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Lion & Lion unveils new brand position, visual identity

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Following the agency’s initial initiated transformation exercise in 2019 to adopt a more flexible and integrated approach for their business, digital marketing agency Lion & Lion has finally unveiled their new brand position and visual identity, focused on their new tagline ‘Made to Impact’.

The aforementioned tagline highlights the agency’s effect its work has on client brands, audiences and the industry as a whole.

Meanwhile, the new corporate colors of black and red evoke a sense of boldness that suggests the willingness to push boundaries and challenge conventions. These relate back to the Lion & Lion tagline, in which the agency aims to make a positive change in all of its activities, from elevating a client’s brand, to building an inclusive and supportive company culture.

Part of its brand repositioning revolves around the concept of them being an agency that emphasizes holistic strategic thinking, ideas-led solutions, and a flexible business model customized for the digital age.

Fredrik Gumpel, chief executive officer at Lion & Lion, explained that Lion & Lion’s decision to adopt a customizable service model and increase experience in managing regional scopes as well as capability investments, both people and technology, has given the agency a competitive edge that has led to a series of new client partnerships. 

“With technologies evolving at a fast pace, our role as a digital agency has ensured that we are in a position to take advantage of any developments in the communications industry. We have been getting more clients on a regional or global level over the past year, thanks to our expertise in navigating the digital and social space. Nevertheless, we maintain readiness for what the future may hold, especially in the fields of tech, commerce and communications, so we will always be at the forefront of the industry,” he said. 

The agency has recently won various accounts, including Minelab Electronics, L’Oreal Indonesia, KODAK Lens, Kellogg’s, and Carlsberg’s 1664 Blanc brand.

Lion & Lion said its new ‘creatively driven, digital-first’ value proposition as well as its delivery model has allowed the agency to broaden its client portfolio as well as secure a number of new wins both in their local markets, but even more across Southeast Asia, as several regional digital partnerships have been formed.

Meanwhile, Cheelip Ong, chief creative officer at Lion & Lion, commented that they are confident in their new service model and the trust their clients have placed in them. He added that their success drives them to push themselves even harder as they continue to evolve with the industry.

“Our way of working here at Lion & Lion allows clients the benefit of having a synergistic team of functional practice leads handling their business requirements across multiple channels and markets, with a digital-first framing. It also helps that we are experts in understanding the evolution of digital – from social, to e-commerce, to the potential opportunities brought forth by the metaverse, thereby giving us the knowledge to develop proactive and innovative strategies that are hyper-relevant for the present and future-ready,” Ong added.

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