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Singapore Airlines launches new global campaign, reignites excitement of ‘flying again’

Singapore – With borders reopening across the world, Singapore Airlines (SIA), the flag carrier airline of Singapore, has launched a new global campaign, which is its first since the beginning of the pandemic, marking a significant step forward for the airline industry’s path to recovery.

Created in collaboration with creative agency TBWA\Singapore, the new campaign aims to capture the ‘freedom’ and ‘weightlessness’ of being able to finally travel again, encouraging people to turn their anticipation into action.

Titled ‘Look forward to flying again with Singapore Airlines’, the campaign features travelers literally floating through their day, leading up to their first flight out with SIA, from the moment they wake up to traveling to the airport and boarding the plane. 

In order to capture an authentic flying experience on camera, the airline shared that its team worked alongside a professional stunt crew who are masters in coordinating gravity-defying performances.

Lau Hui Ling, the general manager, brand, and marketing at Singapore Airlines, shared, “The campaign highlights how SIA’s renowned world-class service and experience allows customers to enjoy their first post-pandemic flight and start looking forward to being in the air once again.”

Andy Grant, TBWA\Singapore’s ECD, said that they wanted the ‘blissful liberation’ on screen as travel resumes.

“We made the magical and distinct experience of flying with SIA visceral throughout the film – focusing on the sense of warmth, calm, and peacefulness people encounter from the moment they wake up to when they step onboard,” said Grant.

Beyond Singapore, the campaign was also launched around the world in high-profile media placements such as New York Times Square, Japan’s Shibuya Crossing, and London Cromwell.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

PH’s tourism dept. launches campaign encouraging halal dining discoveries

Manila, Philippines – As part of the country’s move for the eventual resumption of the tourism industry, the Department of Tourism (DOT) of the Philippines has launched its Halal Culinary Heritage Series, a campaign that encourages dining discoveries for our Muslim counterparts, as well as highlights the country’s food traditions.

Launched in July 2021, the initiative showcases unique food finds in Mindanao through a video series posted on the Department’s social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

“Food is an important part of a tourism experience. It gives us a glimpse of a place’s culture and heritage. Through the development of our Halal Culinary Tourism, we are encouraging the discovery and familiarity with the culinary traditions of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Philippines,” says Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo Puyat.

Said campaign is part of the Mindanao Halal Culinary Tourism, a project of the DOT with the Brunei Darussalam–Indonesia–Malaysia–Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA). Aside from promoting the heritage of Mindanao and familiarity with its culture, the project also aims to document culinary practices of the area through food mapping. 

“With this initiative, there will be more knowledge and a better understanding of Filipino Halal cuisines and cooking traditions. The Philippines is creating new experiences and attractions in its different regions, so there is always more to explore,” the tourism department said in a press statement.

Through the campaign, tourists visiting Manila will be able to find restaurants and eateries that offer Halal-certified food, ranging from the stalls located at the area known as Muslim Town near the Golden Mosque in Quiapo that offer culinary delights such as ‘bakas’ or Bamboo-smoked tuna and a glutinous rice cake called ‘dodol’. 

The campaign also showcases El Prado dining outlet of the Berjaya Hotel Makati which offers dishes such as tinolang Manok (chicken in ginger broth with vegetables), a halal ‘nilagang baka’ (boiled beef with vegetables) and ‘sinigang na baka’ (beef simmered in a clear sour soup with vegetables).

The region of Mindanao offers a rich trove of halal Filipino items, ranging from dry curry ‘beef rendang’ or its fusion version as a ‘beef rendang penne’ at a restaurant called Torogan Kape in the city of Cagayan de Oro, ‘sinina kambing’ or goat meat stewed in spices and served with crab rice from Hashy’s Cuisine in Cotabato, ‘buntot (tail) ng tuna’ in curry sauce and ‘palapa’ (sweet and spicy Filipino condiment) by Tambilawan Kamayan Restaurant in General Santos City, to name a few.

The tourism department adds, “There are even more food discoveries to be found in the Philippines, with a culinary heritage that has been passed down from generations. While there are new dishes that have evolved from the basic recipes through the years, the flavors are just as rich and exciting.”

Marketing Featured South Asia

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance partners with WATConsult to promote mental health awareness in new ‘Unloop the Loop’ campaign

India – Due to the uncertainty and fears brought about by the pandemic, there has been a decline in people’s mental health, and with this, Indian insurance firm Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has launched a new campaign to emphasize the need for helping friends, family, and colleagues struggling with anxiety. 

In partnership with WATConsult, the digital marketing arm of hybrid digital agency Isobar, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s ‘Unloop the Loop’ campaign highlights the psychological phenomenon of constantly being stuck in a negative thought loop. The 4-film campaign aims to create empathy for the ones undergoing such loops every other minute of their lives. Each loop video is centered around a different pain point – relationship, work, and general wellbeing, and the notable pace of copy clubbed with looping visuals seeks to nudge the audience to act upon the call to action.

The campaign leads audiences to a downloadable kit with a step-by-step guide to initiate the mental health conversation, simplifying the process of reaching out.

Tapan Singhel, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s CEO and managing director, said that people have been anxious and uncertain because of this virus which has affected millions across the world, and as a brand, they needed to step in and say that they do care and so do the people around.

“I’m sure that this mental healthcare kit will act as a guide and make people open up, but most importantly restore hope to emerge stronger from this and every crisis we face in the future,” said Singhel.

Meanwhile, Heeru Dingra, the CEO at Isobar India, said, “All of us have been stuck in the loop of negative thoughts at some point in our life. But the intensity varies for each one of us. It is imperative to welcome these life-saving mental health conversations and act as a safe space for each other.”

Sahil Shah, WATConsult’s managing partner, commented, “I believe that empathy is an understated value. It can bridge the gaps between the listener and the worrier. Just this one simple act has the most powerful effect on the one who has been struggling to unloop the loop themselves. And I believe we have taken one big step forward through this campaign.”

Marketing Featured ANZ

BWS’ new campaign celebrates lockdown freedom

Sydney, Australia – After a couple of years of lockdown due to the pandemic, Aussies are now on the homestretch, and to celebrate the countdown to freedom, the Australian retail chain of liquor stores, BWS, launches a new campaign, giving away a free six-pack brew to share with mates in the lead-up to summer.

Titled ‘Can’t wait mate’, the campaign, which is in collaboration with marketing agency M&C Saatchi Sydney, focuses on bringing people together to share a long-awaited drink. It includes a paid campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, BWS has also partnered with Carat, the media arm by dentsu India, to leverage micro and macro-influencers. Carat will be sharing diverse content across all Instagram formats to drive mass awareness, encourage engagement, and shareability. It will also be handling all media strategy and buying for the campaign, bringing the ‘Share a Drink’ platform to life by using influencers and editorial coverage across youth publications.

BWS said that they are encouraging shoppers to share on social media who they are looking forward to sharing a drink with, using the hashtag #cantwaitmate.

Brendan Donnelly, the creative director at M&C Saatchi Sydney, shared that there’s a ton of things they’ve looked forward to as people all step out of various restrictions across the country, and once haircuts are out of the way, most of them can’t wait to celebrate their freedom by catching up with family and friends.

“What better way to do that than sharing free beers together! #cantwaitmate is a simple social campaign that lets your mates know there’s a beer waiting for them when you catch up,” said Donnelly.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Rowed, BWS’ head of marketing, said, “Lockdowns and restrictions have made us long for those much-needed social interactions. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we are celebrating by encouraging Aussies to get together and share drinks with their mates.”

To redeem the free brew, Aussies over the age of 18 can simply head to or the BWS app and create an account, and when buying two six-packs of XXXX DRY or James Squire Zero, they will receive their second one for free at checkout.

Marketing Featured APAC

Kotex launches new #GirlUnrestricted campaign in APAC to celebrate International Day of the Girl

Hong Kong – In celebration of International Day of the Girl, commemorated every 11 October to promote the rights of girls, Kotex, the feminine hygiene brand, has launched a new campaign in APAC that aims to amplify girls’ voices, fight period stigma within society, and spark conversation on building girls’ bright future through education.

Titled ‘#GirlUnrestricted’, the campaign includes a region-wide video that encourages girls to embrace their uniqueness and experience girlhood on their own terms followed by local market activations. In Hong Kong, Kotex has also launched a dedicated website for puberty education. With informative and light-hearted videos, it aims to break the period stigma and to reassure girls of their possibilities.

Stella Chun, Kimberly-Clark’s general manager for Hong Kong, believes that a girlhood unrestricted is a girlhood full of possibilities and envision a more forgiving world where girls can live every adventure, and this is in line with Kotex’s purpose to remove barriers to girls’ progress.

Remarking on the East Asia market specifically, Chun said, “Girls in Hong Kong feel they do not have access to information about their bodies and health. Through our puberty education website and education programs, we aim to enhance access to information about female health for girls and improve key outcomes in the areas of education and health and wellness.”

Based on research conducted by Kotex, Gen Z teen girls in APAC are growing up under unprecedented pressure. It highlights that the classic struggles of puberty are amplified today against a backdrop of issues that range from climate change to cyber-bullying and unrealistic societal expectations.

Marketing Featured ANZ

Blackmores’ first masterbrand campaign says ‘good health changes everything’

Sydney, Australia – In a bid to highlight their vision of good health for everyone as more people continue to prioritize their wellbeing during the pandemic, Australian natural health brand Blackmores has released its first masterbrand campaign in four years.

With a focus on the message ‘Good Health Changes Everything’, the evolved positioning is based on the insight that good health unlocks our ability to experience the best that life has to offer. It aims to capture the transformative power of good health and well-being – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Joanne Smith, chief marketing and innovation officer at Blackmores, said they have seen a strong desire from people to achieve a naturally healthy life and greater control over their wellbeing. She added, however, they also know that health goals can be easily derailed by life’s challenges and this has never been felt more strongly than it has over the past 18 months.

“We’ve had a profound reminder that good health is at the heart of what we value most and living a healthy lifestyle supported by natural health can play a major role. ‘Good Health Changes Everything’ is an empowering celebration of what good health means to our consumers and the important role that Blackmores products play in supporting them in achieving their health and wellbeing goals.

Said campaign symbolizes the evolution of the company. With strong roots as an advocate of natural health throughout its 90-year history, Blackmores strives to bring nature and science together to improve health outcomes, supported by their own Blackmores Institute and deep knowledge of research and education.

For Alastair Symington, chief executive officer at Blackmores, the mantra ‘Good Health Changes Everything’ remains at the core of everything they value as a business, and is a new creative direction for the company, one which consumers tell them is both contemporary while still honoring the unique philosophy and the enduring Blackmores story as a pioneer in natural health.

“We feel this is perfectly timed as the country heads towards 80% vaccination rates and Australians are feeling empowered to take back control of their well-being. As a leader in providing natural health solutions for almost 90 years, you can trust that we are ready to help anyone who is starting out or re-engaging on their personal health journey,” Symington said.

He added, “At Blackmores, our purpose is to empower the best of health in everyone, naturally. We have such a rich history that has shaped the conversation around natural health for the better. This is something we will continue to take with us into the future, locally and globally – whether it’s to our ever-expanding consumer base in Asia, which now includes India, or our home base here in Australia.”

Said campaign officially launched last 10 October, and will be followed up with a full 360-degree campaign with strong focus on TV, digital and path to purchase.

Marketing Featured APAC

In new campaign by Dole, even wildlife can’t resist its new Fruit Bowls

Singapore – Here’s a question: what does a gorilla, a bear, and a panda have in common? The answer–all of them can’t resist the new ‘Fruit Bowls’ made by the food and beverage group Dole Sunshine Company, as shown in their latest campaign as part of promoting the new food product.

Made by creative agency Grey Group, the campaign is made of three various spots that depict ‘Fruit Bowl’ eaters as wildlife, as separately a panda, gorilla, and bear, infiltrate home, office, and parks in a quest to take their snack back.

The theme of ‘taking their snack back’ is based on the product’s new twist: having zero added sugar. As a snack, ‘Fruit Bowls’ are so close to natural fruit that nature will ‘want it back’.

Said integrated campaign is rolled out in different parts of Asia.

“As part of Dole’s promise of bringing prosperity to people and the planet we are committed to delivering fruit as close to nature as possible, even when it’s packaged. The team at Dole and Grey had a lot of fun bringing these ideas to life as we celebrate and showcase product uniqueness in a different light,” said Rupen Desai, global CMO at Dole Sunshine Company.

The campaign rollout is part of Dole’s advocacy in using all-natural ingredients and a commitment to clean labels, making it closer to fulfilling its promise of zero processed sugar in their products by 2025.

Aashim Malhotra, vice president and managing director for APAC Region at Dole Sunshine Company, said, “Healthy snacking is on the rise across the region as appetite for small bites replaces larger meals, as consumers look for healthier and more nutritious foods. Foods and snacks close to nature deliver on this shift in eating habits.”

He added, “Reaching for a ‘Fruit Bowl’ that even wildlife would covet sends a clear message of a snack as close to nature as we believe you can get.”

Meanwhile, John Patroulis, global chief creative officer at GREY, commented, “Because the Dole team has such a clear and inspiring purpose, we were able to engage teams from across the global network to find the simplest and most inspiring idea. Dole is working to do great things in the world, we’re excited to be part of that mission.”

Marketing Featured ANZ

Amazon Alexa & Devices shows off Alexa’s Aussie lingo via new campaign with Havas Village

Australia – To demonstrate the new Aussie language prowess of Amazon Alexa, advertising group Havas Village has launched a new integrated campaign, establishing Alexa’s place in Australian culture and conversation.

The initiative aims to raise awareness for Alexa and devices in Australia following the addition of a stack of new Aussie lingo to her vocabulary, including ‘yeah’, ‘nah’, and ‘mozzie’, as well as ‘barbie’, and ‘bucket down’. 

The digital-first campaign was created by One Green Bean (OGB), the PR and social agency by Havas that was responsible for the creative idea, PR and influencer elements, strategy through Havas Labs, with creative execution and production via Host/Havas, while the media was through the global Amazon agency, Rufus.

Titled ‘Aussies get Alexa. Because Alexa gets Aussies.’, the six 30-second creative executions feature media personality Sophie Monk and comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed in their homes teaching Alexa some of Australia’s most distinctive and unique phrases.

Jen Beirne, Amazon Alexa & Devices’ head of marketing, commented it is exciting to be collaborating with true blue Aussies to develop a fun campaign that helps demonstrate just how Australian Alexa has become, and she is certainly learned a lot in the last three years down under, and following the campaign launch, more are speaking with Alexa like a mate.

“From the comments and feedback shared by our customers and community post-launch, the fun and engaging nature of the campaign is exactly what we all need right now,” said Beirne.

Meanwhile, Simone Gupta, the CEO at Havas PR Australia, said, “The campaign shows an idea can come from anywhere and flourish through collaboration between our Village agencies, with the idea developed within One Green Bean and expertly executed by our partners at Host/Havas.”

Jon Austin, Host/Havas’ executive creative director, shared, “Working with our Village mates to combine brilliant talent and brilliant tech has been a deadset bottler.”

The campaign, which kicked off last 20 September 2021, is available for three weeks across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

National Arts Council, STB’s latest campaign promotes Singapore tourism via art of dance

Singapore – National Arts Council, the government agency that specializes in the development of the literary, performing, and visual arts, has partnered anew with Singapore Tourism Board (STB), to launch a new campaign film, aimed at flaunting the vibrancy and color of the city’s walls while showcasing Singapore’s diverse precincts.

The film, which follows last year’s ‘Dance to a New Beat’ campaign, features more than 30 local dancers performing at various artistic locations across the city, where each is paired with a different style of dance to complement the theme of the location. Managed by local dance company O School, the styles stretch across hip hop, street jazz, contemporary, and various other street styles. 

Titled ‘Be Drawn In’, which is created in collaboration with creative agency TBWA\Singapore, is part of the SingapoReimagine, a major campaign launched by the board to create conversations, stories, and engagement in shaping local tourism, and #SGCultureAnywhere, a campaign that aims to reach out to home-grown audiences and those around the world, while supporting our Singaporean artists and arts organizations.

Moreover, the campaign seeks to encourage the discovery of Singapore through the arts and heritage – this time showcasing the multiculturalism and diversity that the country has to offer.

Serene Lim, the director of performing arts at National Arts Council Singapore, shared that this is the second of a trilogy of dance films, and this piece celebrates the beauty of rhythm and movement in visual synchronicity through dance.

“Our partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board that resulted in this series will add to the diversity and vibrancy of our arts landscape, made possible by our artists,” said Lim.

Meanwhile, Georgina Koh, Singapore Tourism Board’s director of digital and content, said, “Through our long-standing collaboration with the National Arts Council, we hope to showcase more of our destination to global audiences, while inspiring greater interest and engagement in Singapore’s arts.”

Pete Callaghan, TBWA\Singapore’s creative director, noted this film ignites travel inspiration in a unique and energetic way, drawing people in by highlighting the breadth of art they have hidden around Singapore.

“It was equally important to provide a global stage for our local dancers to showcase the amazing talent, enthusiasm, and appreciation for the performing arts scene in Singapore,” said Callaghan.

Marketing Featured ANZ

AU’s financial services firm AMP unveils new brand positioning in new campaign with Bastion

Australia – Financial services company AMP has partnered with strategic marketing and communications agency Bastion, to launch its new investment-focused advertising campaign that recognizes the importance of investing for all Australians.

AMP is a wealth management company with a growing retail banking business and investment management business. It provides retail clients with financial advice and superannuation, and retirement income, as well as banking, and investment products.

Titled ‘For the investor in all of us’, the campaign film highlights AMP’s focus on a diverse and broader customer base while reaffirming its 172-year heritage of supporting Australians. The key objective of the communications is to remind consumers of who AMP is and what it offers.

The company said that the creative and media strategy involves communicating the brand message to drive mass awareness of AMP’s new investment position, and beginning in October 2021, it will also be introducing product messaging to showcase the proof of products and services behind the new positioning.

Ben Lyttle, AMP’s chief strategy officer, noted this new brand position reflects an important truth about AMP, their products, and Australians.

“When we played it back to consumers, we saw a significant shift in how they perceived themselves, their money, and AMP. A shift that made them feel better about themselves and about the role of AMP in Australia. It made them think differently about their financial decisions too. It led to the idea to acknowledge the investor in all of us. It’s a simple reframing but a powerful demonstration that everything we do is an investment for a better tomorrow,” said Lyttle.

Meanwhile, Kath O’Shea, the client services director at Bastion, commented, “We couldn’t be prouder to have worked with the exceptional team at AMP to bring this new campaign to life, and the inclusive focus is something that particularly resonated with our team.”

The new campaign is available in mass reach channels such as TV, online video, and large and small format outdoor, as well as radio, and social.