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Shopify Plus names aCommerce as first partner in ID, TH, and PH

aCommerce and Shopify Plus partnership
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Bangkok, Thailand — Southeast Asian end-to-end e-commerce enablement platform and solutions provider aCommerce announced that it has become the first Shopify Plus partner in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The partnership allows both brands and consumers a better overall experience; utilizing the capabilities of Shopify Plus’ fast-to-market and cost-effective platform that enables quicker D2C (Direct-To-Consumer Retail) and the extensive market knowledge, development expertise, and channel operations offered by aCommerce.

Tom Srivorakul, group head of business development at aCommerce, commented on the partnership, saying that the company is thrilled with the Shopify Plus partnership, seeing it as a key solution in the region for many brands looking to extend their sales channels.

“Having a Direct To Consumer initiative will give brands more control over customer engagement, enable loyalty programs, optimize margins, and ownership of all data. aCommerce clients who are adding this Direct To Consumer channel to their existing Marketplaces and Social Commerce will benefit from a unified view of all their e-commerce channels while optimizing their merchandising, marketing, and supply chain,’’ Srivorakul said.

Meanwhile, Neel Bhatt, Southeast Asian head of partnerships at Shopify Plus, commented that Shopify Plus offers a scalable, powerful platform that supports every type of business from fast-growing D2C brands to celebrity entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 firms. Bhatt further added that the company is confident that aCommerce will be able to help Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino brands leverage all that Shopify Plus has to offer to accelerate their future growth.

Last October, Shopify also partnered with global audio streaming platform Spotify to allow artists to create meaningful expansions in music and merchandise with the capabilities of both platforms.

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