Tiger Beer’s new ad for Tiger Crystal encourages everyone to pursue their passions fearlessly

MARKETECH APAC - June 9, 2023

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Singapore – International premium beer from Asia, Tiger Beer, has launched the latest instalment of the ‘Brewed for your fire campaign’, a campaign which positions Tiger Crystal as the ultimate crystal-cold refreshment for those “who passionately pursue their dreams and aspirations.” 

Created by BBH Singapore and LePub APAC, their task was to evolve the already successful ‘Brewed For Your Fire’ campaign in a way that ensures Tiger Crystal continues to stand out in the category with its unique point of view on premium refreshment. ‘Brewed for your fire’ revolves around the thought that when individuals follow their dreams and excel at what they love, they deserve a crisp and smooth refreshment that’s ‘brewed for your fire’. 

“Tiger Beer believes everyone should pursue their passions fearlessly, yet we all have moments of doubt when our confidence wavers. In these moments, it’s important to find that spark that comes from doing what you love, igniting your inner fire. And in those ‘on fire’ moments, there’s nothing more refreshing than a crystal-cold, extra smooth Tiger Crystal,” explains Sean O’Donnell, global brand director at Tiger Beer.

The product, Tiger Crystal, is said to be brewed at -1 degrees Celsius with a unique filtration process for a lighter, smoother, and crisper taste. ‘Brewed for your fire’ tells the story of a group of partygoers who find themselves totally in the zone and ‘on fire’ whilst dancing at a house party. To visualise how this feels, the film’s mixed-media technique is inspired by the memes, GIFs, and TikToks of Gen Z’ers.

Sascha Kuntze, chief creative officer at BBH Asia Pacific, explains, “A giant Yeti, crazy eskimos, a gate-crashing skier, a girl riding a giant Tiger – what a party, what a visual spectacle and all mixed to a killer soundtrack. We haven’t seen beer celebrated quite like this before and we are extremely proud of the world we have conjured up for Tiger in this film and the brave clients who came on this ride with us.” 

Cyril Louis, executive creative director at LePub APAC, adds, “We wanted to make people feel what it is like to be in the zone through the film’s protagonist. At first, she is unsure of herself when invited onto the dancefloor, but she soon finds her inner Tiger fire, and the fiery, high-energy visuals spread to show more individuals being ‘on fire’ and in the zone.”

“Tiger® knows what confidence and defying the odds mean. It was born at a time when few believed that an ice-cold beer could be brewed in the tropical heat of Asia, in a place where no barley or hops would grow. Today, it continues to celebrate the confidence that allowed it to do what it believed in – brewing a winning beer on the equator that has won more than 40 international awards and is enjoyed in more than 60 countries worldwide,” said the brand. 

Directed by Brazilian trio YOUTH, ‘Brewed For Your Fire’ has recently launched in all key Tiger markets.