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2022 Global Customer Engagement Review

Creativity, innovation key points to consider to attract consumers: report

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Singapore – With many brands going more digital, amplified during the pandemic, brands need to understand that they need to be innovative and creative in their upcoming business strategies and endeavours to further reel in potential customers, a report by global marketing agency TEAM LEWIS and audience insights company GWI showed.

According to the trends guide, screen time continues to grow in most countries, with the exception of Malaysia and Singapore, furthermore, Hong Kongers & Malaysians prefer to spend more time on their mobile devices compared to PCs, laptops, and tablets. In terms of device ownership, audiences own at least three devices, Malaysians on average own fewer than three devices but spend the most time on the internet globally.

The report notes that the top concern amongst consumers is how companies use their personal data online, with 39%, followed by a preference to maintain anonymity online, with 34%.

The marketing landscape was also highlighted, with the website serving as a leading channel with 56% of audiences visiting a brand’s websites in the last month. Newsletters and emails were also still proven to be effective with 26% of the audience reporting to reading them. In line with the theme of ending monotony to avoid marketing immunity, consumers unanimously wanted brands to be innovative, authentic, and reliable.

In the last three years, there has been an increase in consumption of music streaming services and podcasts with Singapore seeing the most growth year-on-year.

Finally, only 23% of consumers globally think social media is good for society with Malaysians being the most positive about social media, with 40% seeing it as a force for good.

Simon Billington, executive creative director at TEAM LEWIS, said, “It’s no longer as simple as getting in front of your audience with a single message as many times as possible. Consumer expectations of a brand’s interaction with them are clear. They want unique, attention-grabbing creativity delivered in a personalized way. The complexity of the message and the vehicle the message is delivered in is paramount to success.”

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