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This marketing AI-infused platform offers MY SMEs free lifetime access to its software, academy smes
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, businesses around the world are forced to embrace rapid digitalization movements, which led to the majority of SMEs ceasing their operations permanently. Although some businesses have been quick with embracing all things digital, moving one’s entire business model in the same direction is an entirely different level, for a number of barriers stand in the way including cost, security implications, and an overwhelming number of available options. 

With this, Malaysia’s digital marketing platform Peasy.AI has launched a new campaign called ‘#KitaMasihBoleh’, which seeks to support local entrepreneurs and SMEs by offering free lifetime access to its software and academy, enabling businesses to create and run effective marketing campaigns to drive sales with ease.

Peasy.AI is a SaaS marketing platform that infuses AI to automate Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaign planning, management, and optimization. It provides SMEs with lead generation and management system solutions and enables scalable Online to Offline (O2O) sales.

The ‘#KitaMasihBoleh’ campaign will be providing its users two key products – Peasy Marketing and Peasy Sales. With Peasy Marketing, entrepreneurs will be able to create customer acquisition campaigns across Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Peasy’s AI function will automatically recommend the best audience segments, targeting, and bid, as well as channel breakdown for each campaign. 

Meanwhile, Peasy Sales offers a wholesome solution for the sales team to scale their selling via WhatsApp. By integrating WhatsApp with the online campaign, SMEs will be able to achieve 80% more contactable leads, and automatically match the campaign’s budget and bid with the audience’s potential value. With Peasy’s automation and chatbot handling repetitive questions, the sales team will be able to fully focus on closing deals with eligible, qualified leads. 

Additionally, the campaign also provides businesses free access to resources on the Peasy Academy, offering unlimited courses on digital marketing. Through this, SMEs will be able to upskill and learn how to carry out effective digital marketing. An approved partner under the BSN SME Digitisation Grant, applicants of the Grant will receive about RM7,000 worth of Facebook advertising, and a 1-year subscription to Peasy.AI’s full software solutions.

Peasy.AI’s CEO Benjamin Fong said that with the platform’s new campaign, Malaysian entrepreneurs can kickstart their digital transformation with a free helping hand, allowing them to increase productivity and subsequently improve their online business.

Fong further shared that they want to give SMEs the opportunity to win the digital game and to go from merely surviving to thriving amid the pandemic.

“To the newcomer, digital marketing may sound scary, capital intensive, and complex to install and operate. However, it need not be so. Our machine learning solutions will automate complex analysis and optimization, enabling businesses, no matter the size, to afford good and effective digital marketing,” said Fong.

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