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‘Hello from Singapore’: STB in Malaysia launches new docuseries for future travelers

Jean Cabico - April 22, 2021

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in Malaysia has launched its new docuseries titled ‘Hello from Singapore’, a lineup of stories on how industry players in Singapore are reimagining their businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

‘Hello from Singapore’ is part of the STB’s ongoing effort to allow Malaysians to relive old favorites and discover new experiences through the SingapoReimagine, a major campaign launched by the board to create conversations, stories, and engagement in shaping local  tourism. The new docuseries consists of 10 Singaporean stories from various establishments across different industries such as food, retail, and entertainment.

The first in the docuseries has rolled out last 13 April, featuring Marcus Foo, the managing director of coffee boutique PPP Coffee, while the second episode with David Wee, the founder of vintage store Wee’s Collection was released on 20 April.

In the coming days, viewers will also be able to catch the stories of several industry personalities, including Bella Koh from health and beauty business SLOWHOUSE, Chris Ng from travel agency FootWorks Media, and Andrew Yap from cocktail bar The Old Man Singapore, as well as Benjamin Goh from caviar brand Caviar Colony, among many others.

According to Dawn Ng, the area director of the Singapore Tourism Board in Malaysia and Brunei, the new docuseries is a step forward to ensure Singapore remains an aspirational destination for all as they work towards the safe return of travelers. 

“We want to share a glimpse of how our community is making the best of their everyday lives and reinventing their work as we recover from this pandemic. We hope these stories will give a healthy dose of assurance, inspiration, and seed the desire for future travelers to discover and reimagine Singapore when travel resumes,” said Ng.

A new episode will be released every Tuesday on the “VisitSingapore” Facebook page.