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Pulse compliments Colgate, others in campaign for World Compliment Day

Pulse compliments Colgate, others in campaign for World Compliment Day

Mumbai, India – Pass Pass Pulse, one of the leading candy brands in India, has launched its annual World Compliment Day campaign. World Compliment Day is an annual brand property in which Pulse lauds select brands that are the ‘pulse’ of their category for their outstanding contributions.

With the campaign conceptualised and created by FoxyMoron, Pulse complimented this year confectionary brands like Colgate, Amul, Maruti, Domino’s, Sleepwell, amongst others, using quirky copy and smart design. The campaign recognizes the efforts of these brands intending to engage in targeted brand banter on social media.

Pulse’s creative with Colgate on Instagram

Arvind Kumar, general manager for marketing of Dharampal Satyapal Foods Ltd., said, “Pulse’s World Compliment Day campaigns have gained a lot of traction over the last 3 years. Brand banter as a concept has become popular over the years and Pulse is proudly one of the early adopters and trendsetters in this space. We are confident that Pulse’s brand voice is going to lead to great engagement and banter across multiple brand communities, which will help us in our endeavour to associate Pulse with positivity and engagement.” 

Pulse’s creative with Maggi on Instagram

Prachi Bali, national head client partnerships and business head of North FoxyMoron, commented, “This year we’ve focused on paying compliments to brands that have made profound contributions in their respective categories. This is the kind of positive consumer sentiment Pulse has always stood for and we want people to continue to associate Pulse with.” 

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