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Former IPG exec appointed by Match & Wood as first-ever nat’l performance director

Sydney, Australia – Independent media agency Match & Wood has announced the appointment of former IPG executive Stuart MacDougall, to the newly created role of national performance director.

Through his new role, he will be leading the paid search and social performance for Match & Wood’s clients across Australia, with offices in Melbourne and Perth.

Prior to his new role, he worked as paid media director at IPG Mediabrands, handling across key accounts such as Officeworks, Kmart and RAC. Prior to this, he led paid search for Reprise Perth, and also worked as a search specialist at Mediacom in Sydney.

“I’ve watched them grow into one of the best and most successful independent media agencies in Australia. The thing that excites me the most are the fresh ideas and great culture that is immediately present all the way through the business. I can’t wait to work across the diverse client base and further develop their performance product,” he stated, regarding his appointment.

MacDougall is the latest hire for Match & Wood which have been steadily adding to their ranks across both Perth and Melbourne in recent months. Former The Brand Agency media planner/buyer Jodie Allen has joined as communications advisor, Keleigh Moore has been appointed as communications manager from OMD and Tiffany Doan joins from Nunn Media as digital communications manager.

Match & Wood chief operating officer, Chris O’Keefe, said: “We’re so excited to have such an accomplished digital specialist join our national team. Having worked with Stuart in the past I know that he will bring a unique perspective and strategic, data-fuelled decision making to our clients’ businesses.”

The new additions come as Match & Wood wins a number of clients including Curtin University, Pentanet and Intelicare. 

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The Body Shop brings global ‘Self Love Uprising’ campaign to Australia

Australia – As part of its continuous effort to promote self-love, beauty brand The Body Shop has brought its global campaign ‘Self Love Uprising’ to its Australian audiences, to further defy category norms, drive social change, and inspire one million acts of self-love.

Done in collaboration with advertising agency Havas Media Melbourne, creative communications firm Marilyn & Sons, and stylist Deni Todorovic, as well as mindset coach Allira Potter, the campaign aims to ensure that its self-love message feels personal and close to home for young Australians.

For the campaign, the brands’ PR and influencer agency, Havas Village’s One Green Bean, brought together local self-love contributors including social media star Abbie Chatfield, feminist writer Clem Ford, and appearance activist Carly Findlay, to tell their stories and self-love journey in a series of videos online and through OOH placements.

In addition, a series of videos featuring Todorvic and Potter will be launched, with the aim to encourage people, particularly young women, to join the movement across YouTube. A full-funnel social strategy will also ensure that target audiences won’t be able to open Instagram and Facebook without seeing its self-love message.

The Body Shop’s Deputy Brand and Activism Director Jessica Styles said they really wanted to elevate the storytelling behind Todorovic and Potter’s self-love journeys and the work with Havas Media Melbourne did just that. 

“We loved how they encouraged us to be bold with the placement of our content and focus on platforms that shine a spotlight on their inspiring stories. Because of this, we are thrilled to say that we have already inspired one million acts of self-love, hopefully with many more to come, encouraging Aussies to rise up and create positive change in the world,” said Styles.

Meanwhile, Naomi Johnston, general manager of Havas Media Melbourne, commented that it has been inspiring to work on the global campaign movement, completely brand-led and focused on raising awareness around the impact of self-doubt and inspiring acts of self-love. 

“It is quite special to work with a client with shared values and beliefs. At Havas, we believe in delivering meaningful media experiences for meaningful brands. This campaign is the complete embodiment of that belief,” said Johnston.

The ‘Self Love Uprising’ campaign is already running in digital large format and high-impact street furniture across Melbourne and Sydney, with a QR code allowing audiences to find their way to the ‘Self-Love Hub’ where they can explore ways to practice self-love.

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SBS Australia partners with Spotify, Zenith to drive new audiences to video streaming platform

Australia – Television network SBS in Australia has partnered with Spotify and Publicis Media’s ROI agency Zenith for its new media campaign called ‘Demand Different’.

The campaign, which runs until July 2021, aims to build a customized digital experience to drive new audiences to SBS’s video streaming platform, SBS On Demand, and reconnect with its lapsed viewers. 

Through the partnership, Zenith will be tapping into Spotify’s enhanced algorithms to curate a custom SBS weekly playlist based on a user’s unique music preferences. Spotify users in the free service will be targeted via audio and display ads across platforms, while its paid subscribers are targeted on social media. 

Users will all be directed to a ‘Spotify X SBS On Demand’ microsite where they can opt in to be served a weekly SBS playlist based on their music preferences. This will allow SBS to showcase the breadth and depth of its SBS On Demand back catalog as a world-class streaming destination while opening up a new world of programs, genres, and key sporting events to Spotify listeners.

Zenith Sydney’s Managing Director Jonny Cordony shared that the team at Zenith has worked hard to differentiate from other performance-driven campaigns, and as part of this, they identified music as a core consumption opportunity within the streaming community.

“We were able to showcase hero programs and hidden gems across various content pillars in a completely customized way, curated based on their music preferences,” said Cordony.

Meanwhile, Pieter Manten, the regional head of sales at Spotify AUNZ, said that the breadth and depth of their data and insights offer a level of targeting which is unparalleled with any other audio format, as they are with their 11.9 million users every day.

“The opportunity to collaborate with SBS and Zenith to combine our insights represents a best in class approach to targeting, as we are not only driving new audiences but creating unique and customized experiences for users across both platforms,” said Manten.

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Aussie telco felix mobile reiterates sustainability mission with CO2-absorbing mural

Australia – In celebration of World Environmental Day which was celebrated on 5 June, felix mobile, a strongly-committed environmental-conscious telecom in the country, has put up a mural painting in Melbourne that is very much like a tree – using paint that absorbs CO2 emissions. 

Felix mobile is a telco startup that is certified carbon neutral and is powered by 100% renewable electricity. To double down on its support for the environment, it has made its mission to plant one tree for every active customer in a month.

Done in collaboration with hybrid creative agency Paper Moose, the mural is the centerpiece of felix mobile’s new national campaign, building off its brand platform ‘The Plan With A Bigger Plan’.

The mural is painted with CO2 absorbing paint made by paint manufacturer Graphenstone. It absorbs as much carbon dioxide as what a mature 250kg tree does in six months. The paint also emits ultra-low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) compared to traditional commercial paints.

Kelly Rollason, the head of sales and marketing at felix mobile, said that they are proud to show the industry that by minimizing your impact on the planet, you in turn are able to maximize brand loyalty. 

“A billboard that consumes CO2 like a tree was the perfect execution to complement our existing efforts as a mobile provider that puts people and planet first,” said Rollason.

Meanwhile, Paper Moose’s Creative Director Jeremy Willmot, said, “It’s so rewarding to partner with a brand that’s not only committed to neutralizing their environmental impact, but are eager to embrace innovative new ways to do it too.”

Furthermore, the telco has announced its commitment to planting an additional 25,000 trees, in aid of their larger goal of 1 million trees planted.

The new campaign follows Paper Moose’s announcement on its imperative to work with more sustainable brands, with its goal to drive a positive and lasting change in the economy. Through a new program for clients, the agency will be donating time and creative resources to selected organizations that are on the mission to decarbonize the planet.

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Kantar Australia announces new head of creative for Creative Domain

Sydney, Australia – The Australian arm of insights and consulting company Kantar has announced the appointment of Irene Joshy as the new head of creative for its Creative Domain division, effective immediately.

She brings a wealth of experience to Australian clients, which includes over 18 years in the wider Kantar business and most recently leading its creative development arena across Asia-Pacific.

Prior to her appointment, Irene began her career teaching social anthropology and social research at the University of Mumbai before moving into consumer insights research and advertising, including tenures at Colgate Palmolive, Lowe Lintas and Nielsen. Her time in Asia-Pacific spans countries like India, China and Singapore with a remit across North and South-East Asia.

Speaking about her appointment, she stated that she is thrilled to be a part of this ‘super achiever team’ whose mantra is ‘great things in business are never done by one person’. She also added that she looks forward to joining a team of passionate people who help steer clients’ growth through impactful creative.

“Drawing on the world’s largest database, behavioral measures, neuroscience capabilities and extensively validated solutions, we show brands how to develop and optimise their advertising to stand out, create meaningful impressions and generate sales,” Joshy stated.

She added, “Kantar’s creative domain is driven by the knowledge that successful campaigns start with a clear human insight, and tell stories that resonate, consistently, across all touchpoints. They communicate a meaningful difference, generate sales in the short-term, build brands in the long-term and have the power to increase ROI ten-fold. I love helping clients and brands to navigate the creative journey from identifying the best idea right through to flawless execution and best practice learnings for their next campaign.”

She will report to Jon Foged, managing director for insights at Kantar ANZ, as Joshy will be relocating from Singapore to Melbourne to conduct her official duties.

“We are thrilled to have Irene join us in Australia. Her most recent work in creative and advertising across Asia-Pacific has informed powerful client strategies through the lens of culture and consumer insights and into early-stage creative development. Irene is hugely client-centric, tenacious, has a strong willingness to support both our people and clients, and brings a high dose of energy to our business,” Foged stated.

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Surfing Australia reveals rich cultural meaning behind new identity in short film

Australia – In line with the celebration of National Reconciliation Week in Australia, Surfing Australia, the governing body for surfing in the country, has launched a short film ‘Welcome to Sea Country’, to showcase the Indigenous meaning behind its national team design and national team name – ‘Irukandji’.

National Reconciliation Week is a time for Australians to learn about their shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and making the most out of the celebration, the body’s film aims to put light on its recently launched name and tagline, ‘The Irukandjis: Deadly in the Water’, which boasts of a unique cultural context.

The new film, which is done in collaboration with BWM dentsu and young Indigenous artist Jasmine Craciun, presents cinematic shots of seven-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore, combined with the equally soulful footage of Yirrganydji Traditional Owner Gavin Singleton and his community, to visualize the spiritual connection both surfers and First Nations people share with the ocean – known as ‘Sea Country’.

In addition, the film consists of traditional line art and ripple effect concept overlayed with free-flowing tentacles design, which will be a true statement for the Australian team across uniforms, surfboard accessories, and transport, as well as team jet skis, and all of Surfing Australia’s internal assets.

Surfing Australia manages the national surf team of the country. Its new name and tagline were named after the Irukandji jellyfish – an extremely venomous species of jellyfish that inhabit the country’s marine waters.

Surfing Australia’s CEO Chris Mater is all thanks to Singleton and the Yirrganydji people for officially giving them the Irukandji name, looking to it as a valuable feature of the future of surfing in Australia. 

“The designs BWM dentsu and Jasmine have created really bring that deeper connection to Indigenous culture to life. And that embedded respect for First Nations people now gives our athletes something much bigger to compete for on the world stage,” said Mater.

Meanwhile, Marcus Tesoriero, the executive creative director at BWM dentsu, commented that no matter how big or small the role is, they all have a role to play in Reconciliation. 

“In a land surrounded by Sea Country, we hope the attention our newly uniformed Irukandjis team get heading to the Olympic Games plays a role in spreading recognition and respect, driving us all to build deeper relationships with First Nations people,” said Tesoriero.

Australian representatives across all surfing genres, such as Junior, Open, Masters, and Longboard, as well as Big Wave, and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), among others, will compete under The Irukandjis national identity and united colors at international events such as the Olympics, International Surfing Association (ISA), and World Surfing Games, as well as WSL World Juniors, and Longboard Championships.

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Professional services H&R Block Australia taps InMoment to boost CX

Sydney, Australia – Multinational tax services company H&R Block in Australia has appointed InMoment, the experience improvement (XI) software and solutions company, to be its customer experience improvement partner. 

H&R Block deems to be the leading tax services company in the country, providing advisory on income tax returns, tax preparation, and refunds. 

The partnership aims to expand H&R Block’s current Voice of the Customer (VoC) program, with the goal of understanding exactly what customers want and expect. The new program will include listening posts across critical moments in the customer journey. By gathering solicited and unsolicited feedback, as well as using text analytics data from InMoment and its XI technology, H&R Block will unlock richer customer insights, to employ more innovative ways to deliver an improved digital experience for customers. 

According to H&R Block, they are committed to differentiating themselves by deep-diving into each customer’s experience along the process of preparing taxes. It plans to push industry boundaries and proactively meet customer’s needs in an evolving, digital-first world.

H&R Block’s Managing Director Brodie Dixon said, “Our primary goal is to provide the very best customer experience possible on every visit. Whether you visit one of our stores or engage in our digital services, we believe a strategic differentiator is our focus on continual experience improvement.”

Meanwhile, David Blakers, the managing director of InMoment APAC, commented, “This partnership is special to me on a personal level as I trained as an H&R Block tax consultant for my first proper job. We are so excited to partner with this iconic brand and see the industry as a whole turn toward being more customer-focused.”

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State Trustee Australia appoints Versa as conversational AI agency partner

Australia – State Trustees Australia, the State Government-owned company that provides tailored services to clients and supports Victorians to protect their legacy and financial wellbeing, has appointed global digital and conversational agency Versa in Australia, to be its conversational AI agency partner.

Through the partnership, Versa was tasked to deliver a pilot customer service project, which aims to improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. 

Following the completion of the project for the State Trustees Personal Finance administration team, the agency will now be embarking on a pilot for Trustee Services customers.

In addition, the agency has also finished an initial automation project for Wilson Parking Australia’s IVR system and is now managing the delivery of subsequent IVR updates.

State Trustees’ Executive General Manager Michael Spiegel shared that one of the reasons they were attracted to Versa was their test and learn approach, which is aligned to everything they do at State Trustees – ensuring they collect the data needed to make informed decisions before moving forward and rolling out a project. 

“The discovery process has given us the ability to analyze detailed customer insights, expose opportunities for optimization, and the best approach for customers and staff. We have already seen some quick wins for our team,” said Spiegel. 

Meanwhile, Dale Smith, the national manager of customer experience at Wilson Parking, said, “We are excited about the improvements conversational AI and augmentation can deliver to our contact center. We look forward to working with Versa further to bring the benefits of a blended approach using both automation and our human resources to our customers and our customer service teams.”

Versa’s CEO Kath Blackham commented that they are thrilled to be working with State Trustees and Wilson Parking on projects that will build and support customer service and customer service teams by using technology to augment and help humans be happier and more productive in the workplace.

“It is a really exciting time for Versa and the wider industry with increased uptake in conversational AI technology in a range of sectors,” said Blackham.

In April this year, Versa launched a navigation-less and bot-activated website –, which utilizes AI-powered conversational bot technology, allowing visitors to ask for what they want using voice or text, without having to search for it.

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Aussies yet to adopt Amazon as top choice for online shopping: survey

Sydney, Australia – Despite Amazon being a well-known global e-commerce giant, online shoppers across Australia still find Amazon not to be a top choice for their online shopping needs, a new survey from digital experience management company Sitecore shows.

According to their latest data, only a fifth of their overall Australian respondents say Amazon as their top choice for online shopping. Despite such findings, Amazon is mainly gaining traction from their younger generation customers. Through the platform’s online retail service, Sitecore notes that adoption of Amazon as the go-to site is higher among Gen Z, compared to older generations (31% v 21%).

This finding is strengthened by the fact that the platform’s online retail experience has resulted in nearly one in three Australian consumers finding Amazon’s shopping experience to be more personalized when compared with other retailers. On aggregate, Amazon shoppers in Australia would move to other retailers if they provided the same incentives, discounts and purchase experience as Amazon.

Amid positive notes of high trust and personalization of Amazon’s shopping experience, 4 in 10 Australians—and half of Gen Z (53% vs. 39% among older gens) – would like to reduce the amount of shopping they do on Amazon. The research also said that Gen Z in Australia are more likely to shop directly from brands online, rather than Amazon (75% vs 66%).

Part of the reason for this consumer behavior of moving away from big brands is due to the fact that many Aussies fear low-quality and/or counterfeit products, which might be more evident in the larger platforms.

Paige O’Neill, CMO at Sitecore, comments on the findings, “The battle for digital retailer brand preference is in its early days in Australia. There is an opportunity here for Internet commerce players to expand their share of the market, but it won’t be an easy win. They’ll need to offer comparable levels of service and personalization throughout the customer journey as the fight for market share heats up.”

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P&G’s Oral-B Kids Australia encourages fun brushing habits in new campaign

Sydney, Australia – Procter & Gamble’s oral hygiene brand Oral-B Kids in Australia has launched a playful creative campaign titled ‘Brushtime Tales’, with the aim to drive education of fun and effective brushing habits in children.

Done in collaboration with creative digital production agency MediaMonks, ‘Brushtime Tales’ is a platform idea that uses the power of storytelling to turn the mundane routine of tooth brushing into tales of wonder and adventure.

The agency produced an animated film for YouTube and animated bumpers to fuel a sequential targeting media strategy on YouTube. Each tale transformed the boring routine of tooth brushing into immersive tales, such as finding the great pie robbery to fighting monsters with a bristle sword. 

In addition, the tales also have a different educational oral care message including the proper brushing technique with an electric ‘power brush’, two minutes of brushing, and using a pea-sized amount of paste. 

MediaMonks’ Creative Director Kim Jerbo said, “Every element of this creative was developed at MediaMonks from concept to character development and film. Results are extremely positive with content performing 7 percentage points above industry benchmarks set.”

Meanwhile, Shea Warnes, the strategy director at MediaMonks ANZ, shared that when kids spot a lecture coming they are quick to mentally retreat, so if they are to educate kids on good brushing habits, they need to be fun and engaging rather than authoritative. 

“Stories have always played a powerful role in helping us share knowledge, emotions, hopes, and beliefs. For kids, tales of wonder supported children learn about and navigate the world. So we wanted to use tales as tools,” said Warnes.