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PropertyGuru launches new bus tours to guide property seekers make confident decisions

Singapore – Proptech PropertyGuru has launched its ‘Property TourTalks’ bus tours, comprising specially curated bus tours hosted by PropertyGuru’s experts.

The initiative aims to bring to life PropertyGuru’s new brand positioning, announced in October 2022. The new brand positioning – ‘Where every step of your journey will be guided by Guru’ – reflects the platform’s vision to be a trusted advisor, promising property seekers and sellers ‘We’ll see you home’.

Across two weekends, from November 26 to December 4, 2022, ‘Property TourTalks’ will see PropertyGuru experts, Dr Lee Nai Jia, head of real estate intelligence, data and software solutions at PropertyGuru Group, Dr Tan Tee Khoon, country manager of PropertyGuru Singapore, and Paul Wee, vice president of fintech at PropertyGuru, amongst others, share the latest local property updates, trends, and insights. Each bus tour will cater to different profiles of property seekers including, first-time home buyers, property upgraders, renters, and real estate investors, covering topics from property types, budgeting, and mortgage refinancing to Singapore’s real estate laws.

Remona Duquesne, director of brand at PropertyGuru Group, noted that buying or investing in a new property is an emotional ride filled with complexity and uncertainty, and they are here to guide people throughout their property journey and help them make confident decisions in this complex real estate market.

“It was this thinking that led us to the idea of guided bus tours – where property seekers can learn from our experts, and at the same time experience first-hand the context behind the insights and why they are important. For example, we explain why one area is of higher value than another through a live neighbourhood tour, which seekers can now see – and experience – for themselves,” said Duquesne.

Interested property seekers in Singapore can register for the ‘Property TourTalks’ and select their preferred timeslots through

Platforms Featured East Asia

Lalamove HK mounts indoor ‘CAR-nival’ to promote cross-district food delivery

Hong Kong – On-demand delivery platform Lalamove in Hong Kong has launched an indoor ‘carnival’ called ‘Lalalicious CAR-nival’ which aims to showcase four top Lalamove F&B merchants and promote the platform’s cross-district food delivery. The on-ground activation is slated to run for seven days at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong,

Lalamove has teamed up with four popular online businesses and transformed them into a Lalamove Food Van. The line-up includes Monsoon Baking Atelier, a popular online bagel store, Nuttie B, a healthy handcrafted nut butter specialist, Heng Fook Bakery, an artisanal cookie baker specialising in home-backed chewy cookies, and Hong Kong Whistle, a Hong Kong-style craft beer brewer. 

To make the event more memorable, Hong Kong Whistle, Nuttie B, and Heng Fook Bakery will also be offering exclusive crossover products at the ‘CAR-nival’, including a passion fruit flavoured ‘CAR-nival’ NEIPA wrapped in a poster design of a vintage local movie, a brand-new Genmaicha Pistachio Butter, and limited-edition Orange Earl Grey Mochi Soft Cookie.

Meanwhile, the Lalamove Food Van is painted in the bright orange colour of the brand and adorned with ‘CAR’ elements. It features a 2-meter-tall truck photo frame where guests can instantly transform into a Lalamove driver-partner to take photos with fun handheld props for the gram. The ‘CAR-nival’ also offers fabulous prizes, as participants are invited to download the Lalamove app, and become Lalamove Rewards members, to redeem coupons with designated promotion codes for the lucky draw at the mega capsule toy machine.

“Through our curation of the ‘Lalalicious CAR-nival’, we are set to usher in a new delivery trend for the local F&B industry by encouraging Hong Kongers to break through the geographical barriers of traditional food delivery and take advantage of Lalamove’s service for cross-district delicacy delivery. Moreover, our merchant partners could enjoy free promotion opportunities to expand their customer base at the CAR-nival,” said Kristie Cheung, head of marketing communications at Lalamove.

She added, “We also hope to continue to elevate the user experience for our loyal users, especially members of the Lalamove Rewards Program, by providing prizes and perks at the CAR-nival. Currently, one in every four users on the platform is already a member of the program.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Colgate Malaysia’s latest campaign spotlights ‘power of smile’ against adversity

Malaysia – Colgate in Malaysia has launched a new installment for its global-wide inspirational brand campaign titled ‘Smile Strong’ that seeks to champion positive change within the community, particularly during uncertain times. This new brand film highlights the ‘power of smile’ in the face of adversity.

The latest film tells the story of Malaysian singer, songwriter, and rapper Airliftz, who despite relentless challenges throughout his life brought by his in-born facial deformities, continues to ‘smile strong’. The 24-year-old Kajang artist was born with a nose missing cartilage, making him instantly recognisable by his unconventional appearance.

Developed in collaboration with Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive, the cinematic direction of the film takes the viewer on a journey through Airliftz’s life from childhood, giving a very real insight into what he has faced throughout his life. 

Moreover, about 90% of the film is shot from the back, retracing significant and often heartbreaking moments in his life, until he walks from the dressing room to the stage where he is greeted by thousands of excited fans. The contrasting stories aim to demonstrate how his willpower and determination have broken through societal biases, which ultimately led him to share his passion with the world.

Colgate said that Airliftz’s poignant story was chosen to inspire and remind Malaysians that with perseverance and a positive attitude, we can all achieve great things that can change our life forever.

See Mei Sin, associate marketing director for Oral Care at Colgate-Pamolive, said, “Colgate believes that everyone deserves a future they can smile about – no matter the age, race, gender, or simply one’s looks. It is our hope that Airliftz’ story inspires an optimistic spirit within Malaysians – that there is true power in our smile, regardless of our circumstances.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Miller, chief creative officer at Ogilvy Malaysia, shared that in the toothpaste category, they don’t tend to see much deviation from the norm when it comes to brand storytelling, and so, they always ask themselves how can they bring a fresh perspective to well-trodden territory.

“By keeping the protagonist’s face hidden throughout the commercial and juxtaposing the harsh realities of his past life with the adulation he’s receiving in the present we created a film that will intrigue the viewer. In a world of disposable content, the best we can hope for is for people to watch to the very end and the least we can do is reward them for doing so,” said Miller.

The new film will be running in cinema and digital until December 2022.

Marketing Featured APAC

LEGO Group’s new ‘A-Z of Awesome’ campaign calls for builds from everyone in the LGBTQIA+

Billund, Denmark — The LEGO Group has announced its launch of the ‘A-Z of Awesome’, an ongoing campaign which runs into 2023 using LEGO builds to celebrate inclusivity and embrace self-expression in the LGBTQIA+ community.

The A-Z will be developed in creative LEGO creations to help LGBTQIA+ families use play to have open conversations about their identities. For the alphabet to be created in the most authentic and meaningful way possible, the designs of each letter will be created by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including LEGO fans, young and old, members of the community and LEGO employees.

Launching during Pride Month, the alphabet aims to build understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community and the different abbreviations used.

‘The A-Z of Awesome’ aims to present the community’s vocabulary more widely through a fun and playful medium. The LEGO Group is inviting submissions including an explanation of what the build means to its creator, which will be featured on a dedicated website.

Alero Akuya, VP of brand development of LEGO Group, said, “The wonderful thing about LEGO bricks is that they can be a powerful form of self-expression as you can build anything you can imagine. We can’t wait to see what fans will submit of amazing builds and beautiful stories.”

Akuya adds, “We hope their creativity and our A-Z of Awesome campaign inspire people of all ages and help build greater awareness and acceptance. We want to show people that with more love and understanding people can be their true selves.”

The creative inspiration for this campaign was born out of the insight from GLAAD that almost half of non-LGBTQIA+ people find conversations around gender identity confusion.

On the significance of Pride Month, Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, executive director of GLSEN, said, “All children benefit from learning about the diverse world around them, and positive representation of LGBTQ+ identities, whether in school curriculum or in play, helps young people feel prepared to meaningfully engage in their communities. We’re proud to support the LEGO Group’s ‘The A-Z of Awesome’ campaign as a powerful tool to build a more tolerant and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ families and young people.”

Meanwhile, Intersex campaigner and ‘A-Z of Awesome’ contributor Pidgeon Pagonis, shared, “Growing up I remember feeling this sense of shame, like oh there’s something wrong with me, or the things I desire or want. This project is important because there might be an intersex person out there who likes to build with LEGO bricks, and this can help them see themselves represented.”

The 2022 campaign for Pride month brings together the following; The A-Z campaign will serve as a call to action for members of the community to submit their builds and stories to complete the alphabet. Selected builds will be added to the A-Z, with the full alphabet being presented by the end of 2022. Additionally, The LEGO Group will donate US$1m to existing and new partner organisations in support of the LGBTQIA community.

Moreover, LEGO will participate in pride events as well as have their LBGTQIA+ Employee Advocacy Groups arrange activities for LEGO employees, as well as internal sessions will be hosted featuring external consultants from the community.

This campaign builds off the LEGO Group’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community in recent years where one such example includes supporting the LGBTQIA+ community by building a miniature pride parade within the family activity zone at Pride in London in 2019.

Marketing Featured Global

Heineken’s new campaign a witty way to promote work balance–thanks to a bottle opener

New York, USA – In a bid to promote work balance while enjoying a cold bottle of beer when winding down, beer brand Heineken has launched a global campaign dedicated to the launch of ‘The Close’, a bottle opener that is programmed to shut down all work applications when used.

The new product is then dramatised in this satirical ad, where it depicts several workers caught up in their work and then wanting to drink a bottle of beer, shutting down their workspaces, including their electronics and other equipment. The ad is the antidote to the increasing demands of the always-on work culture, and ‘The Closer bottle’ opener itself is a satirical symbol for the power every worker has to close down at the end of the day.

The campaign, alongside the product launch, was conceptualised by Publicis Italy/Le Pub.

Bram Westenbrink, global head of Heineken® Brand at Heineken, said, “As a brand, we have always stood for creating moments of shared connections with others. With the once-rigid boundaries between work and personal time rapidly deteriorating following the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to spark a much-needed conversation about the importance of resisting the societal pressures to be in a constant state of busy work and encourage workers around the world to reprioritize social and leisure time with the people who matter most.”

Meanwhile, Bruno Bertelli, global chief creative officer at Publicis Worldwide, commented, “As people continue to feel like they have to work all the time, they’re forgetting that disconnecting is even an option. That’s why we created The Closer. It’s not just technology; it’s a social provocation to help people see that the pressure to work all the time is getting a little ridiculous and we all have the power to log off and go hang out with our friends again.”

This is the first campaign from Heineken that launches ‘For a Fresher World’, a new creative expression that aims to refresh the world by showing life tastes better with an open mind. With this new approach, campaigns will strive to challenge the obvious, reconsider stereotypes and oppose tired cliches.

Marketing Featured ANZ

BWS pays customers to celebrate 21st birthday in new campaign

Sydney, Australia – To celebrate BWS’ 21st birthday, the Australian retail chain of liquor stores has launched a refreshingly self-aware birthday campaign called ‘Pay for Hooray’, featuring Australian radio presenter and TV personality Abbie Chatfield, and MasterChef Australia’s contestant Khanh Ong.

The campaign, which was developed in partnership with M&C Saatchi Sydney, pays customers to celebrate the brand’s 21st birthday. By giving BWS a birthday shoutout on, customers can win $10 to $5,000. The shoutout tasks range from a simple birthday message, a song or dance dedication, to getting their mates involved and pulling off a 21 people choir. It also comes with a mega $21k cash giveaway every week for four weeks that customers can enter on the microsite.

The ‘Pay for Hooray’ campaign’s strategy, planning, and buying were led by Dentsu’s media agency Carat. Channels include a screen strategy designed to reach younger Aussies at scale across the month-long campaign and include partners such as Vevo, Twitch, YouTube, and BVOD, as well as high reaching OOH placements. Meanwhile, the Zoo Republic has led the promotional strategy and execution, capturing birthday wishes via an engaging campaign microsite.

Anna Webster, BWS’ head of marketing, shared that they know that most people don’t care about a bottleshop’s birthday, but at BWS, they are all about celebrating with their customers and team members, which is why they want to have a bit of fun with theirs.

“For our birthday this year, we are asking our customers to complete a number of birthday tasks and we will reward them with cash so they can celebrate and have their own fun,” said Webster.

Meanwhile, Brendan Donnelly, M&C Saatchi Sydney’s creative director, noted, “They say money can’t buy love but $100 cash to make BWS a birthday cake, or $2,000 to get a choir of 21 of your mates to sing in public, will test that theory.”

BWS said that this latest campaign will be the first time the refreshed BWS brand identity hits the market.

Marketing Featured East Asia

HSBC One’s latest campaign focuses on financial empowerment of young millennials

Hong Kong – Following the success of the “Say Goodbye to Investment A0” campaign, HSBC One and Wunderman Thompson Hong Kong have teamed up once more to launch a digital-led campaign that empowers young millennials. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the issues that young millennials and tertiary students face, such as a lack of financial education, courage to start investing, and confidence to break out from their wealth A0 status.

To bring the idea of “[email protected] One. All at once” to life, HSBC One aims to help young millennials flourish through a series of innovative banking solutions and incentives, leading them on a MEvolution journey – one that helps them thrive and become a better version of themselves – anytime, anywhere, with just one tap.

The campaign has been launched with a multiverse short film that imagines the possibility of multiple alternate timelines, bringing the audience on a growth trip.

In this MEvolutionary adventure, an ordinary girl goes between parallel universes to meet the alternate versions of herself and learn how to manage her finances, have the courage to start investing, and have the confidence to become who she wants to be.

To reach a wider segment of local millennials, COLLAR, an up-and-coming girl band, was selected to star as the same character from different universes. Being millennials who share the same challenges, hopes, and goals as others in their age group, COLLAR had demonstrated how they break through their limits and thrive.

The campaign started with a series of teasers on social media to arouse public interest in mid-May, followed by an official launch of the thematic video and a TVC on 21 May 2022 and 26 May 2022 respectively. Upcoming educational videos will also be launched to showcase how HSBC One supports young millennials through its tailored products and services. 

To ensure this campaign is the talk of the town, there will be a large-scale OOH activation including the Sogo TV wall in the following weeks. The brand will continue the campaign with the first Instagram Reel activation among the local banking industry, due to launch this June.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Fck The Cupcakes launches new gender equality initiative to empower men to ‘be the change’

Australia – Fck The Cupcakes (FTC), an industry movement that helps address gender inequality, has launched its first major campaign, ‘Be the Change’, an initiative motivating men to help women drive change.

FTC, which is led by Jasmin Bedir, Innocean Australia’s CEO, and a team within the agency, has brought together a powerhouse of communications professionals to help develop and implement the campaign. The FTC committee includes creative by Innocean, media by Hearts & Science, and PR by Edelman, as well as digital by Razorfish, and publishers by Paramount ANZ, JCDecaux, Nine Network, Nova, and News Corp, as well as Mamamia, and Yahoo, amongst others, supporting organisations Never Not Creative, shEqual, The ManCave, and Line & Length, as well as Omnicom Group, and DHL as a sponsor of the campaign.

The ‘Be the Change’ campaign aims to help shift the gender conversation from being a women’s issue to one that seeks to engage men and give them permission to enter the conversation and actively support women. It features a short-form sitcom as its centrepiece that helps Aussie men recognise spoken and unspoken casual misogyny in the workplace, in which the script was written based on results and answers to numerous equality surveys, as well as using the many lived experiences of Australian women. 

Although shot in a sitcom style like ‘The Office’, the sad reality is, for many women, the film isn’t a parody. The viewer is deliberately drawn to the main character’s obvious displays of sexism and misogyny when what takes place behind him is just as important. It’s the lack of reaction to the seen and unseen moments that the campaign aims to draw attention to and guide men on how they could better respond in those situations.

Moreover, the film lives on the ‘Be the Change‘ website, where men can unpack the moments to motivate behaviour change, and then take action in the form of tools, information, and workshops from male organisations. All communications are written in a language to get everyone on the same level, not play the blame game.

Bedir shared, “If the election has taught us anything, women do not want men to stand by in the struggle for equality. But we also acknowledge that many men want to help but don’t know how – so we have created a safe space for men to learn the tools and give permission to contribute to the fight for gender equality 365 days a year.”

Meanwhile, Rod Prosser, Paramount’s chief sales officer for ANZ, said that the truth is many men have disengaged from the conversation, and for the vast majority of men, they do not relate to the stories of extreme sexual assault, unfair dismissal, or domestic violence so often covered in mainstream media. 

“We have no lived experience of what the average woman goes through in their daily workday, nor our unconscious contribution to it,” added Prosser.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana gets energised in this latest ad for Maxirich

Mumbai, India – Maxirich, the multivitamin supplement brand of Cipla Health, has tapped Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana in its latest campaign to promote Maxirich Gold, an advanced daily multivitamin supplement that provides max energy and max immunity.

Conceptualised alongside Taproot Dentsu, the ad campaign aims to create awareness pertaining to the importance of the consumption of multivitamin supplements in one’s day-to-day life. In addition, the ad is adrenaline-packed with high impact energy shots that showcase the brand’s promise of max energy through engaging storytelling.

Commenting on the new ad, Shivam Puri, CEO at Cipla Health said, “With Ayushmann, we have found the perfect fit for the brand as he exudes the qualities that the brand intends to deliver to our consumers. Through this commercial, our endeavour is to increase the adoption of multivitamins among the masses and make it a part of their daily diet. Maxirich Gold promises max energy & max immunity so that we are all ready for every challenge in life.”

Meanwhile, Abhishek Deshwal, executive creative director at Taproot Dentsu commented, “The energy demonstrated by Ayushmann Khurrana in the campaign feels truly infectious and aptly demonstrates how the world can be a better place when you are full of energy and noble intentions.”

The ad has been launched across TV, digital, cinemas and social media platforms.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Flipkart launches new ad films under ‘#BachonKaKhel’ campaign to highlight benefits for sellers

Bengaluru, India — Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, has launched three new ad films under its ongoing campaign entitled #BachonKaKhel to highlight the industry-first benefits and policies introduced for 4.2 lakh sellers.

In April, Flipkart introduced a slew of marketplace policy changes and new capabilities under Flipkart EDGE, as a part of its ongoing efforts to build an inclusive e-commerce ecosystem and contribute to the growth, prosperity, and empowerment of its sellers. The benefits include a 10-minutes hassle-free onboarding process, easy listing on the Flipkart marketplace with artificial intelligence-based innovations, and fast payments in 7-10 days. The #BachonKaKhel campaign amplifies these offerings to drive awareness among sellers about the ease of doing business on Flipkart.

Conceptualized by Art-E MediaTech, in phase 3 of the Bachon Ka Khel campaign, the films are set around crucial seller touchpoints where Bijendra Kala, now established as an expert Flipkart seller in the campaign’s films, motivates other sellers with the benefits of taking their business online through Flipkart.

The film showcases benefits such as getting the fastest payments in the industry; ease of onboarding in 10 minutes, and listing and cataloguing through an entertaining demo by the child artist Divyansh Dwivedi.

Jagjeet Harode, senior director and head of marketplace for Flipkart, said, “As a homegrown e-commerce marketplace, we are constantly innovating and bringing new solutions to empower our seller partners from across the country.”

Harode adds, “In this digital commerce era, we want to handhold and nurture MSMEs from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, who are ambitious and are looking to unlock their growth potential. Through the ‘Bachon Ka Khel’ campaign, we aim to educate the seller community about the ease of doing business with Flipkart in a simple and efficient manner.”

Meanwhile, Rohit Sakunia, co-founder and chief business officer of Art-E MediaTech, shared, “For us, the task at hand was to retain the impact and relevance of the characters and their roles as portrayed in the first two series of Bachon Ka Khel campaign. At the same time, we wanted the viewers to feel the air of change in not only the e-commerce platform but also in the way it positively impacts the sellers.”

Sakunia elaborates that with a fresh set-up and more new characters than the previous ones, the films are a whole new story of the way the Flipkart Seller Hub is changing the dynamics of online selling in India by placing the seller and entrepreneur community in the centre of focus of these innovations.