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Allianz PNB’s campaign pokes on sustainability issue, urges one to ‘look under’ the filter

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Manila, Philippines – In its latest spot demonstrating how we should look deeper into the lenses of sustainability nowadays, insurance company Allianz PNB Life has released a new spot alongside creative agency GIGIL highlighting the symbolism of ‘filters’ and the illusion of seeing our environment from a ‘filtered’ perspective.

The campaign kicks in with what seems to be a normal fun campaign, complete with colorful filters and upbeat music, but the more you look into it, you realize the stark reality these filters hide. From a sewer pipe disguised as releasing ‘rainbow streams’, to factories releasing ‘glittered smoke’ to a crab plastered with a ‘cutesy eye filter’ where in reality, the animal is suffering due to the plastic and mask trash it is pulling.

The thought-provoking film leaves viewers with the message that the world can’t be fixed with a filter, but they can help make it better with a policy from Allianz.

Allianz’s latest campaign truly lives up to its tagline, “Confidence in Tomorrow.” As of 2020, Allianz has already invested over ₱420.2b in renewable energy projects, and protected over 49 million vulnerable people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America through various sustainability initiatives.

In a statement to MARKETECH APAC, Gino Riola, chief marketing officer at Allianz PNB, stated, “Allianz PNB Life strives to build a sustainable future for Filipinos. Through ‘No Filter,’ we want to prove that even though the planet can’t be fixed instantly, we can help make it better. At Allianz, we work together to protect you and the planet.”

Such a statement is also supported by Alex Grenz, CEO at Allianz PNB, who told MARKETECH APAC that beyond readying Filipinos for the future with quality health and life insurance, they wanted to make sure they can look forward to it too.

“From going digital to supporting sustainable businesses, each step by Allianz is always directed towards a safer and greener future,” Grenz added.

Speaking about the creative process of the campaign, Leslie Cua, associate creative director at GIGIL told MARKETECH APAC that they were single-minded in communicating how Allianz is the insurance that cares for us and the planet. She also added that since this is about the environment and sustainability, they wanted something poignant and thought-provoking, yet they wanted to do it in a way that people haven’t seen before.

“By using filters people see on social media and applying it to what’s happening in our environment, we’re able to give perspective and drive that feeling of wanting to do something to make the world better. Since Allianz is serious about sustainability, taking out a policy from the company will really help in protecting our environment,” Cua concluded.

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