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This plant-based meat brand says that if a T-rex loves their products, so do humans

This plant-based meat brand says that if a T-rex loves their products, so do humans
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Singapore – With the global plant-based food market continuing to grow, First Pride, a company that sells plant-based products as alternatives to meat ones, has launched a quirky campaign to promote alternative ways of enjoying meat without harming the environment–through an ad with a dinosaur named Tony the T-Rex.

The ad, conceptualised with UltraSuperNew Singapore, shows the mind-changing experience from the first bite of First Pride plant-based products—symbolising how those averse to plant-based will discover a new taste sensation. And for meat-lovers, if T-Rex loves it, mere humans will too.

Speaking about the campaign launch, Pimphika Rungarpajaratkul, APAC brand manager, at FIRST PRIDE, said, “The real barrier of the plant-based category is taste and texture, causing anyone who enters the category to lapse. We work with a goal to break the stereotype of plant-based, and innovate our products from a unique substrate made from wheat, soy and citrus fibre for a meat-like texture together with 3-step coating innovation to ensure maximum crispiness. 

She added, “We’re extremely confident in our product. So what’s left is a great marketing campaign. UltraSuperNew was able to deliver an attractive, exciting and relevant creative communication platform – even better than we were expecting.” 

Meanwhile, Edric Cheong, senior copywriter at UltraSuperNew, commented, “It’s rare to work on something that is revolutionary as plant-based nuggets, especially with partners who understand the value of creativity, and an actor of Tony’s calibre.”

The ‘NuggetVerse’ ad is currently running across FTA TV and radio channels in English and Mandarin, on OOH media, and across digital and social channels in Singapore and Malaysia. The campaign will run until 31 December, with media handled by IPG Thailand (UM).

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