Kantar Australia launches new cookie-less brand measurement tool for CTV, podcasts

Teddy Cambosa - March 11, 2021

Sydney, Australia – Data analytics and brand consulting company Kantar in Australia has announced the launch of a new cookie-less brand efficiency measurement solution catered to connected television (CTV) and podcast brands.

The brand measurement tool was unveiled under Kantar’s Project Moonshot initiative, which establishes direct data integrations with global digital publishers and apps and provides advertisers with cookieless and privacy-centric methodologies to measure ad effectiveness. 

The tool, aside from being integrated into Kantar’s Brand Lift study which measures impact of media content based on consumer perception, allows publishers and advertisers to gather insights based on exposure data from permitted panelists in an anonymized and privacy-compliant way. Kantar’s proprietary approach uses deterministic exposure data from partner publishers combined with probabilistic approaches to convert household data like from a CTV to an individual person exposure.

According to Mark Henning, Kantar Australia’s executive director of media and digital, Kantar’s innovative new solution is playing a vital and leading role in ensuring continuity of measurement services in the impending post-cookie world. 

“This all shows that the digital ad world is getting tougher to target and measure. In the cookieless world, passive and deterministic data alone are no longer sufficiently comprehensive for effectiveness measurement across all digital platforms. Leveraging both permitted deterministic and probabilistic approaches in a hybrid capacity provides the most reliable and cost-effective way to capture a complete picture of campaign performance and a deeper well for divining useful insights,” Henning stated.

He also notes that using a range of integration approaches depending on publisher capabilities, brands can match the Kantar Profiles Network panelists directly with publisher ecosystem users in a privacy-compliant way.

“This enables us to ingest campaign level exposure data for matched panelists/publisher users without cookies, then consolidate and reconcile exposure data across publishers and platforms to provide a holistic picture of Brand Lift performance. It gives us something powerful to connect with technology back to individuals in a faster, more scalable, and streamlined way,” Henning concluded.