Entropia and UMW’s Virtual Museum gets a nod at International VR Awards

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Entropia Extended Reality (EXR) and UMW’s interactive virtual museum has captured the judges’ attention at the Fourth International VR Awards 2020, where they were announced as a finalist in the VR Social Impact Award category – granted to companies or individuals that produce and execute either an experience, product and or service which has rendered a significant social impact on the world around them. 

The virtual awards ceremony will be held in November 2020, and EXR’s GALERIKU – A VR MUSEUM LIKE NO OTHER will compete with three other finalists in the category: Washington-based AARP Innovation Labs’ Alcove; Russian TV’s VR film by school students, Lessons of Auschwitz; and the UK’s East City Films & Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s VR documentary, Some Inattention On The Left. 

Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia and head of EXR, commented: “A nod from the Global VR Awards is a tremendous honor for us, and as one of only a few Asian finalists in the nominees’ list, we are truly overwhelmed to be named among renowned players like Accenture, Oculus, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.” 

VR has revolutionized our online experiences in the last few years – from browsing to playing, shopping, and learning, and the technology keeps evolving. 

Ramakrishnan CN, partner at Entropia and head of EXR

“EXR is in a perfect position to illustrate challenging concepts to lay-persons and experts alike, and the Galeriku project presented us with an exciting opportunity to reimagine the UMW Group’s history in a VR experience like no other and educating the future generations.”, said, Ramakrishnan.

The immersive experience offers users the six degrees of freedom to move through UMW’s memories by flipping through the founder’s diary and teleport from one scenario to the next. Amongst other things, it showcases many artifacts from his days starting out, including the first Toyota Corolla KE 10 assembled by UMW in 1968, and the first Komatsu bulldozer. It is topped with a fully immersive education about the Rolls Royce engine casing manufacturing and assembly by UMW right here in Malaysia. 

Badrul Rahman, General Manager, Group Corporate Communications at UMW, added: “We are elated to receive this acknowledgment from the VR Awards. We’ve built the UMW brand for over a century, so there’s an incredible amount of history here, and EXR has helped us to preserve our most important achievements for future generations. Utilizing the barrier-breaking technologies of XR, our collaboration has injected new life into the brand’s journey, through an immersive VR experience that is both educational and informative.” 

EXR is an accredited member of AIXR (The Academy of International Extended Reality), the independent not-for-profit trade body for the immersive industry, and hosts of the VR Awards, which recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievement in the global VR industry.

UMW’s Galeriku- A VR Museum like no other 
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