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Qualtrics launches XM Institute for XM Community

- July 13, 2020

Singapore — Qualtrics, creator of the experience management (XM) category, has announced the Qualtrics XM Institute. A community and resource destination for XM professionals, practitioners, and leaders.

Bruce Temkin, the founder of the Temkin Group, former VP at Forrester Research, and one of the earliest customer experience visionaries, led the launch of the XM Institute.

It offers members around the world the opportunity to learn and share XM best practices. This includes thought leadership insights, networking opportunities, specialized training, curriculum, and more. 

As Qualtrics launches XM Institute, it provides members with resources for professionals along their XM journey. Often, it starts with a customer or employee experience program. The XM Institute provides guidance and resources to help members create and deliver differentiated experiences for their target audiences. The four core experiences of XM include: customer, employee, product, and brand.

Membership to the XM Institute is FREE.

“The insights and guidance provided by the XM Institute have been instrumental in guiding CenturyLink on how to deliver exceptional customer experiences.,” said Karen Russell, Director, Voice of the Customer, Experience Analytics, and Insights at CenturyLink. “Many of the reports they publish such as the CX Maturity Assessment, Market Research insights, and the XM Operating Framework have directly influenced our XM governance process that has positively affected our business.”

“The XM Institute was created based on one core belief… experience matters! The success of any organization is based on how effectively it interacts with people, whether it’s customers, employees, students, patients, citizens, suppliers, or partners,” said Bruce Temkin, Head of the XM Institute, Qualtrics. “Our team of experts helps organizations build the capabilities to continuously learn what their key stakeholders are thinking and feeling, propagate those insights to the right people in the right form at the right time, and rapidly adapt to those market signals. Experience Management isn’t about doing this once or twice. Instead, we help organizations embed XM as a discipline that’s woven across their operating fabrics.”