This online platform lets filmmakers book locations for their film projects


Singapore – Renowned Singaporean filmmaker Lincoln Lin, known for multiple awards in Mumbai International Film Festival and Singapore World International Film Festival, has launched a global platform Filmplace, which provides filmmakers booking options for filming locations.

Filmplace is the Singaporean filmmaker’s first foray into business where the platform also aims to help the local community in earning revenue for their home spaces.

Through the platform, filmmakers can source for film locations within minutes rather than spending days with a fixer or location manager. Users are able to source locations from anywhere in the world.

“With Filmplace, the production companies can book venues for a few hours or even minutes within their fingertips and there is transparent pricing that is negotiable. In addition to that, there are fresh locations daily that these companies can choose from,” the company said in a press statement.

Filmplace has already been rolled out in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea with a supporting office in India. 

“Currently, production companies need to hire a location manager which costs $300-$500 per day to nail down a couple of locations. The companies will then need to receive the locations, so it is very labor-intensive and manual,” Lin commented.

According to Lin, homeowners can monetize their home spaces in the platform where hosts can earn $500 -$2000 for a month, or around $800 per 10 hours, a contrast to earnings from the booking platform Airbnb, where homeowners earn $50-80 per night.

Singapore filmmaker Lincoln Lin, who is also the CEO of Filmplace

In order to get someone’s space enlisted on the Filmplace platform, users must sign up and provide needed information such as pictures of the location that’s going to be listed and the pricing for the company to verify. 

Having reached more than 1600 users, the company said they are beginning to roll out more incentives and convenience for registered hosts.

From 1 January to 28 February 2021, venue owners and homeowners can enjoy reduced service fees from Filmplace for every booking. Regular hosts will be charged a 5% service fee instead of 12% and Pro Hosts will be charged a 3% service fee down from 9%.

With the Pro Host program, space and homeowners can enjoy getting their location featured more prominently on Filmplace. A tier-based rewards system will be introduced sometime mid-2021 so the more bookings that a host gets, the more discount they can enjoy on service fees from Filmplace.

Filmplace will also roll out a mobile app version of its platform this year .

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