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Manulife’s light-hearted digital series aims to promote better health choices

Manulife’s light-hearted digital series aims to promote better health choices
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Hong Kong – In a bid to encourage Hongkongers to shift focus on planning more purposeful long-term financial and health investments, insurance company Manulife has launched a light-hearted digital series resonating different health struggles of Hong Kongers and highlight how Manulife can help devise customers’ own versions of a better health protection plan during these critical times. 

Conceptualised alongside creative agency dentsumcgarrybowen, the series is titled ‘Stressing on a Bright Day’, which is a play on an existing podcast series by Jan Lamb, and also part of the campaign. The campaign is also flanked with child star Mui G, where she listens to Lamb’s dial-in when facing various life struggles. 

The campaign, which promotes Manulife’s Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme, is highly provocative to reflect Hong Kongers’ recent struggles, dramatised by Lamb’s persuasive performance pairing with Mui G’s innocent acting. Manulife’s perspective on VHIS is also to help make choices as simple and easily understood for its audience that even a little girl can help explain.

Speaking about the campaign creation process, Jeffry Gamble, chief creative officer at dentsu international Hong Kong, said, “Continuing Manulife’s positive marketing approach, these are snappy and fun stories. We want our audiences to take away simple ideas and not to feel overwhelmed during these already very gloomy times. And it’s living entirely on digital, so it should feel like watching a relaxing Youtube video but also inspiring.”

Meanwhile, Isabella Lau, chief customer officer at Manulife Hong Kong, commented, “We all heard of the usage and benefits of VHIS but often in a broad sense. Therefore, given the right timing and circumstances, we decided to reintroduce this topic to our customers so they can digest the scheme in a more relevant way, and through Manulife’s support to make easier decisions and unlock its greatest benefits.”

The series is both available on English and Traditional Chinese.

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