AU seafood industry’s newest campaign breaks notion that seafood is hard to prepare

Teddy Cambosa - November 12, 2020

Sydney, Australia – To promote an increased patronization of local seafood consumption, the nation’s body for seafood industry representation Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) has launched a nation-wide campaign to help the nation’s seafood industry recovery and survival.

The campaign, titled “Great Australian Seafood, Easy As,” is focused primarily on the pilot TV commercial release of the campaign, which depicts a man encouraging Australian consumers to change perspective on seafood, as there are more culinary possibilities in preparing seafood. The campaign will span 12 months and will be aired across various platforms, including regional and metro TV, streaming platforms, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

An additional campaign, called Great Australian Seafood, is the seafood body’s newest flagship brand, which will include the launch of the new brand identity including logo and name, consumer-facing website, and social media platforms

For SIA media and communications manager Jessica McInerney, the recent campaign aims to raise awareness among Australian consumers about how easy seafood preparation is, and how diverse the choices are.

“The campaign has been structured to influence and inspire consumers to add more Australian seafood into their diets. We want to break the mindset of consumers thinking cooking seafood is hard to cook, by reminding them it’s actually ‘Easy As’, McInerney stated.

She added, “Consumer support for domestic produce is high in the wake of coronavirus, and behavior is shifting to prioritize locally grown and made products. There has never been a more timely opportunity for us to launch our consumer brand campaign and we are excited to join consumers as they reevaluate their purchasing routines and where Australian seafood is positioned in their minds.”

The campaign, which has garnered support from the Australian government, will extend help to everything under the local seafood sector, from fishers, processors, and the food services sector.

“It’s been an incredibly tough year for Australia’s seafood sector and they need our support. The seafood industry was the first and worst hit when export markets virtually shut down overnight at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, every Australian can play a role in helping our fishers, and it’s as simple as eating some Aussie seafood. That’s a win-win for all of us,” said Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonno Duniam.