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Tiger Beer, known to encourage bold determination, spotlights value in ‘stopping’

Singapore – For the Lunar New Year celebration, beer brand Tiger Beer, together with Le Pub APAC, has launched an interesting campaign that is somehow an antithesis of its own brand messaging—but also not quite. Called ‘A Bolder Tomorrow’, it involved passersby stopping and being ‘frozen’ in their tracks. 

In order to convey its message to learn to celebrate the ‘now’, a normal day at Tanjong Pagar in downtown Singapore was disrupted when young professionals who are busy as they can be, suddenly froze en masse. What seems like a deviation from its communication of always being bold is indeed a support for such courageous character – being brave to stop endlessly chasing the next big win. 

Sean O’Donnell, global brand director of Tiger Beer, said that while the brand believes that we all have a ‘Tiger’ inside of us, they understand that sometimes the more we achieve, the further we’re expected to go. 

“This inspired last week’s stunt: by freezing hundreds of people in their tracks in one of Southeast Asia’s busiest downtown areas,” said O’Donnell. 

A report was, in fact, commissioned by the brand in order to understand better the challenging chapters in the lives of Gen Z and Millennials. The research, carried out by YouGov, showed that 90% of Gen Z and Millennial Southeast Asians admit to putting pressure on themselves, with more than half – 58% – feeling pressured to live up to an ‘impossible standard’. Surprisingly, the study also revealed that social media is a factor in such feelings of anxiety. 

On the study, O’Donnell said, “As a brand that encourages everyone to pursue their passions fearlessly, we wanted to understand why young adults in Asia are putting an unprecedented amount of pressure on themselves. We were shocked to discover that many people aren’t stopping to celebrate life’s small wins, which inspired ‘A Bolder Tomorrow’” 

Aside from the stunt, the campaign comes with a film to launch the message globally. Directed by Felipe Mansur of Alice Filmes, the film tackles people who are strongly focused on their pursuit of tomorrow and run straight past crucial moments in their life – such as graduations, victories, dream jobs, promotions and accolades.

Cyril Louis, APAC Executive Creative Director of Le Pub, added, “People spend the year restlessly chasing a better future. But during the festive season, afraid of the judgement of their wider family, they end up building more generic versions of themselves instead of being proud of and sharing their accomplishments and future dreams. By stopping people in their tracks, Tiger Beer is reminding everyone to come together to celebrate their achievements and talk openly about their dreams this year.”

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Tiger Beer transforms beer labels into personalised stories of courage in new campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Beer brand Tiger Beer has launched a new campaign called ‘#YetHereIAm’ to transform its iconic beer labels into limited edition ones that feature personalised stories of courage.

Through the campaign, Malaysians can visit the website and follow a few simple steps to generate their customised label for the world to be inspired by their stories with the hashtag #YetHereIAm. All successful submissions will be entitled to redeem a personalised Tiger bottle for keepsakes.

“With the same courageous spirit to overcome the odds, Tiger wants to empower Malaysians to pursue their passion with the #YetHereIAm campaign. Everyone has a story of defying expectations and showing personal courage – Tiger fans can now tell theirs with a custom-made image for social media, based on the brand’s iconic label design, and inspire others,” the company Heineken said in a press statement.

Besides the personalised limited-edition Tiger bottles, fans will get to enjoy exclusive promotions and giveaways during the campaign period too. From now until the end of July, exclusive Tiger Bum Bags are up for grabs. 

Furthermore, to keep the momentum going in conjunction with the spirit of the Year of The Tiger, Tiger Beer also embarked on a journey to discover and reward upcoming talents through the Uncage Fund platform. With the proceeds gathered from the sales of ‘The Tiger Archives’, an exclusive NFT collection created in collaboration with Pestle Mortar Clothing (PMC), 30% of the sum will go towards supporting local musicians, artists, and street food chefs throughout the year.

Joyce Lim, marketing manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia, said, “Tiger is a brand that tirelessly champions individuals with potential and bold determination. As a true testament to what the brand stands for, the #YetHereIAm campaign encourages Malaysians to embody the spirit of Tiger, come forward and share their courageous story of challenging and defying the odds to achieve their passion. This campaign is apt as we continue to roar together in the Year of The Tiger, and uncage unexpected possibilities.”

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7-Eleven, Tiger Beer unveil Singapore’s first beachfront convenience store in Sentosa

Singapore – Globally recognised convenience store 7-Eleven and Singapore-born Tiger Beer, have joined forces to unveil the very first beachfront convenience store right on the sands of Palawan Beach Walk, Sentosa in Singapore. 

The opening celebration will kick off with a variety of promotions and special treats for families enjoying the last weekend of the school holidays and for young adults and tourists who have made hanging out on the beaches of Sentosa their highlight of the week.

Perched right on the sands of the popular Palawan beach, this picturesque 7-Eleven store can be spotted from afar with its vibrant murals and unique graffiti artwork on its facade. Guests can enjoy their refreshing drinks, hot snacks and even ready-to-eat meals at the special 7-Eleven x Tiger Beer chillout area on the sands or at their favourite beach spot.

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa back view

To help people get their drinks fast, 7-Eleven and Tiger Beer will be bringing a special reverse tap bar, which will automatically dispense the right pour of beer in each cup consistently – without needing a bartender. The reverse tap dispenser is fast, convenient and easy, giving you more time to spend soaking up the sun.

Savour the last weekend of the June school holidays with an unforgettable carnival-inspired blast on the beach with family and friends at the 7-Eleven’s Sentosa Palawan Beach store on 25 and 26 June 2022.

Customers can enjoy free popcorn, 7-Eleven balloons, face painting activities, Häagen-Dazs or Walls ice cream, Mr. Softee, chances to walk away with exciting Spin and Win rewards, and last but not least, live music performed by local singer-busker Jeff Ng, who recently made headlines for his popular weekly busking at The Cathay.

7-Eleven Singapore’s Managing Director, Steven Lye, said, “7-Eleven is reimagining convenience at the beach with our first beachfront store at Sentosa, in collaboration with Singapore’s iconic brand Tiger Beer. From the Arctic Coke machine to the exclusive Nitro Tea, and Reverse Tap beer and the Tiger Beer chill out zone, our new store offers a lot of exciting things for beach loving families, young adults and tourists, and we look forward to welcoming them! We hope that customers will be able to enjoy our new concept store with its unique design and special murals.” 

Meanwhile, on the collaboration, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore’s Marketing Manager, Yogender Sharma, commented, “This is a great collaboration with 7-Eleven where we pushed the boundaries and found innovative ways to uncage the ultimate refreshment for our consumers. Tiger has a special bond with beer-lovers, and we believe that the beachfront store at Sentosa Palawan Beach would energise the experience by bringing consumers the smoothest beer and greatest vibes.”

“We are delighted to be home to Singapore’s first-ever 7-Eleven store by the beach. This new store concept is an example of the novel and imaginative experience that we are curating for our guests on our beach. Apart from providing the convenience of getting beach essentials, the store is also a unique beachfront bistro where guests can pick up a quick and affordable meal. We welcome this partnership with 7-Eleven in enhancing our guests’ experience as they enjoy their day on Sentosa, ” said Chew Tiong Heng, divisional director, Business and Experience Development, Sentosa Development Corporation.

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Football icon Son Heung-Min invites everyone to pursue their boldest ambitions in latest Tiger Beer ad

Singapore – Tiger Beer, one of the well-known premium beer brands in Asia, has launched its first campaign for the year, featuring football icon Son Heung-Min. In it, the South Korean-bord football player invites viewers to chase the boldest of their ambitions this year, which falls under the Year of the Tiger.

The ad, titled ‘The Year of Your Tiger’, features a montage of people saying ‘this is my year’, implying the inspiration they got from Son, who notes that the Year of the Tiger is inspiring him to target his boldest ambition yet – to win a major trophy for his country. In addition, the campaign’s message notes that through dreaming big and never giving up in the face of adversity, Son overcame challenges with courage and determination.

Speaking about the campaign, Son said that he is delighted to partner with Tiger Beer in this movement to inspire people everywhere to own this year by embodying the spirit of the Tiger.

“Tigers are strong in the face of adversity and never back down from a challenge, they’re always bold and determined. I’ve always tried to have the courage to never give up on my dreams – even in the most difficult times. The Year of the Tiger is the perfect opportunity for all of us to dream big and focus on uncaging our true selves,” he stated.

The campaign was created by Publicis One Team Tiger in Singapore and is directed by The Sweet Shop’s Fausto Becatti. The campaign will roll out in all Tiger markets starting with Asia, Oceania and Brazil. In addition, it will kick off a year-long creative platform led by Son where over the next 12 months, Son and a cast of influential voices across Asia Pacific will share personal stories about dreaming big and how they intend to make the Year of the Tiger their own year. 

In regards to the campaign direction, Sean O’Donnell, global brand director at Tiger Beer explained that Tiger Beer was born from defying the odds with a bold and courageous spirit. He added that Son is a global icon who perfectly embodies this spirit of Tiger Beer – he is courageous, confident and unstoppable.

“We believe that we are all born with a Tiger inside us – a version of ourselves that knows no limits to what is possible – but few of us are able to uncage it. We are delighted to be working with Son to inspire people everywhere to use the Year of the Tiger as the catalyst to realize their true selves,” O’Donnell said.

Meanwhile, Melissa Teoh, global marketing manager for communications and digital at Tiger Beer, commented, “Tiger Beer’s brand DNA is all about inspiring people to dream big and pursue their own path, just as Son has done. In the Year of the Tiger, we plan to go beyond simply inspiring people to pursue their passions but will also empower people to do so. We’re excited to start rolling out these programs over the coming months.”

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Tiger Beer unveils new campaign, packaging centered on ‘opportunity amid adversity’

Singapore – “Turning adversity into opportunity” is the latest stunt of Tiger Beer’s newest campaign and packaging that launches globally next year.

The campaign, titled “Yet Here I Am” narrates the story of how the Tiger Beer brand established its brand presence in Asia, despite difficulties in growing key ingredients such as barley and hops. 

“The world has never been so volatile, and the future so fluid. Tiger is a brand born against all odds as 88 years ago, it was inconceivable that we could brew beer in a tropical climate. And yet, here we are. The video captures the spirit of resilience that the world needs so much of today,” said Sean O’Donnell, global brand director for Tiger

O’Donnell added, “In April, we turned that spirit into action with our #SupportOurStreets initiative, which helped F&B businesses in Southeast Asia cope with the stay-home measures. Together, we showed the world that despite unforeseen hurdles, yet here we are, remaining resilient and full of hope.”

The new packaging unveiled by Tiger Beer, slated for widespread release for next year (Courtesy of Tiger Beer)

Meanwhile with the new packaging, an initial release is slated in Vietnam this year. 

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Tiger Beer MY forays into hosting a virtual food festival

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Beer brand Tiger Beer in Malaysia is diversifying its stance in the Malaysian market by hosting a virtual food festival, which will open on the 6th of November.

Promotions are the first in the upcoming festival, as the beer brand is offering limited editions of their branded chopstick set. Particular brand purchases on coffee shops, local food stalls, supermarkets, and convenience stores get customers a chance to avail of the limited product offer.

The highlight of the event includes online users who can enjoy a virtual experience ‘exploring’ the virtual streets of Penang and Klang Valley. Users can also customize their avatar, likened to role playing games (RPG). Aside from the virtual experience, users can also join online activities and games to win rewards, including Tiger Beer’s Crystal Can beer.

For users that are within the physical location of Penang and Klang Valley, users can order festival-exclusive street foods and enjoy complimentary serving of Tiger Beer.

The festival will run throughout Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays of November this year, as festival doors will be open from 11am to 9pm.