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OOH media Asiaray’s new partnerships a step-up to DOOH transaction platforms

Teddy Cambosa - December 10, 2020

Hong Kong – Out-of-home media company Asiaray has partnered up with adtech The Trade Desk and advertising platform Magnite in offering a programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) transactional platform to ease up DOOH media trade across online and offline platforms, benefiting marketers in the process.

The newest partnership is in line with Asiaray’s ongoing Offline and Online New Media Strategy, which seeks creating connection between offline DOOH media and programmatic advertising.

With Magnite’s omnichannel sell-side advertising platform, Asiaray will be able to advertise DOOH billboards in Hong Kong via The Trade Desk, which then provides marketers additional media buying options as well as creating a new channel for Asiaray to reach out to potential online marketers worldwide.

“Given the proliferate growth of DOOH, we are delighted to have secured new programmatic cooperation with two of the world’s major adtech players – Magnite and The Trade Desk. This campaign makes a key milestone for Asiaray’s Offline and Online New Media Strategy, which created a strong connection between offline DOOH media and online advertisement buying,” said Vincent Lam, founder, chairman and executive director of Asiaray.

He also added, “What is more, the cooperation will provide us a chance to reach out to a different group of usual online advertisers, thus to expand our clientele and eventually expand the Group’s penetration in the market. Looking ahead, Asiaray will continue to work closely with our partners to develop even more effective media solutions for advertisers to generate greater value for the campaign.”

The new partnership also entails facilitating advertisers with technology supporting audience segmentation and verification measurement to adopt a flexible way for buying and to help brands to deliver a more targeted, unified and holistic experience to consumers.

“This campaign shows the immense possibilities for buyers when combining a high impact format like DOOH with the automated buying of Programmatic Guaranteed, which still allows flexible targeting but guarantees access to premium inventory. We are proud to have worked with our partners to facilitate this important milestone, and look forward to running more campaigns in the near future,” said Yogesh Sehgal, country manager for Magnite Asia.

On the other hand, Doug Choy, senior director for inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk, said, “In this world of new technologies, programmatic buying in advertising is certainly a growing trend, and The Trade Desk is delighted to partner with Asiaray and Magnite to introduce our first offline media resources. Marketers now have the opportunity to access inventory for DOOH billboards in Hong Kong through our platform, thereby helping them achieve their greater business objectives. In all, we are very excited in our continued partnership with Asiaray as we help advertisers shift to programmatic buying.”