Hepmil Creators’ Network to offer reserved media in Southeast Asia

Singapore – Southeast Asia media service Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN) is now the first in the region to offer an inventory of reserved media on Youtube, including that of Esports and gaming channels to brands. 

This comes about from a partnership with US-based digital media company Bent Pixels, which owns the sales rights through its long-term partnership with YouTube.

The company also owns an independent influencer network in the US with a portion of its content creators emanating from major Esports organizations.  

The new offering currently expands HCN’s services, which was launched in April 2020 as a subsidiary of Hepmil Media Group, mainly to help brands connect with comic creators in the region. 

Hepmil Media Group CEO Karl Mak explains that with reserved media, SEA brands can now purchase advertising spaces on specific channels by their favorite creators across multiple countries from one single point of contact. 

He added, “they will fully own the advertising spaces on select channels during the engagement period without interference from competing advertisements, thus improving targeting efforts and optimizing media budget.”

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