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Interactive video ad impression on a high note in SEA region, new survey shows

Teddy Cambosa - February 24, 2021

Singapore – Interactive video ads have shown higher preferences among ad viewers, especially to users in Southeast Asia, compared to standard video ads on mobile over-the-top (OTT) platforms, new survey from video advertising platform SpotX shows.

The study showed that interactive ads saw consistent uplift in post ad engagements by viewers. In the survey, the interactive version of a particular video ad saw a 29% uplift in their likelihood to visit the brand’s website, and 17% increase in their likelihood to click on the ad to learn more. 

These findings were supported by actual campaign performance. Across six mobile OTT campaigns in Southeast Asia, the interactive video ads delivered a 54% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) compared to the standard video ads. All campaigns exceeded industry CTR benchmarks.

Additionally, the likelihood to describe the ad as ‘engaging’ saw a 13% uplift among interactive video ads while an 8% uplift on viewers’ likelihood to say they liked the ad compared to standard video. 

On the other hand, data from another SpotX research shows that 86% of OTT viewers in Indonesia and 71% of OTT viewers in Philippines most frequently watch videos on their smartphone. Mobile OTT has earned a strong reputation delivering industry-leading KPIs like completed view rates, cost per completed view and viewability.

For Shrivardhan Sarda, senior director of demand facilitation for APAC at SpotX, the data shown reflects the concept among advertisers that creative ads do matter. 

“However, being more creative doesn’t have to be hard and what this research shows is that by making simple but impactful interactive additions to existing video ads can significantly increase effectiveness particularly on OTT which is monopolizing consumer attention”, Sarda stated.