In-game ad firm Bidstack extends market with new local, global tie-ups

London, United Kingdom – In-game advertising company Bidstack recently announced a new partner network with media partner platform Httpool and elite esports service agency GIMA Esports in the hopes of broadening up relationships to more brands and media platforms internationally.

Httpool’s partnership will mean an exclusive commercial focus on the Indian market. With a diverse portfolio of media partners and brands internationally, Bidstack aims at localizing its market expansion within the Indian esports culture.

On the other hand, GIMA Esports’ inclusion means a more diversified launch platform for Bidstack, offering services such as media partnerships, influencer, and brand activation. The esports agency has been responsible for maintaining esport relationships across US and MENA, with brands such as Twitch, Riot Games, and Hyper X joining their growing client portfolio.

Since the global pandemic started, advertisers have since then shifted their focus to gaming and esports channels as a viable marketing stream. With this, Bidstack hopes that such partner networks would help marketers create brand-safe and relevant ad campaigns within the esports culture.

“Shifts in media consumption globally are making it harder for advertisers to reach their audiences and there has been a significant industry-wide discussion about how these changes could be here to stay,” said Yasin Dabhelia, Bidstack’s global demand partnerships director.

As for Httpool, Amit Gupta, managing partner for Httpool India stated, “Marketers today are increasingly focussing on gaming and esports as a marketing channel. This has become even more obvious during lockdowns. And so, partnering with Bidstack has come at the right time. It creates an opportunity for us to actively participate in the discussion around how to activate the gaming space in the most authentic way and figure out the best ways to talk to gamers”.

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