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Vietnam-based Luxury Travel rebrands to LUX Travel DMC


Hanoi, Vietnam – Luxury Travel, a Vietnam-based destination management company, has recently rebranded to LUX Travel DMC, signaling a change towards its tourist marketing strategy.

The company, founded in 2005, has shifted to luxury domestic tourism for growth as COVID-19 travel restrictions are implemented globally. With a 30% growth in revenue and 10,000 guest accommodations in 2019, the company hopes that its new line of luxury travel services fares in the longer run.

“We refreshed the current products and created new products, trained our team, and rebranded our brands. We are pleased to inform you that Luxury Travel Vietnam has been rebranded to Lux Travel DMC for inbound department and we expand to Asia destinations. Luxury Travel is now for domestic and outbound departments. We have our fleet of 10 luxury vehicles for our guests under the LuxTransCo Brand and we both ready to bounce back with our innovative and trendy tourism products and our core values: Private touring. Only the best hotels. Our world of expertise,” Pham Ha, LUX Travel DMC CEO and founder stated.

LUX Travel DMC will continue to provide concierge travel services such as private jet planes, yachts, islands, restaurants, and villas.

Despite the ongoing changes, Ha notes that the company will still keep its company core values.

“Lux DMC Travel always commits to operating the highest standards of services. Our Lux team is dedicated to working closely with agents and tour operators and ensures to deliver for their customers authentic and unique luxury travel and SOLUX experiences by using their expertise, know-how, and solid infrastructure,” Ha added.

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