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SG water board’s new campaign highlights climate change’s effect on water resources

Teddy Cambosa - March 12, 2021

Singapore – The Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore’s national water agency has recently launched a new campaign highlighting the possibilities of how climate change can create adverse affects not only to the weather but also the country’s coastlines and water supply.

Titled ‘The Climate is Changing’, the spot narrates through a series of news montages and real-life scenarios on how climate change can be destructive by means of extreme drought or excess flooding. Furthermore, the campaign highlights how through various strategies such as emergency preparedness and water conservation can help alleviate the risks brought by climate change.

Overall, PUB’s new campaign speaks through the core of the institution through these four objectives: enhancing flood resilience, strengthening coastal defenses, safeguarding water security and reducing carbon footprint through the use of clean energy.

“While climate change may be an existential challenge that calls for collective effort and the buy-in of entire nations to move the needle, individuals also play an important part to mitigate the effects of climate change. By using only what we need and practising good water habits, the resultant savings in energy and resources required to treat and produce water go towards reducing our collective carbon footprint,” PUB said in a press statement.

For Cindy Keng, director of the 3P Network Department at PUB, the campaign coincides with the board’s annual water campaigns every March and the government’s launch of Singapore Green Plan 2030, which envisions Singapore to be a sustainable city.

“We felt it was also the right time to showcase PUB’s efforts in adapting to climate change which has a serious impact on our water resources. The threat is real – and PUB must demonstrate its ability to rise to the challenge of ensuring we have a sustainable water supply, protecting Singaporeans from sea level rise and flooding, as well as charting a greener future by harnessing energy from the limitless resource that is the sun,” Keng stated.

The ad has been uploaded on PUB’s Facebook and YouTube pages. The campaign also features a microsite called ‘Make Every Drop Count’ where Singaporeans can participate in various campaigns and strategies to support PUB’s social cause. This includes purchase of blue-themed deals, and participation in water conservation awareness events held specifically by institutions and schools across Singapore.