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Martech firm FreakOut ties up with AI video solutions GliaCloud to offer in-stream advertising in Vietnam

- October 7, 2020

Vietnam – Tokyo-based marketing tech firm FreakOut has collaborated with video solutions provider GliaCloud to offer in-stream advertising to the Vietnamese market within an out-stream price point.

Through GliaCloud’s AI technology GliaStudio, FreakOut has already started collaborating in the Vietnam market and reform its video ad solution.

According to a press release by GliaCloud, the collaboration offers advertisers an excellent advantage on in-stream advertising. As more high-quality videos are produced via the AI technology, advertisers can generate more qualified leads and increase in-view rate by up to 4x longer at their site.

In a statement by FreakOut Vietnam’s Country Manager Sky Chen: “To enrich user experience is getting more and more important for publishers. This collaboration enables not only to help the textbase online publishers to transform into video content publishers but also the monetization.,” 

According to GliaCloud CEO David Chen, the collaboration has brought the technology closer to its targeted market. Chen also expressed his delight about GliaCloud’s AI video solutions being beneficial to the advertisers and publishers in Vietnam.

“The collaboration with industry experts like FreakOut has brought our technology closer to the targeted market. We are thrilled to witness our AI video solution has proven beneficial to the advertisers and publishers in Vietnam,” Chen said.

FreakOut’s products include data management platform (DMP) for data analysis and demand side platform (DSP) which tracks internet advertising inventory transactions. FreakOut also provides Real-Time Biting (RTB) to analyze the browsing information of web users.