sprinklr AI+ platform with Vertex AI on Google Cloud, enhancing its capabilities for unified customer experience management.

The Sprinklr AI+ platform provides generative AI capabilities for use across various business functions with strict governance and security standards. This integration enables users of Sprinklr to improve productivity and user experiences by fusing Vertex AI models with Sprinklr’s own AI.

With over 1,250 industry-specific AI models covering more than 100 languages and 150 countries, Sprinklr AI+ is the next phase in the development of Sprinklr’s AI. In order to provide customers with structured insights, it processes volumes of unstructured data, including text, audio, video, images, metrics, and time series data. 

Additionally, users of Sprinklr now have access to features across all four Sprinklr product suites: Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Social, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Insights, thanks to the integration of GoogleCloud’s Vertex AI APIs.

By implementing generative AI, retail companies can optimise their contact centre operations. This will allow service agents to modify response attributes like length, tone, and grammar with a single click. Additionally, this development gives agents access to personalised, real-time excerpts from chosen articles, streamlining customer interactions and developing service quality.

Speaking about the partnership, Ragy Thomas, CEO and founder of Sprinklr, remarked, “Generative AI is giving our AI wings. Our customers demand the ability to work with their preferred AI tools and partners and offering flexibility and choice is a major advantage. This expanded partnership with Google Cloud allows us to offer our customers access to their preferred generative AI platforms integrated with Sprinklr’s proprietary AI+ focused specifically on deriving insights from unstructured customer experience (CX) data.”

He added, “Together we can help the world’s most iconic brands leverage AI to break down silos and empower marketing, sales, and customer service professionals to serve customers the way they should in the new world.”

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Rocha, director of global partnerships at Google Cloud, said, “Generative AI can create entirely new experiences for users and value for businesses.Through our partnership, Vertex AI will power new generative AI experiences for Sprinklr users while ensuring the highest levels of data privacy and security.”