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Colgate Malaysia’s latest campaign spotlights ‘power of smile’ against adversity

Malaysia – Colgate in Malaysia has launched a new installment for its global-wide inspirational brand campaign titled ‘Smile Strong’ that seeks to champion positive change within the community, particularly during uncertain times. This new brand film highlights the ‘power of smile’ in the face of adversity.

The latest film tells the story of Malaysian singer, songwriter, and rapper Airliftz, who despite relentless challenges throughout his life brought by his in-born facial deformities, continues to ‘smile strong’. The 24-year-old Kajang artist was born with a nose missing cartilage, making him instantly recognisable by his unconventional appearance.

Developed in collaboration with Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive, the cinematic direction of the film takes the viewer on a journey through Airliftz’s life from childhood, giving a very real insight into what he has faced throughout his life. 

Moreover, about 90% of the film is shot from the back, retracing significant and often heartbreaking moments in his life, until he walks from the dressing room to the stage where he is greeted by thousands of excited fans. The contrasting stories aim to demonstrate how his willpower and determination have broken through societal biases, which ultimately led him to share his passion with the world.

Colgate said that Airliftz’s poignant story was chosen to inspire and remind Malaysians that with perseverance and a positive attitude, we can all achieve great things that can change our life forever.

See Mei Sin, associate marketing director for Oral Care at Colgate-Pamolive, said, “Colgate believes that everyone deserves a future they can smile about – no matter the age, race, gender, or simply one’s looks. It is our hope that Airliftz’ story inspires an optimistic spirit within Malaysians – that there is true power in our smile, regardless of our circumstances.”

Meanwhile, Adrian Miller, chief creative officer at Ogilvy Malaysia, shared that in the toothpaste category, they don’t tend to see much deviation from the norm when it comes to brand storytelling, and so, they always ask themselves how can they bring a fresh perspective to well-trodden territory.

“By keeping the protagonist’s face hidden throughout the commercial and juxtaposing the harsh realities of his past life with the adulation he’s receiving in the present we created a film that will intrigue the viewer. In a world of disposable content, the best we can hope for is for people to watch to the very end and the least we can do is reward them for doing so,” said Miller.

The new film will be running in cinema and digital until December 2022.

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Colgate amplifies sustainability game through introduction of ‘Colley’

Hong Kong – More and more brands are heeding the call for sustainability, and toothpaste brand Colgate is strengthening its commitment to social impact through finally making its toothpaste tubes recyclable. In line with this, the brand has released an engaging campaign that introduces its newly revamped packaging – via the personification of ‘Colley’. 

Through advert shorts, ‘Colley’ is seen as laidback and funny where it says recycling is ‘fun’ except when it’s a ‘joke’ you’re repurposing. The campaign is developed by Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to Colgate-Palmolive brands. 

Called ‘Share the Answers’, the campaign ultimately champions Colgate’s use of HPDE recyclable toothpaste tubes.

“We are committed to [helping] find solutions to the problem plastic represents for the planet. And we want to do it holistically [by] making our products recyclable whilst simultaneously educating people and collaborating with organizations on the ground,” said Yves Briantias, Colgate’s VP of marketing for APAC. 

Regional ECD of Red Fuse Kenny Choo said Colley, the recyclable tube, is full of energy and optimism and will often be found chatting about recyclable plastic with Genny, the animated tube character that is a complete contrast – not recyclable.

Choo said, “We want to help people understand the new technology of Colgate’s recyclable tube in a fun and engaging way, and Colley brings that ‘refreshing’ appeal to the toothpaste category…we feel that these characters will permeate through cultures and across continents for both Colgate and consumers. We have developed content that will appeal to all generations and that will help to encourage more discussion around recycling and sustainable habits.” 

Colgate has actually pledged to design and deliver circular and alternative solutions for all its products as part of its 2025 Sustainability & Social Impact Strategy. 

The present campaign with ‘Colley’ was first launched in Australia and is expected to be adopted across other APAC markets. It has already been rolled out across Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok and will also be including in-store promotions. 

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Colgate PH’s latest #SmileStrong campaign a call to take action no matter the challenge

Manila, Philippines – Following the success of the #SmileStrong campaign launched in 2020, Colgate in the Philippines has launched its latest ad under the campaign, which is a call to action for viewers to have the courage to take action, regardless of life’s challenges.

The previous local campaign featured various personas, namely teacher and motivational speaker and born with down syndrome Brina Maxino, local actress Candy Pangilinan who is mother to a son who has ADHD, and Arizza Nocum, peace advocate and entrepreneur who co-founded KRIS, a non-profit organization promoting peace through education. Said campaign saw the personas share people’s judgments of their capabilities and capped it off with a positive “I smile.”

In this latest ad, Colgate features Marlon Fuentes, a Grab taxi driver who has Tourette syndrome. In it, Fuentes describes that due to his condition, including uncontrollable body movements and twitches, he is easily being judged by many passengers. However, he goes on to say that he can’t just simply shrug off the negative impressions from other people, as he chose to accept who he is.

The campaign’s inspirational tone exudes the campaign’s goal of staying positive, with Fuentes stating that just like how he takes care of his own family, he too can assure his passengers that he will drive them safely to their destination.

“Moving ahead into 2022, the Colgate team are continuing their ambition to deliver real impact on society and elevate equity across borders. In the Philippines the team looked for new personalities to lift the spirits of the nation battered by the ongoing pandemic. The sense of ‘pangiti-ngiti lang’ (just smiling through it) was prevalent, and the team wanted to find true optimists whose spirit would rise above this,” the company said in a press statement.

The campaign was made by Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive.

Speaking about the creative process of the campaign, Dino Ocampo, executive creative director at Red Fuse said that it was a pleasure to highlight the heroism and inner strength of a driver with Tourette’s syndrome, and show how he manages to overcome not only his condition, but the prejudices of those around him. 

He added that Fuentes’ captivating optimism has managed to transform and elevate all of them at the team who were fortunate enough to work with him.

“With the pandemic reaching a critical point in the Philippines throughout the last year, overall community morale was at an all-time low. Trying to push a message of optimism in a time and place where people could barely find a reason to smile, was a challenge,” Ocampo stated.

He added, “Meeting Maron was like a breath of fresh air. He inspired us all. Our talented director Direk Joel Limchoc, was energized by his outlook and really set the tone to build his story in a way that was meaningful to us all and which also aligned to Colgate’s stance on ‘Optimism in Action’.”

Colgate’s #SmileStrong campaign is an ongoing brand campaign which aims to focus on equity advertising by highlighting select people as their ‘muses’ to best represent their vision of creating ‘a future for everyone to smile about’. The campaign itself has been rolled out in the past few years in the region, including in Thailand and Malaysia.

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Colgate Thailand inspires locals ‘to keep a resilient smile’ in new campaign

Bangkok, Thailand – When dealing with tough times, smiles work as affirmations that boost one’s confidence, and with this, Colgate Thailand seeks to encourage the locals to embrace resilient smiles through its newest campaign titled ‘#YimsuGeneration’, following last year’s #Yimsu campaign, which in English translates to ‘smile strong’. 

Created in collaboration with creative agency Soho Square Bangkok and Red Fuse, WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive, the campaign aims to empower Thailand’s generation of today to not only keep smiling but be resilient enough to thrive. 

The latest ‘#YimsuGeneration’ campaign features the true story of Thun-Nitcharee Peneakchanasak, whose life took an unprecedented turn as she lost both of her legs in a train accident at the age of 14. Nevertheless, Thun and her father have not lost the ability to keep smiling and found the strength to pursue a new dream. 

Colgate believes that Thun embodies the Yimsu ideal and becomes the face of a generation hit by soul-crushing crises yet remaining positive and resilient through a difficult time.

Soho Square Bangkok’s Executive Creative Director Andrew Chu shared that this latest campaign from Colgate Thailand aims to strengthen the Yimsu concept laid out by previous campaigns under the same theme.

“By showing Thun’s story, we want to highlight that despite a family or parent’s best interests for their kids, life doesn’t always go as planned, and the most important thing is to never give up. We hope that Thun’s optimism can inspire people of all ages to become more resilient and smile strong through all the challenges they face these days,” said Chu.

Meanwhile, Arisa Ruchirawat, Colgate-Palmolive’s marketing director for Oral Care, commented that since their first #Yimsu campaign last year talking about the power of smiling through adversities, Colgate Thailand has committed to inspiring Thais to embrace the spirit of optimism and resilience to help them get through obstacles in life. 

“We believe that despite whatever happens, with the right perspective and mindset, they will be able to rise above the challenges and build a better future for themselves,” said Ruchirawat.

The campaign is now available in long-form content and TV commercials, along with integrated communications across digital and activation.

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LISTEN: What does Colgate’s first-ever global sonic branding sound like?

London – Branding is a multi-dimensional endeavor, and there could never be too many facets for companies and products to unearth in the goal to serve fresh and ingenious ways of asserting one’s identity. In light of recent developments among brands, it seems that to extract the ‘gem’ in branding is to simply pay attention to one of our God-given senses – our sonic appetite. 

In a new announcement, Colgate has revealed that it will now be joining the earlier adopters of audio branding such as McDonald’s and Intel, to develop its first-ever global sonic identity. 

So how will Colgate sound like? In a feature published on YouTube by MassiveMusic, the international creative music agency in London tapped by the brand to develop its sound, it is said that the audio will simply carry these important elements – strong beat, bright sounds, and ‘surprising moments’. 

Most importantly, it will feature ‘humming’ – which had been decided as the centerpiece of the branding’s ‘big idea’ on ‘Optimism’.

In partnership with its New York team, MassiveMusic shared that in the mid of conceptualization, they have been trying to uncover what ultimately makes a sound ‘optimistic’. Optimism has been Colgate’s core value, never leaving the sight of its campaigns through the years, and it was crucial that the audio embodies it and sounds like it. 

This is in turn has motivated the team to turn to the power of science. According to MassiveMusic, they spoke and worked with academics, ethnomusicologists, and neuroscientists, and at the end of their research, they have been directed to one simple but authentic signifier of positivity – the human hum. 

In the same feature, viewers are taken to the first listen of the sonic identity – an upbeat and cheery hum – that would go in sync with the smile visual animation in the Colgate logo. 

The sonic identity consists of a blend of both female and male tones, and the sonic logo was meticulously recorded in such a way as to sound “very real, close, and natural.” 

The choice of key was also based on research, selecting the ‘D Major’ which is widely accepted as optimistic in nature. The agency said the choice of notation and the portmanteau bend towards the end of the sonic logo was also deliberately thought of to create an activating feeling without being overbearing. 

Roscoe Williamson, global creative strategy director at MassiveMusic, shared that the biggest challenge of the project was its complex nature – the need to create a system of branded ‘watermarked’ music, stemming from a sonic DNA that would be adopted by more than 200 countries and across a broad range of platforms and mediums. 

“And so we created a sonic architecture that could handle this complexity and an overarching aesthetic to the new Colgate music and sound that has universal appeal. To do this, we worked with a team of academics and experts and were able to define music and sound cues that throughout history have represented optimism. These cues are at the heart of Colgate’s new sonic brand and have enabled a flexible system that represents the optimistic nature of the brand in a highly distinctive and holistic way,” said Williamson. 

Meanwhile, Jared Richardson, global head of design at Colgate, commented, “It really was an incredible experience developing the sound of Colgate with MassiveMusic. The process, collaboration, and outcome were fascinating and really enjoyable. The result is a strategically valuable asset that will play out across our global marketing campaigns. We look forward to continuing developing this side of our brand.”

The new sonic brand will be rolled out across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa-Eurasia, and Asia. 

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February’s Top 5 stories: A consumer brand’s campaign takes reign

Jumping off the icebreaker of the year, the list this February is another group of brands showcasing innovation and over-the-top creativity. Three out of five are marketing campaigns hailing from Malaysia, with one region-wide; while stories of new leadership appointments, with new hires tasked to take the helm of an Asia-wide team, continue to inspire this month. 

Based on Google Analytics from 16 January to15 February, here are the top 5 stories for February.  

Top 5: SUBPLACE’s ‘Founder Story’ campaign 

When SUBPLACE launched in December, it became the first-of-its-kind, offering an all-in-one marketplace for products on a subscription-based service. In order to encourage merchants to hop on the said business model, it rolled out its ‘Founder story’ campaign

The unique proposition that SUBPLACE offers pushed it to similarly offer innovative marketing strategies. In the ‘Founder story’ campaign, it roped in the founders and CEOs of five of its partner brands to talk about each of their brand stories and why they chose the subscription model. The brands featured were probiotic drink Yakult, health and wellness retail chain store, Ogawa, and intimate health and aesthetic clinic, Clinic Rui, among others. 

SUBPLACE CEO Mak WH shared to MARKETECH APAC, “We invited our biz partners to be storytellers, to talk about why they chose to adopt the subscription model in these challenging times, and what their inspiration for doing so was. Through these short features, we also introduce the subscription business model to viewers and convey how this model differs from other business models through first-hand accounts from business owners,” said Mak.

Top 4: dentsu announces new chief growth officer for CXM

Global media and marketing network dentsu international is continuously bolstering its leadership, unveiling veteran hires from time to time; and for its customer experience management business in APAC, it has appointed digital and tech veteran, Rachel Ooi, as its chief growth officer.

Prior to joining dentsu, Ooi has worked for professional services company Accenture as managing director for Industry X.0, the firms’ digital and tech solutions for businesses; and for multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE) as general manager for the ASEAN enterprise sales, as well as leading GE’s Ecosystem Alliance for the APAC region.

For her role, she will be responsible for bolstering dentsu’s CXM regional footprint through new business and organic growth, working closely with the leads of the network’s Media and Creative divisions on integrated opportunities. 

In an exclusive conversation with Ooi, she said that the pandemic has turned the CXM landscape around, where everyone is transiting to a ‘Digital Genesis’ era. 

“In the past, database marketing is the way to go, direct marketing is the way to go. [Right now], we’re talking about leveraging not just on technology, data, but also enhanced creativity, working closely with the ecosystem,” noted Ooi. 

“Here in dentsu, even Merkle, we aim to achieve [and differentiate] by giving competitive advantage to brands and clients. We do that by having a different perspective, no longer just advertising, marketing in siloes, sales, and commerce; we look at it as a full perspective [on] how we can be a strategic partner to clients.” 

Top 3: Creative tech development company Adaptis appoints seasoned business development executive Joven Barceñas as head of growth

Joven Barceñas, former head of advertising and sponsorship sales at Lighthouse Independent Media, the publisher of Singapore-based Marketing Magazine, has been named as head of growth at Adaptis

Adaptis is a collective of digital development studios strategically located in Europe and Southeast Asia, providing experience-led technical capabilities to global clients. 

With the role, Barceñas will be responsible for growing the business of the firm through business development and marketing, as well as improving processes within the function. 

Having almost a decade of experience in media, marketing, and technology, Barceñas shared that he chose to further focus on the latter as the industry of technology keeps on evolving and that he aims to be in an environment that presents consistent innovative offerings to improve results for clients.  

“In my current role at Adaptis, I was very fortunate to have been working with very talented people in technology development, and I’m learning a lot about UX, UI, and how machine learning or AI works,” he said. 

Top 2:Kingdom Digital delivers 300 personalized digital ‘thank you’ cards for its 2020 wrap up

Social and content agency Kingdom Digital in Malaysia exercised its expertise in social media and digital creatives when it went the extra mile for its 2020 year-ender special, delivering and publishing over 300 personalized ‘thank you’ cards, to clients, media partners, and employees.  

In the form of 8-second clips, the agency curated a sincere and unique message for each receiver, all posted and published on its Facebook and Instagram Stories. 

Its Head of Strategy Edmund Lou let us in on the agency’s conceptualization process for the initiative, sharing that the team decided to push through with it, knowing how digital cards increased in popularity during limited physical contact at the middle of the pandemic. 

Lou said the team had to appoint designated writers and make use of a proprietary system, Digital Creative Automation (DCA), in order to pull off the moving banners which required 170 varied visuals and copy. 

Top 1: Colgate’s ‘Made for Greatness campaign’

The top story for this month can be considered as a dark horse in its own right–Colgate’s ‘Made for greatness’ campaign which was first released a little while back – in November 2020 – and coming through the ranks, garnering the most views for the month. 

The campaign is for its hardworking formula, Colgate Total, where it featured professional climber and Academy Award-winning documentary director, Jimmy Chin. The spot shows Chin climbing an arduous mountain, but succeeding in the end, bringing the message of strength and ‘greatness’ in tandem with the Colgate brand. 

In an exclusive conversation, Lyndon Morant, Colgate-Palmolive’s regional marketing director, shared that the theme of greatness came about in answering the question “Why did we make Colgate Total?”

“The answer is that we designed [it] for those people, for whom the highest grade [and] the highest performance in everything that they use makes [a] difference,” he said. 

Watch the live report of the top stories for the month on our YouTube channel, where we give you exclusive appearances from the newsmakers themselves.

This is in collaboration with Malaysia-based media company The Full Frontal.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia extends partnership with Ogilvy

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Following a successful partnership with Ogilvy Malaysia on the back of its inspirational ‘Smile Strong Bersama’ campaign in 2020, Colgate-Palmolive in the country has extended its remit with the agency.  

The appointment will see Ogilvy undertake strategic and creative communications, digital, and social media duties throughout 2021 across all Colgate-Palmolive’s business including its oral care and home care brands such as Colgate, Softlan, and Elmex. 

Edith Marquez-Reyes, marketing director of Colgate-Palmolive for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei, said that due to the successful run of the ‘Smile Strong Bersama’ campaign, the company has gained confidence to hand the marketing business of its entire portfolio of brands to the agency this year.

“We believe Ogilvy is one of the best creative agencies for us to collaborate and together, we can continuously drive growth for our brands in Malaysia,” said Marquez-Reyes.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of Ogilvy Malaysia, Nizwani Shahar, commented, “Colgate-Palmolive carries some of the most iconic brands that can be found in almost every household across the globe. We are so proud to be able to work with these brands alongside the Colgate-Palmolive team who have shown they are willing to take calculated risks to make their brands matter.”

Ogilvy will be driving Colgate-Palmolive’s business in Malaysia in collaboration with Red Fuse, an integrated global WPP Team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive worldwide.

In November, Red Fuse has also launched a uniform region-wide campaign in Asia, ‘Made for Greatness’, partnering with Academy Award-winning documentary director Jimmy Chin for its Colgate Total brand. 

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PH installment of Colgate’s #SmileStrong campaign highlights optimism in special individuals

Manila, Philippines – The Colgate brand has been doubling down on its global-wide advertising campaigns, where its optimism-themed #SmileStrong campaign released just recently in Southeast Asia market Malaysia. Today, another region-bound country, the Philippines, has officially announced its installment of the campaign, where the specific Colgate arm decided to spotlight on the optimistic attitude among individuals with special needs.

Three individuals are the protagonists of the Filipino ad spots – teacher and motivational speaker and born with down syndrome Brina Maxino, local actress Candy Pangilinan who is mother to a son who has ADHD, and Arizza Nocum, peace advocate and entrepreneur who co-founded KRIS, a non-profit organization promoting peace through education.

Much like the Malaysian campaign, the ambassadors in the spot states a recurring statement of “When they say…I smile,” where they share people’s judgments of their capabilities and capping it off with a positive “I smile.”

Colgate Philippines, in a press statement, shared that with the local implementation of the global advocacy, it hopes to make the same big impact that other #SmileStrong campaigns in other key markets have generated, which is “an increase of brand love and loyalty among consumers.”

The country’s Marketing Director Ari Mandelbaum speaks of how the ad aims to break the false positivity in “Filipino resilience” and inspire “optimism in action” instead.

“The common Filipino’s ‘resilience’ has constantly been held up as a shining character trait even in the face of natural disasters, violent conflict, poverty, and a number of deep-seated societal issues,” he said.

However, Mandelbaum added, “A growing number of people are seeing ‘The Filipino Resilience’ as a glorified coping mechanism, seemingly resigned to just powering through adversities with a mindset to live just to survive each day. At Colgate, we believe that it takes more than optimism to power through the challenges of today, thus launching #SmileStrong where we encourage Filipinos to believe and uphold the power of ‘optimism in action.’”

Together with Colgate-Palmolive’s global creative partner Red Fuse, which is advertising and communications company WPP’s integrated global team, the brand in the Philippines has tapped another WPP network – integrated marketing communications firm SOHO Square, its local arm – to bring the local rendition to fruition.

Caloy Sambrano, managing partner at SOHO Square Philippines said, “As an agency, we have developed and implemented various equity campaigns in the past, but we must say that this Colgate #SmileStrong campaign is one, if not the most, important campaign that we have ever done. We wanted each and every Filipino to feel inspired and relate to the stories of our muses especially when they see the contents that we put out.”

Following the global campaign’s wide marketing strategy, Colgate Philippines will be releasing integrated communications across digital and public relations, where activations in partnership with muses Arizza, Candy, and Brina will be run until 2021.

Aside from the #SmileStrong campaign, Colgate-Palmolive has earlier piloted its “Made for Greatness” campaign in Thailand, featuring professional climber and Academy Award-winning documentary director Jimmy Chin. The campaign is said to be progressively rolled out across Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia & New Zealand.

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First, adversity, next, greatness: Colgate ramps up ad campaign starting with Thailand

Thailand – Colgate has released a new campaign in Thailand for Colgate Total, its high-performance toothpaste product, where the ad spotlights “greatness,” featuring professional climber and Academy Award-winning documentary director Jimmy Chin.

Titled “Made for Greatness,” the campaign comes after Colgate’s recent release of the #SmileStrong campaign in various markets such as ANZ, Philippines, and in Malaysia, where it has been locally adapted as #SmileStrongBersama, where Bersama means together. The said campaign displayed the main theme of optimism amid challenges and prejudices in life.

For the current one, Colgate has decided to move to feature the message of “greatness,” matching the extra hardworking anti-bacterial formula of its Colgate Total. 

Chin is known for his numerous climbing expeditions in different countries such as China, Pakistan, and Nepal. In 2019, his documentary chronicling a rock climber’s journey won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Displaying the brand’s color palette of Red and White, the ad shows Chin attempting an arduous mountain. In the middle of the climb, he is seen taking a break and refreshing using Colgate Total. 

The creative brain behind the campaign is Red Fuse, global communications company WPP’s integrated global team for Colgate-Palmolive. 

The campaign will be progressively rolled out across Singapore, Malaysia, Australia & New Zealand within the next few weeks.

Colgate’s Regional Marketing Director Lyndon Morant said, “Now, more than ever, people have a stronger resolve when it comes to the world becoming a better place for all. This campaign really shows a turning point – not just for Colgate Total – but for the category as a whole that we can move into a broader, richer territory to connect with people in a way that our category hasn’t done before. Greatness is about demanding more every single day, and that’s the exact attitude we bring to Colgate Total.”

Outside of the film, the campaign also includes integrated communications across out-of-home, digital & eCommerce, and in-store displays.

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Colgate MY inspires to #SmileStrongBersama in new campaign

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Colgate, alongside creative agency Ogilvy Malaysia, has launched an inspirational brand campaign titled #SmileStrongBersama, championing positive change within the community particularly during uncertain times.

The campaign, where Bersama means together, features “champions of optimism” CEO of social enterprise Biji-Biji Initiative Juliana Adam, CEO and Founder of Jazz Tan Yee Mei, Founder and Executive Director of Refuge for the Refugees Heidy Quah, and Bunga, an up-and-coming Hijabi rapper and musician in Malaysia.

In the ad, each of them says a statement of “When they say…,” sharing judgments experienced within their advocacies and capping it off with the campaign’s chorus “…I smile.”

Marketing Director of Colgate for Malaysia Amanda Klemm said the brand desires to celebrate those who choose to smile in the face of corrosive pessimism. 

“When faced with uncertainty and negativity, everyone has a choice. A choice to back down to fear or helplessness or to choose to let your positivity shine through. One of the ultimate expressions of optimism is a smile. The power in a smile can change the trajectory of someone’s day, it can elevate the mood of a room, it can create uplifting energy,” said Klemm.

Meanwhile, Ogilvy Malaysia Chief Executive Nizwani Shahar said, “The harsh reality of the unforeseeable future has left Malaysians anxious and lost. But some people have smiles that are strong enough to inspire the community. Creators, doers, and game-changers who lead with optimism and harness the power of a smile to promote change. We want to tell their stories to the Malaysian people and invite them to join our efforts and #SmileStrongBersama and spread positivity throughout our communities.”

The campaign was created in partnership with Red Fuse, the integrated global team of communications agency WPP, dedicated to Colgate-Palmolive.

The campaign will showcase long-form content for each of the “champions,” along with integrated communications across TV, digital, in-store, e-commerce, and public relations. In addition, a “Donate a Smile” web platform will provide a means for people to make a change together with the #SmileStrongBersama champions. A dedicated Instagram filter has also been rolled out to “capture smiles” and encourage users to share on their Instagram stories. For every 5 smiles collected, Colgate will send a “Box of Smiles” to the marginalized communities and refugees of Malaysia.

The campaign runs from 27 October 2020 onwards as a continuous and enduring multi-year campaign.