YouTrip launches collaboration with Singapore creative community

SINGAPORE — YouTrip, Singapore’s multi-currency mobile wallet has launched #CraftWithLove. An initiative that aims to raise awareness and garner support for the many in the creative community who have lost their gigs and job opportunities due to COVID-19.

Since its inception, YouTrip has gained support from its community. Much of this support had been championed by creatives of various disciplines, travel content creators, music producers, illustrators to craft artists, sharing their inspirations from around the world with YouTrip. During a crucial time as such, YouTrip recognises the importance of raising awareness to support these creatives, ensuring their craft can survive through the crisis.

Caecilia Chu, Co-Founder and CEO of YouTrip, said: “Many local creatives are our best advocates, showing ardent support of YouTrip through their content. Now more than ever, they are at the top of our minds and #CraftWithLove is our way of going the extra mile to support them during this crisis.”

Lending a Voice to Local Creatives

At its core, #CraftWithLove is a dedicated platform set up for Singapore creatives to showcase their creations. Doubling up as a creative marketplace, the public is able to browse and purchase an item or a service directly from the creatives. Payment will be made directly to the featured creatives, serving as a source of income for them during these times.

Within the first day of launch, YouTrip has amassed over 100 sign-ups from local creatives to be part of #CraftWithLove. YouTrip will continue to take in submissions from creatives with various crafts and talents to be featured.

“Through our strengths in marketing and the support of our very own YouTrip community, it’s definitely a heartening and proud moment for us to rally Singaporeans to support our local creatives when they need it the most,” Chu added.

Image Credit: YouTrip

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