WARC launches new practice to aid brand marketers in e-commerce strategies

Teddy Cambosa - June 22, 2022

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London, United Kingdom – Global marketing insights company WARC has launched a new practice called ‘WARC Digital Commerce’, a platform that brings together analysis, best practices and insights for brand marketers and e-commerce leaders to build digital platform marketing strategies and plan for success.

The new practice is launched alongside parent company Ascential which can allow users to track retail media benchmarks and stay ahead of the market with snackable insights on ad spend, shopper journeys and industry growth.

In addition, WARC Digital Commerce will also feature in-depth, evidence-based reports on major digital commerce platforms including Amazon and Walmart, as well as an assortment of continuously refreshed articles providing a detailed look at the strategies and tactics successful brands are using to grow their brands online and quickly outpace their competitors.

Amin Mrini, VP at WARC Digital Commerce, said, “WARC Digital Commerce is founded on the belief that brand marketing and ecommerce are converging – yet the two disciplines speak different languages and have different metrics for success.”

He added, “With this launch we will provide a clear understanding of how to optimise presence, media investment and use creativity to magnify influence on the major digital platforms and drive sales.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Miller, co-president of Ascential Digital Commerce, and co-founder at Flywheel Digital, commented, “As the worlds of marketing, sales, supply chain, and digital commerce come together, it’s paramount that marketers have a comprehensive understanding of how their brands are showing up and performing on the major retailers.”

He added, “The launch of WARC’s Digital Commerce platform is a gamechanger for brand marketers wanting to understand theirs and their competitors’ latest performance data and gain insights and knowledge that will help grow their brand.”

Following the release of the WARC Digital Commerce platform, WARC has released a report about Amazon titled ‘WARC dComm Index™ on Amazon (Q1 2022)’. In the report, WARC provides marketers with a closer look at how Amazon is evolving its business as well as the challenges and opportunities it offers, along with some key takeaways to help marketers turn data and KPIs into actionable insights.

Gregory Grudzinski, head of content at WARC Digital Commerce, and author of the report, said, “Amazon has recently broadened its focus and leaned into the upper marketing funnel – thereby creating a powerful opportunity for brand marketers to use Amazon for brand building as well as for sales.”