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To battle ‘meaninglessness’ in adland, The Works unveils new brand platform ‘Be Significant’

The Works
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Sydney, Australia – As more and more socially driven graduates opt for careers outside the marketing and advertising industry, creative agency The Works, part of Capgemini, felt the need to address this concern, launching its new brand platform ‘Be Significant’, which aims to create a conversation around the ‘meaninglessness’ that exists in the creative industry. 

Through the new brand platform, The Works aims to highlight the critical need for agencies to be more purposeful, providing greater value to their employees, clients, and consumers.

Moreover, The Works has also launched ‘The Significant Initiative’ following an agency-wide survey to understand the key issues of concern and interest for employees. It will also be investing resources and money to drive meaningful changes for the most popular topics of interest.

Damian Pincus, The Works’ founder and creative partner, shared there is a sense of meaninglessness in marketing and advertising, and there is a talent crisis, with graduates turning to more progressive employers making a tangible difference. There is also a growing desire for companies and brands to leave a legacy and stand for something.

“The reaction from clients and the team has been very positive and we’ve already started to implement Be Significant across the agency’s operations. We are at the beginning and we’ll be judged by our actions, not words,” said Pincus.

Kristie Thistlethwaite, the managing partner at The Works, makes a remarkable statement, saying that in today’s attention economy, every brand is a player in the and relevance is the hard-earned currency.

“‘Be Significant’ is the enemy of meaninglessness, creating work worthy of consumers’ attention that delivers results for the client partners, while helping our people be more significant in their work and personal lives. It’s a platform that gives us the opportunity to change someone’s day, change a mind, or change the world,” said Thistlethwaite.

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