ANZ, SG consumer markets show mixed behaviors on post-pandemic holiday preps: report

Teddy Cambosa - October 22, 2020

Singapore – Consumers within the Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) and Singapore markets have shown mixed consumer behaviors with the upcoming holiday seasons, a report from advertising analytics company Blis showed.

The study focused on three indicators that reported greater impact on consumer behavior during the global pandemic crisis. These include geographical location, modifications to mobility, and the psychological need for interaction.

ANZ showed contrasting consumer behavior in going out of their homes. Australia tallied 41% of the respondents that showed caution during June this year, albeit the rate has since then changed to 26% in September. On the other hand, New Zealand carried greater confidence at going outside, with a 54% rate in June, albeit slightly dropping to 49% in September due to resurgence of new cases in the country.

About 41% of the respondents in Singapore, on the other hand, wanted to leave their houses with 21%  stating that they are cautious.

In terms of mobility behavior, Singapore demonstrated greater confidence for public transport mobility, with 32% showing positive notes, while ANZ clocked 21% and 26% respectively in terms of mobility confidence. The study noted that effective lockdown measures are a prime cause of these consumer markets showing greater confidence in going outside.

When it comes to psychological behavior, New Zealanders reflected a higher percentage of taking the risk to visit food-related establishments, such as restaurants and bars, which tallied a 46% response rate. On the other hand, Australia and Singapore had less confidence to eat outside, with a 35% and 31% response rate respectively.

As the holiday season is fastly approaching, the ANZ market reported greater interest in spending their festive shopping at a physical store (AU, 33%; NZ 36%) yet have mixed views on spending limit (NZ: same amount as last year, AU: less spending). On the other hand, Singapore showed uncertainty whether they will shop in-store or online, yet showed behavior of shopping earlier for the festivities.