SHAREit reveals its success on app engagement functionalities

Jakarta, Indonesia — Marketing plays a major role in helping brands in identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs while also building a deeper connection with them. Marketing has been an ever-evolving field. As the costs for innovation increase, the costs associated with not keeping up are higher yet.

This discussion is probably relevant now more than ever. The ongoing pandemic is shaping the structure of a new way of life. Now, how do brands evolve to stay connected to the consumers? The past few months have witnessed numerous changes in the behavior of consumers and their general way of life. Social Distancing is here to stay. So, it is clear that the effects of COVID-19 would last way beyond these few months. Content consumption has increased significantly, and this has induced brands to reconsider their marketing plans to align with this change.

The Holy Month of Ramadan

One of the major examples of the changes and impacts caused by the outbreak of COVID-19 is during the month of Ramadan in Islamic countries. It’s the month in which Muslims across the world socialize with others. They fast, pray, and reflect their acts to the community and themselves. This is why most of us call it “The holy month of Ramadan’. Usually, promotion and sales have been at its peak during the month of Ramadan. But with the pandemic, sales have plunged due to the decrease in social income and economic welfare.

The scenario narrated above provides a grim, yet hopeful picture. It is safe to say that the growth of digital marketing is inevitable. Brands are looking for newer avenues to engage with consumers and content sharing platforms. This includes SHAREit as one of the perfect alternatives.

SHAREit as a Digital Marketing Platform

The rise of SHAREit can be attributed to its diverse user base. It has over 1.8 billion users speaking 45 languages in about 200 countries. 

Especially during the pandemic, there have been big increases in digital activity. This leads to brands spending significant parts of their budgets on online advertising. This is in order to reach out to users who are under strict lockdowns. An increase in the amount of time spent playing games and watching videos has also been observed. 

A vital consideration for brands is to design appropriate messaging for their target audiences. This depends in a major way, on the content consumption patterns of the target audience. Usually, consumers are interested in consuming light-hearted short format content. Brand communication then is more efficient if it is designed in the same manner. Consumption insights hence play a major role in communicating the right message.

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