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Thai startup Yindii launches mobile app for discounted food items

Teddy Cambosa - October 20, 2020

Bangkok, ThailandーThai-based food startup Yindii launches a mobile app, in collaboration with local restaurants and cafes, to sell food items at discounted prices, rather than potentially going into waste in an effort to prevent mass food waste produced by restaurants and cafes.

The mobile app, structured around a direct-to-consumer platform, offers “Happy Hour Deals” that are tailored per member restaurant or cafe. Once implemented, users may enjoy 50 to 70% per purchase.

Initial users of the app can avail an early discount for free delivery of their items, albeit limited to the first 100 users and within a 5-kilometer delivery radius.

While primarily focused to combat food waste problems by purchasing excess items, app users may also connect with their favorite restaurants to check on other discounts and savings.

Louis-Alban Batard-Dupre, Yindii founder and tech entrepreneur, expressed a positive note towards the project, reassuring that all food offered are of quality. He also stated that the app is just one of the startup’s ongoing mission to prevent food loss in the community.

“The growing problem of food waste is challenging to solve for endless reasons including logistics, the complexities of short-lived items and the lack of a set market, which is what we are working to help solve – with a simple system for people and restaurants of surplus food to connect and enact”, he stated.

The app is downloadable through Google Play Store and App Store.