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Soymilk brand Vitasoy undergoes rebranding 

Hong Kong — Vitasoy, the iconic soymilk brand rooted in Hong Kong City for more than 80 years, is making a substantial move to evolve its branding by reviving its plant-based heritage to resonate with modern consumers’ desire for a healthier and nutritious lifestyle. Through dentsu international Hong Kong’s ‘Planting Goodness Every Day’ campaign platform, Vitasoy aims to represent its wide portfolio of plant-based products everyone is familiar with.

The Vitasoy brand has been planting its goodness in Hong Kong since the 1940s to serve affordable and plant-based soy milk for everyone. Their long commitment transcended and transformed through time to now a heritage that shall be rejuvenated to sync with the needs of contemporary consumers and to remind them that greater goods are achieved through daily small practices, such as consuming plant-based food and beverages every day.

The ‘Planting Goodness Every Day’ campaign visualized Vitasoy’s genuine and wholesome brand personality showcasing its portfolio of products including Classic, Calci-Plus and VitaOat, from its most iconic range of Vitasoy classic products to its functional line of Calci-Plus range, to its latest new product, VitaOat.

The new brand equity stamp is a branding mnemonic device that holds the various stories and product strengths, set in daily moments including social gatherings, workouts, and home cultivation.

David Kim, group CMO at Vitasoy International, said, “We continue to be poised for growth at all times, including the future. We are happy to reintroduce what we have cared about since the beginning as a tribute to our past and bring forward our heritage so as to build a better future with our consumers together.”

Meanwhile, Simone Tam, CEO of dentsu international Hong Kong, commented, “Vitasoy is our long serving client. Knowing the brand has a rich and devoted heritage, we are happy to revive it and modernize it, so the brand stays relevant and connected with the young generation through its wide range of plant-based products.

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krip’s HK mobile app now offers personalised credit card deals

Hong Kong – krip, a local fintech startup and Hong Kong Cyberport incubatee, has launched a personalized, comprehensive and centralized credit card deals and offers platform that empowers Hong Kong consumers to spend smarter and to get the most out of their cards.

krip’s intuitive user interface makes deals and offers more visible and easily searchable, allowing people to discover over 6,000 deals from 3,000 merchants covering over 480 credit and debit cards. Consumers on the go using the krip HK mobile app can discover all the great deals nearby in real-time across seven major categories, including dining, fashion & accessories, beauty & wellness, entertainment & lifestyle, home living, travel and healthcare.

The krip HK app is free for consumers. Anyone can download the iOS or Android app to start discovering credit card deals and offers by exploring merchant categories, searching for specific stores or restaurant names, or browsing nearby shops in the district. For a more personalized experience, consumers can register an account and select their card(s) by tapping on the cards’ images to set up their personal profiles. This will allow consumers to discover the relevant deals and offers applicable to their own cards, leading to an easier, faster and more personalized experience.

David B. Wang, Founder of krip, shared, “Through a personal experience, I discovered that many deals and offers are left to chance, and most cardholders don’t even know they are missing out. This meant that there was a huge gap in Hong Kong’s credit card market, creating a whole layer of deals and offers available to cardholders that have remained difficult to discover. 

Wang added, “It was clear that consumers would benefit significantly from an intuitive and centralized platform where they could easily discover the deals and offers available to them and spend smarter to maximize the benefits they are entitled to. We are extremely excited to introduce krip to Hong Kong consumers so that they can truly discover the world of credit card deals and offers to its fullest and no longer have to leave money on the table when paying with credit cards.”

With its mission to empower consumers to spend smarter with innovative technology and information transparency, krip aims to revolutionize deals marketing by facilitating information exchange across all three parties; consumers, merchants and financial institutions through open API. By leveraging open API, krip has built a comprehensive deals data ecosystem that harnesses artificial intelligence to uncover and analyze consumer spending patterns, preferences and trends through the platform.

From shopping malls and retail outlets, to restaurant reservation platforms and e-commerce portals, businesses can take advantage of open API to access krip’s comprehensive deals database, and drive their business with thousands of attractive and personalized deals. Merchants can better understand their customers to further personalize deals and offers, while financial institutions can develop more effective targeted marketing strategies to increase card usage and loyalty.

Alice So, head of entrepreneurship at Hong Kong Cyberport, said that FinTech has been integrated into our everyday life, bringing instant benefits for the general public.

“As a major start-up incubator and the largest FinTech community in Hong Kong, Cyberport is delighted to see our incubatee krip successfully launch this innovative and personalised platform,” So said.

So added, “The platform can help consumers spend smarter and, at the same time, can boost the economy by further stimulating their desire to consume, especially as the pandemic situation is stabilizing, and the retail and food & beverage sectors are gradually recovering. Congratulations to the team at krip on a successful launch.”

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HSBC launches new local campaign to support HK community

Hong Kong – With the COVID-19 pandemic’s fifth wave gradually subsiding in Hong Kong, financial service giant HSBC has launched a new local campaign to support the local community, conceptualised alongside Grey Hong Kong.

Eighteen designated HSBC branches will become Hong Kong’s photo-worthy spots. To spread positivity and unveil the city’s hidden gems, each branch across the eighteen districts will showcase signature landmarks and sights of the district along with a dedicated, inspirational quote. 

The HSBC Main Building in Central also recently launched the ‘Branching Out Our Support’ light show – urging the Hong Kong community to slow down and enjoy life while capturing new opportunities. 

Luanne Lim, CEO for Hong Kong HSBC, said, “HSBC has been supporting the HK community for 157 years. Launching the ‘Branching Out Our Support” campaign allows us to stay closely connected with the community, which we hope will continue to thrive.”

Meanwhile, Sonic Choy, creative partner at Grey HK, commented, “The people in HK have been making a concerted effort to meet with all the challenges posed by the pandemic. We want to give them the opportunity to experience some joy, and enjoy all the photo-worthy spots, accompanied with inspirational quotes.”

The campaign will be rolled out in HSBC branches and on social media for the Hong Kong market. In addition, HSBC has launched a check-in mini-game on Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to tour different districts of Hong Kong. They will also randomly select 40 lucky winners to each receive an HKD2,000 HKTV Mall coupon.

Platforms Featured East Asia

GroupM’s Xaxis launches first pDOOH campaign at MTR advertising in HK

Hong Kong – Xaxis, the outcome media specialist from GroupM, has announced that it has launched its first-ever programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) campaign at MTR’s advertising in Hong Kong. The campaign ran throughout Hong Kong for loan and financial services company United Asia Finance Limited.

The advertisements were shown in eight high traffic locations across 41 panels located within the MTR network in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Admiralty, Central, Tsim Sha Shui, Mong Kok, and Prince Edward through exclusive access with the MTR Trackside Digital Motion Network.

The campaign featured three creative advertisements that utilised time targeting based on the operational hours of surrounding businesses while factoring in weekends and public holidays to ensure the best content with the right context is shown to the right audience. 

“With Xaxis’ programmatic expertise, United Asia Finance Limited was able to take flexible campaign planning to the next level and elevate its OOH advertisements, allowing it to dynamically define its station mix, panel mix, and audience type, and set messages to be delivered at the best time possible,” the company said in a press statement.

The pDOOH campaign will catapult MTR advertising into a new automated phase of OOH with programmatic. It will provide real-time flexibility for United Asia Finance Limited to curate a captive viewing environment by identifying the best time, audience, location and messages to create an effective, efficient, and brand safe channel for its campaigns.

Andy Chung, managing director of Xaxis in Hong Kong, said, “We’re thrilled to make history with MTR advertising and United Asia Finance Limited to launch the first pDOOH campaign at MTR and deliver dynamic content to Hong Kong commuters. Programmatic will bring about a whole new definition of digital creativity for advertisers and consumers alike, providing a non-intrusive avenue for passengers to engage in relevant and high value interactions with brands. It gives marketers much more flexibility such as time targeting, creative changes, or even triggering the ad with real time weather conditions or stock market index.”

Meanwhile, Shirley Chan, managing director at JCDecaux Transport, commented, “Utilising the reach of Hong Kong’s MTR network and the flexibility of programmatic, advertising campaigns are reaching and best resonating with the audience at any time or place. MTR advertising offers the largest coverage of DOOH in Hong Kong, and by having this level of precision, marketers can truly direct the most captivating creative advertisements to the largest audience. We are excited that UA Finance smartly integrates the flexibility of programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) into the MTR network with dynamic content capabilities to deliver tactical and contextual messaging, thus allowing its ad content to be optimised against specific data parameters to ensure the very best target audiences are reached.”

Lastly, Elvis Yan, chief marketing officer at United Asia Finance Limited, said, “We are eager to explore innovative and convenient ways to connect with our customers, and fascinated to learn that UA Finance is the first advertiser to tap into MTR advertising with pDOOH. It’s an exciting space for us to celebrate a new chapter of our innovative journey. Leveraging the powerful visual impact of OOH plus the new programmatic capabilities, this location-based marketing platform enables us to reach a large volume of on-the-go target audiences throughout the day, bringing big uplifts in impressions and efficiency.” 

He added, “At selected MTR locations, we adopt dynamic creative display technology to develop scenario-base ads to communicate our service offering. We strongly believe this innovative solution will be a popular trend for advertising in the new era. It perfectly complements our integrated marketing strategy, tapping into the holistic customer journey.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

EuroEyes enhances investor relations programme with appointment of Hume Brophy

Hong Kong — EuroEyes International Eye Clinic Limited, an established ophthalmology brand, has appointed international communications consultancy Hume Brophy as its investor and public relations partner. The appointment aims to enhance awareness of EuroEyes’ distinct vision care offerings and its strong business and financial success as the company continues to rapidly expand globally.

Dr Jørn Slot Jørgensen, founder, chairman and CEO of EuroEyes, said, “Since establishing in 1993 and trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019, we have successfully executed our growth strategy, remained committed to expanding our clinics and services to clients, and continued to capitalise on business opportunities.”

Jørgensen added, “With our continued global expansion, we are now entering a new phase of growth. By partnering with an international communications firm like Hume Brophy, we look to optimise our brand exposure to the broader capital markets community in Hong Kong and beyond, enabling investors to better understand the potential investment value that EuroEyes offer and be part of our growth journey.”

A strategic communications programme will be put in place to increase the number of EuroEyes touchpoints with clients and investors, ensuring proper delivery of the latest and most relevant information about vision correction, business developments, and financial performances at EuroEyes.

Meanwhile, Thomas Kwan, director of Hume Brophy Communications Hong Kong, commented, “We are pleased to become the communications partner of EuroEyes. Our team of communications professionals will help potential clients and investors to better understand the advantages of EuroEyes – from both eye care and investment perspectives – and drive sustainable interactions that could translate to further business success for EuroEyes.”

Currently, the number of EuroEyes clinics around the world is close to 30. The company will continue to capitalise on the growing awareness of vision care, and identify new clinic locations or optimise existing surgical centres to better serve clients and achieve greater business results for shareholders.

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SG digital investment platform Syfe enters Hong Kong

Hong Kong — Syfe, a digital investment platform headquartered in Singapore, has announced its launch in Hong Kong. This marks the company’s first market expansion since its founding in 2019. Syfe has gained tremendous success in Singapore and is a trusted brand in Singapore’s growing wealth tech industry.

Dhruv Arora, founder and CEO of Syfe, said, “Syfe combines proven to invest strategies, technology and continuous innovation to deliver financial solutions at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional institutions.”

Arora added, “We are very excited to bring our successful offering with a strong track record in Singapore to Hong Kong as our first market for expansion. Syfe looks forward to partnering Hong Kongers in shaping better outcomes in life through better investing.”

Meanwhile, Yenson She, head of business development of Syfe, commented, “Culturally, people in Hong Kong have a high tendency to save. With a focus on long-term wealth building, Syfe is now bringing high-quality financial services made affordable and accessible for investors, helping Hong Kongers reach their important financial goals.”

Licensed in Hong Kong under Types 1 in Dealing in Securities, 4 in Advising on Securities, and 9 in Asset Management, and regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Syfe provides investors access to institutional-level investment strategies and advisory services previously only available for the top level of high-net-worth individuals.

The company also offers direct indexing global portfolios for retail investors, exclusively for Hong Kong. The portfolios are classified as Core portfolios, built for one’s essential financial goals, and Themes portfolios, which act as satellite portfolios to complement the Core.

The fast-growing fintech saw a significant four-fold increase in its assets in the first half of 2021. Syfe’s platform and its features are protected with bank-grade security, coupled with two-factor authentication through phone or email for all users. Monies and assets in investors’ portfolios are held in a custodian account through an SFC licensed broker, and any uninvested cash is held in a client account at HSBC Hong Kong, regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Commenting on this, Yenson said, “Starting today, Hong Kongers can participate in investing opportunities available in global markets and leverage Syfe’s curated portfolios to grow their wealth. Having a simple, smart yet powerful digital wealth platform enabling investing at your fingertips will be a true game changer for Hong Kongers.”

Technology Featured East Asia

Online event service provider Vootprint launches new tech solutions to unlock event intelligence

Hong Kong – Online event service provider Vootprint has launched its new technology suite to support the global B2B event industry in accelerating digitalisation. The technology suite comprised of SaaS Virtual Event Builder, ‘Expo GENie’ data analytics console, and GlobalExpo-Net (GEN) B2B event portal.

The new solutions each cater to different needs and address various pain points in the digital transformation of B2B events. It adopts a build-host-analyse (BHA) model, blending the competencies of SaaS Virtual Event Builder (build), GlobalExpo-Net (host), and ‘Expo GENie’ (analyse) into a customisable solution. 

In addition, the suite truly caters for the individual needs of virtual event organisers, solving stakeholders’ pain points such as inexperience in building online events, lack of technical, in-house support, and incompetencies in data integration and analytics. The BHA ecosystem also facilitates event organisers to design data-driven, sustainable event strategies and solutions for materialising digital transformation.

Dr. Jacky Ting, Vootprint’s chief digital officer, said, “We integrate Big Data, Al and SaaS into Vootprint’s technology suite for creating holistic virtual event experience, providing cutting-edge marketing technology support, and offering a seamless access to the metaverse.”

Powered by a proprietary SaaS solution, the technology suite now allows organisers to customise their events from a dozen of exhibition features and modules. The business matching feature, which is powered by AI, requires no additional technical knowledge to set up. With just 10 minutes, organisers can effortlessly build a virtual event that supports 3D scenes and enables metaverse connection. Compatible with the majority of live streaming and online conferencing solutions, the suite also supports game and reward functions for enhancing user interaction and engagement. 

Meanwhile, through ‘Expo GENie’, event organisers will be able to access big data of their B2B events and receive automated, real-time data analytics to make better decisions and optimise the event experience. Based on individual users’ profiles, event interests and preferences, event participants can receive regular B2B industry updates and personalised suggestions from the one-stop GlobalExpo-Net event information portal.

Vootprint said it is now setting its sights on developing new features for embracing the immense market opportunities of Web3 and metaverse.

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DFI Retail Group launches new e-commerce platform ‘yuu to me’

Hong Kong – Asian retailer DFI Retail Group has announced the launch of a new e-commerce platform called ‘yuu to me’, which is an expansion of their existing rewards club ‘yuu rewards’.

The new platform features Hong Kong’s favourite brands and enables 4 million yuu members to easily shop online, have their order delivered and earn yuu points all in one app, highlighting DFI’s commitment to offer service, convenience and value under one platform.

Members can now order fresh produce and groceries from Wellcome and Market Place, health and beauty products from Mannings, and a selection of convenience store favourites from 7-Eleven. Over 30,000 items are available at launch, while yuu to me will also rapidly expand the number of categories and items available. 

In addition, the platform is directly connected with the e-commerce platforms of IKEA, KFC, Pizza Hut, Maxim’s Cakes and Arome Bakery, making popular homeware and ready-to-eat foods available through the all-inclusive app. 

Johnny Wong, CEO of DFI Digital, said, “The launch of yuu to me marks another important milestone in DFI Retail Group’s digital transformation journey, as we continue to enhance our O2O experience in different areas. In order to best meet our customers’ needs, we will therefore continue to expand the ‘yuuinverse’ with our trusted partners, and provide the freshest possible items with unprecedented convenience, enabling members to shop whenever and however they want.”

It has also worked closely with Wellcome, Market Place and 7-Eleven to transform over 150 physical stores into O2O shops, fully leveraging yuu partners’ local network. Dispatching from these strategic O2O shops allows yuu to me to bring the freshest possible items to people’s doors, including fresh produce, dairy, snacks, beverages, frozen foods and more. 

In select areas, customers will also enjoy a rapid one-hour delivery option on 7-Eleven, Wellcome and Market Place orders for 15 items or less, which is not only perfect for Hong Kong’s fast-paced lifestyle – it also generates the least carbon emissions as yuu to me dispatches from the closest O2O shops to ensure the shortest travelling distances possible. 

Meanwhile, Danni Peirce, CEO of yuu Rewards, commented, “We are excited to launch the next evolution of the ‘yuuniverse’ and today’s upgrade shows the endless possibilities our platform can deliver for our partners and members.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

7-Eleven’s coffee brand 7CAFÉ now total to 600 stores in HK

Hong Kong – As 7-Eleven’s coffee brand 7CAFÉ reaches its major milestone of 600 stores in Hong Kong last April, the coffee brand has launched its new lucky draw game, ‘Make Your Own Good Coffee’.

The new lucky draw game will last for six consecutive days from 11 to 16 May 2022, with an unprecedented 600 free cups of coffee up for grabs every hour. In the game, customers will be able to step into the shoes of a 7CAFÉ barista and experience the fun of making their own cup of freshly brewed 100% Arabica coffee according to the golden ratio. 

At the start, the game will be selecting a popular 7CAFÉ coffee drink – a café latte, cappuccino, or flat white – for the player to make. Coffee and fresh Australian milk will start flowing from the 7CAFÉ coffee machine, and players then need to use their skill to tap the coffee and milk buttons on the left and right of the screen at just the right time to stop the flow to make the perfect cup. After successfully preparing the cup, customers can then enter a lucky draw for a chance to win a 7CAFÉ free drink e-coupon, which can be redeemed in the nearest 7CAFÉ store.

Moreover, 7CAFÉ has also introduced its two new limited-edition Ginger flavour drinks, Ginger Latte and Ginger Flavoured Milk, which were inspired by the familiar flavours of Hong Kong-style dessert Ginger Milk Curd. The brand is also giving its coffee cups a makeover with an exclusive 600 Stores limited-time design, featuring Gullu Gullu coffee bean characters.

7CAFÉ said that customers can use an e-coupon to try the drinks at a special price of HK$10 until 17 May 2022.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Hong Kong Gen X citizens most likely to own cryptocurrency: report

Hong Kong — Hong Kong has been at the forefront of uncertain sovereign issues, and like countries under such a critical situation, some of its citizens have resorted to investing into alternative assets as a hedge against inflation or subsiding of centralized finance. According to a key finding from a report entitled ‘The Future of Financial Services Report 2022’ by YouGov, most citizens are aware of the existence of cryptocurrency, or 3 out of 5 Hongkongers, but only 20% actually own cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, other key findings from the report reveal that the underlying reason for owning cryptocurrency is most likely as a form of investment. Additionally, Bitcoin, the undisputed forerunner of cryptocurrency, is the most widely owned asset. It is most most popular with Gen X at 71% ownership. Additionally, those ages 55 years old and above are less than likely to be aware of cryptocurrency, with half of them stating they’ve never heard of it.

The report notes that citizens ages 35-44 in Hong Kong are most likely to own cryptocurrency, at 32%, followed by ages 18-34 at ownership rate of 28%. Those in ages 45-54 years old say only 20% of them own crypto, while only 6% of citizens ages 55 years old and above own the asset.

For the top three benefits of cryptocurrency, 70% said it is for investment; 27% reported as convenient way to transfer money; and 20% claimed they used it as a cash to purchase products.

Finally, the top three cryptocurrencies owned by Hongkongers are Bitcoin at 59%, Ethereum at 39%, and Dogecoin at 22%. Hongkongers aged 45-54 are more likely to own Bitcoin, while those aged 35-44 are more likely to own Ethereum. Surprisingly, Hongkongers aged 35-44 are more likely to own the popular meme coin, Dogecoin.