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Insurance company IndiaFirst Life to use mCanvas’ face-recognition tech for World Smile Day ad

- October 8, 2020

Mumbai, India – Celebrating the World Smile Day, India-based insurance company IndiaFirst Life has unveiled a campaign that would use mobile ad solutions mCanvas’ face-recognition technology.

The company will be using the new “Stories” ad format by mCanvas that would feature eye-catching text, photos, animations, gifs and videos.

The users start by browsing the IndiaFirst Life’s website on their mobile phones where they would see organic content, followed by sponsored ads as they swipe through. As they reach the copy: “When it comes to living a full life, protecting your happiness is essential!,”, a click-to-action (CTA) “Find out how” button enables the phone’s front camera. With the user’s permission, the user would be able to see their face on screen and see a message “That’s why we’d like to give you a reason to smile!’ that would prompt them to smile.” 

Their smile would then be detected that would trigger a smiley to appear on the screen and show IndiaFirst Life’s brand message “Iss Smile ko protect karna toh certain hai”, which means “To protect this smile is to be certain.” Finally, a “Know more” CTA button would appear which leads the user to the landing page to provide more information on the insurance policies.

IndiaFirst Life’s Chief Marketing Officer Sonia Notani, expressed her excitement about their brand’s collaboration with MCanvas.:

“Using ‘World Smile Day’ to further strengthen our brand proposition, we have partnered with mCanvas to bring this innovative ad on mobile to engage with our target audience. We are excited to explore mCanvas’ newest ad format – Stories.”

According to mCanvas Director Indrani Khanvilkar, “We are glad to see that this ad format has worked well for IndiaFirst Life and enriched the overall brand experience.”

mCanvas is a storytelling ad platform which creates sensory mobile web ads that effectively connect brands with their audiences. By utilizing the mobile device sensor and its other features, mCanvas experiences interactive and memorable.