Qualtrics launches new CX solutions catered to customer loyalty

Teddy Cambosa - April 6, 2021

Singapore – Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics has announced three new customer experience (CX) solutions, specifically designed to attract more customers and increase loyalty to businesses in the mid of a global pandemic.

First on the list is ‘Relationship Health’ which gives companies a continuously updated view of the health of their customer relationships to help them deliver more personalized experiences, improve customer loyalty, and reduce attrition. In addition, organizations can collect feedback consistently across the customer journey to get an up-to-date view of the health of their customer relationships at key milestones. 

As a result, companies can see how overall customer health impacts business metrics, such as share of wallet, so they can quickly adjust strategy. The solution also routes feedback automatically to the right teams, such as customer care or sales, and surfaces recommendations to help them take the right action at the right time.

In terms of a holistic view of an organization’s business-to-business (B2B) relationships, the new solution ‘Account-Based Relationship Diagnostic’ can help them build deeper connections and drive more revenue. Said solution combines experience data from every contact within a customer’s organization to give sales and customer success teams a complete view of the account’s overall health. 

Instead of using just one individual’s feedback as a measure, teams can understand the key drivers for the overall account based on every stakeholder’s point of view of the customer experience. The account-based approach will become the anchor for successful B2B sales and customer success teams to measure relationship risk and generate actionable insights across the entire customer journey.

Lastly, the ‘Digital Support Optimization’ helps companies deliver frictionless customer care through any digital channel. This new solution enables care teams to use feedback to uncover gaps in their digital support experiences that may lead to unhappy customers and increased use of costlier support channels. These teams will also be able to deliver better customer support experiences across digital channels such as their website, text, and automated chat to increase customer satisfaction and reduce call center traffic.

In a press statement, Qualtrics stated that the pandemic has challenged every company to respond to sudden shifts in customer expectations —from the way people want to interact with customer service to their expectations of how brands responded to the crisis.

“As we move into the post-pandemic world, the most successful companies will make their decisions by deeply connecting with their customers to understand changes in their expectations, predict future behaviors, and create great experiences, even in the face of uncertainty,” the company stated.

For Jay Choi, chief product officer at Qualtrics, companies will need to adopt an experience-first approach to customer relationships moving forward due to the fact that the past years had customer preferences and expectations evolved significantly.

“The most successful companies adapt and thrive even during disruptive times by understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind customer behaviors and using that data to proactively design and deliver the best experiences for their customers,” Choi stated.