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The Parentinc brings in ex-Unilever Rahul Welde as new board member

Singapore – The Parentinc, the Singapore-headquartered parent-tech company focused on building content, community, and commerce solutions for pregnant women and young mothers in SEA, has appointed ex-Unilever Rahul Welde as Independent Non-Executive Director to its board. 

At Unilever, Welde was formerly the Executive Vice President of Global Digital Transformation where he led digital strategy and execution for the Unilever brands. He brings with him over 30 years of experience in the global fast-moving consumer goods sector. 

Roshni Mahtani Cheung, Group CEO and Founder of The Parentinc, said, “I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Rahul to The Parentinc board. Rahul’s exceptional knowledge in building and growing brands and his expertise at the intersection of content and commerce are highly relevant in our mission to serve the needs of our community of parents and of our clients in the mother and child space. We look forward to Rahul’s invaluable contribution as we continue to realise our mission and drive profitable growth.”

In April 2022, The Parentinc, which owns and operates theAsianparent and Mama’s Choice, content and community platform and D2C brand for parents respectively, closed its Series D fundraising round with new shareholders East Ventures, Central Retail Corp., and LINE SEA Corp.

Welde commented, “I have watched Roshni and the team from the early days when The Parentinc was just a media publisher for young parents in Singapore. Over the years, I have seen its transformation and expansion, now with presence in six countries across Southeast Asia.”

He added, “I am impressed with the progress and how the team continues to leverage technology, growing its community and creating great content. It is an incredible accomplishment that theAsianparent has the largest community of parents in Southeast Asia, now reaching seven out of 10 young digital mothers across the region. Building a fast-growing commerce line, Mama’s Choice is an exciting new frontier. I am delighted to be a part of the next phase of their growth story.” 

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theAsianparent is now offering first 1P data ad solutions for mom, child brands

Singapore – theAsianparent, the parenting content and community platform under the parent-tech company, The Parentinc, has launched its first-party data insights and activation services called ‘ADvantage’. This offers a breakthrough solution to mum and child brands, amidst industry upheaval over third-party cookies fast becoming a thing of the past.

Akshay Trivedi, chief commercial officer at The Parentinc, noted, “This monumental change aside, we’ve seen how businesses in the past few years have been moving towards performance over-amplification. By launching this service, we are able to fast-track that movement for our partner brands, towards advertising efficacy and efficiency through tailor-made campaigns.” 

With theAsianparent having a wealth of tools, resources, and forums across parenthood stages and a robust data science team, the platform is able to convert meaningful data into streamlined, customised user experiences. Helping its brand partners thrive in a privacy-safe ecosystem, this process now also produces refreshingly relevant and action-packed advertising.

Beginning with highly valuable, reliable 1P data plus custom research such as polls and surveys, theAsianparent and brands work together to devise strategies and goals per customer segment—maximising scale, improving campaign performance, and reducing ad wastage. Going beyond demographics and device, customer clustering can also be based on: parenting stage and milestone moments; consumer lifestyle and interests; and brand affinity and product inquiry, amongst others, which is based on over 50 data points. Bespoke activation features such as sequential messaging and mid-flight analysis for campaign course correction and content enhancement are also offered.

Roshni Mahtani Cheung, The Parentinc Group’s CEO and founder, shared that data, products for parents by parents, and engaging with their community at every turn, have long given them the confidence to say, ‘We know SEA mums’. 

“We experience firsthand how the depth of this data leads us to understand today’s mums—their concerns offline, [and] their habits online. These, combined with the soft knowledge that’s beyond hard numbers and patterns, guide our decisions. We are happy to be able to offer this service to our brand partners; while, very importantly, continuing to keep user data safety paramount,” said Cheung.

Meanwhile, Malena Gong, theAsianparent’s VP for product and partnerships, said, “Our 1P data-based ad solutions ensure that brand action is maximised at every stage of the marketing funnel. The advantage is seen well before roll-out, targeting only the most relevant set within an already relevant audience. At the advocacy level, the forums are already set up, where mums can easily share their brand experiences with the community.”

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theAsianparent launches PH campaign to fight vaccine misinformation

Philippines – Community platform theAsianparent and immunization-champion moms, ‘Team BakuNanay’, with the support of Sanofi and other community partners, continue the movement to fight vaccine misinformation in the country with its nationwide campaign entitled, ‘Building a BakuNation’.

The campaign’s aim is to create a scaled-up version of its predecessor, the Team BakuNanay vaccine confidence campaign. BakuNanay stands for BAKUNA NANAY, representing a group of active moms from theAsianparent community who believe that vaccines are indeed effective and can help to protect their family from diseases.

Team BakuNanay was a result of a 2020 poll conducted by theAsianparent on their app, which found that 45% of Pinoy moms refused to have their children vaccinated by their pediatricians due to their fear of possible vaccine side effects. Within a year after launching, the Team BakuNanay community grew from 85 members to more than 9,000; positive sentiment increased by 15%, and 70% of Filipino mothers have agreed to have their children vaccinated according to a follow-up poll by theAsianparent.

According to Carla Perlas, VP for Communications at theAsianparent, “Health is a love language,” as she takes pride in how the campaign continues to go onward and upward and supports theAsianparent’s mission to help parents have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy families.

This time, through the Building a BakuNation campaign, the goal is to leverage the success of Team BakuNanay and continue its strong desire to keep children and communities safe by fighting vaccine misinformation in the country. In Building a BakuNation, parents can learn more about diseases and their impact, share their experiences on vaccine use for their kids, ask questions, and give and receive advice from others. During the online media launch hosted by Community Manager of Team BakuNanay and Davao-based BakuNanay herself, Ara Casas-Tumuran, parents, media friends, noted guests, and viewers from all over the country were introduced to the Building a BakuNation campaign with lots of engaging videos, trivia, Q&A, and exciting contests.

Head of Content, theAsianparent, Candice Venturanza, also extends her appreciation to the Team BakuNanay community as they strive to help drive the movement for spreading the right and factual information on vaccines, and stressed to viewers that parents should provide vaccines just like how food is important to their kids.

theAsianparent - sanofi
theAsianparent team with community partner Sanofi

With an inspiring video pledge featuring moms from across the nation and speaking their local dialects, to various support from private and public organizations such as Sanofi, Department of Health (DOH) and various parenting communities, Building a BakuNation’s aim is to acquire 750,000 pledges by the end of 2022. This highly inclusive community is not just for moms but all members of the family, where everyone is encouraged to be mindful of their vaccinations and taking the opportunity to avail these for free at their local health centers, and continue to encourage member sign-ups from all over the country to join the advocacy to fight both misinformation and disinformation / increase vaccine confidence.

This exciting campaign is not only exclusive online, but will also feature various collaborations with theAsianparent Philippines’ supporters from mommy and parent communities some of them including: Millennial Moms PH, Lifestyle Moms PH, Love Moms PH, Mars Club PH, and many more.

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theAsianparent taps customer engagement platform MoEngage

Singapore theAsianparent, a parenting content and community tech platform, has partnered with MoEngage, an insights-led customer engagement platform, to better deliver information, expert opinion, and valuable products and services to its wide parent consumer base in Southeast Asia via various communication channels such as web, app, email, social media, and push notifications.

theAsianparent helps young parents have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy families by providing the correct information, knowledge, and skills, and currently reaches over 35 million people in 12 countries. Asianparent’s mission is to reduce stillbirths by 10% throughout the world through education and the availability of useful resources on their web platform and mobile app for newlywed parents in Asia. 

Through theAsianparent’s infrastructure, it helped them provide engaging and customised experiences by allowing them to discover precise groups based on parenting stage and demographic. theAsianparent can integrate all of their communication channels by integrating MoEngage into their infrastructure, allowing them to better manage their customer interactions by tailoring products depending on parents’ wants and needs.

theAsianparent also uses its platform to recommend the right products and services to parents, relevant to their specific concerns thus providing brands and experts a platform to connect with the parents. With the eventual end of third-party cookies in sight, theAsianparent provides brands a platform to leverage customer insights, and connect with the right customer segments through personalized offerings. 

Nadine Yap, chief product officer at theAsianparent, said that mapping out and following the individual user journey is vital for us to deliver relevant information and tools to our community on theAsianparent. 

“Our partnership with MoEngage allows us to not only achieve this, but the data we receive through the platform also allows us to better understand our users and answer their needs more effectively and efficiently,” Yap said.

Saurabh Madan, VP & general manager of SEA and ANZ at MoEngage, shared, “We’re delighted to be a part of theAsianparent’s amazing growth journey. With a local presence across Southeast Asia, MoEngage is able to support theAsianparent’s marketing initiatives across the region.

Madan added, “We look forward to providing them with all the insights necessary to drive personalized communication, in turn aiding young parents and caretakers to nurture healthy and strong families around the globe,” said Saurabh Madan, Vice President & General Manager of SEA and ANZ, MoEngage.”

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This is how much Filipino moms are willing to tuck away as ‘gift’ budget this Christmas

Philippines – With the celebration of the Christmas season, people are now gearing up their financial allocations to make the most out of the ‘giving’ season. For Filipino moms, this specific budget has been identified to be an average of ₱10,029 or almost US$200, all for gifts, according to a survey by parenting content platform theAsianparent (TAP) in the Philippines. 

Despite the intended average budget, the survey found that at least six out of 10 moms plan to buy more than 10 gifts, which will amount to an estimated 10% of their monthly income, while only 13% say that they’re unable to loosen their budget.

Overall, 83% of Filipino moms say that their monthly expenditure goes up during this festive period in response to the holiday rush such as sending money, gifts, and treats, and shopping in malls, and shopping online. 

Moms buy gifts for their kids the most (95%) followed by immediate family (92%) and spouse (84%). Meanwhile, the number one item Filipinos purchase as gifts is clothes, followed by toys then educational games for the kids, while household items and food are most likely the items gifted to other loved ones. 

Besides gifts, Filipino moms also spend on high-value items. Half intend to purchase home appliances over the festive season, with 41% looking at furniture, and 37% planning to go into 2022 brandishing new devices and accessories such as smartphones, laptops, and headphones.

Malena Gong, theAsianparent’s regional head of insights, said that with these insights, Filipino moms are crucial segment marketers need to be looking at.

“Combine this with the cultural phenomenon of a long holiday season, and you’ve got an extended period of traditionally higher spending, concentrated on one key demographic: moms,” said Gong.

Aside from items, the report also revealed moms’ consumption practices this holiday season. About 72% of Filipinos will buy on both offline and online instead of just using one; moreover, 16% of respondents intend to shop two to three months prior to the holidays, while 15% plan to shop within a week or less. 

Meanwhile, on the factors for purchasing items, promos and sales offered online is a top factor followed by those offered offline. Recommendations from other moms and parenting apps take the third spot, trailed by recommendations from friends and family. Meanwhile, social media influencers and ads on e-commerce are also top factors that influence Filipino moms’ purchase decisions. For social media and parenting apps, the majority or over 70% are active on these platforms past 7 pm.

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theAsianparent marks Project Sidekicks’ first year anniversary with webinar series on pregnancy health

Singapore – In conjunction with the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, which was celebrated on 12th October, theAsianparent (TAP), the content and community platform for parents in SEA, has recently hosted a region-wide webinar series, to mark the first anniversary of Project Sidekicks, the platform’s corporate social responsibility initiative that aims to raise awareness around stillbirth in the region and promote real action to support families through their pregnancy journey.

The webinar series, which was hosted and moderated by Nadine Yap, theAsianparent’s chief product officer, was launched available in six countries, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, as well as the Philippines, and Vietnam, with topics of pregnancy health habits, post-pregnancy recovery, and coping with pregnancy loss.

In Singapore, the event welcomed Minister of State (MOS) Xueling Sun from the Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Education as the keynote speaker. Sun noted that in August this year, the Singapore government had amended the Child Development Co-Savings Act to better support parents of stillborn children, allowing working parents of a stillborn child to benefit from government paid leave, as well as maternity and paternity leave and shared parental leave. 

“This move would help support parents who would have undergone the trauma of a stillbirth. It would give them time, space, and help to recover physically and emotionally during such a difficult period of their lives,” said Sun.

Apart from benefit schemes for parents of stillborn Singaporean children, MOS Sun also highlighted the revised definition of stillbirth by the new Registration of Births and Deaths Act, which states that stillbirth is one delivered after the 22nd week of pregnancy and not after the 28th week as previously defined. 

Sun commented, “Through this amendment, we hope that more parents can be supported in terms of Government paid leave and benefits. We all know that parents struggle after the loss of a child, including after stillbirth. It is gut-wrenching to send off a young child, a baby, and the grief can have many downstream effects.”

Meanwhile, Roshni Mahtani-Cheung, theAsianparent’s group CEO and founder, commented that they are incredibly proud of what the government has done and their tremendous progress in helping to ease the suffering of parents who have suffered a stillbirth and provide them with the time and the space to heal and to return to daily life in a healthier way. 

“Here at theAsianparent, our mission has always been about making better parents, better children, and through that a better tomorrow,” said Mahtani-Cheung.

During the webinar, TAP has also launched ‘Project Sidekicks’ official video titled ‘A letter to Hope, a message of hope’, featuring the mascot, Hope the Penguin, to send a powerful message about finding hope in the mid of grief.

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theAsianparent Group names first-ever chief commercial officer

Singapore – theAsianparent (TAP), the content and community platform for parents in Southeast Asia has announced its first-ever chief commercial officer, former Johnson & Johnson Digital Director for APAC, Akshay Trivedi

The new appointment comes as TAP recently makes a similar stride in its leadership, welcoming Fiza Hasan Malhotra to inaugurate the platform’s chief brand officer role. 

Trivedi brings with him almost two decades of experience in digital marketing, customer engagement, sales, and market research across FMCG, finance, and media. At J&J, he started out as a digital lead, eventually elevating to the role of APAC regional director for digital, media & content excellence. Trivedi was also previously a director at Edelman Digital and was a senior digital product manager at Standard Chartered Bank. 

For the inaugural role, Trivedi is charged to lead the group’s commercial unit which comprises 60 people. He will be developing and driving global commercial strategy for TAP. 

TAP said Trivedi sets out to boost the group’s market share and revenue through both online and offline opportunities as well as through tapping innovations that would deliver breakthrough products and services to the brand’s parent community.

On reaching the said goals amid the ongoing pandemic, Trivedi mentions “continuing to grow our product lines especially around personalization, making healthcare professionals part of our community” and bringing roadmap that would center around “4 Ps: cutting-edge Products, high impact Platforms, providing our People with the right growth opportunities and designing the most relevant solutions for our business Partners.”

Trivedi also seeks to match external trends with internal potential.

 “A lot has changed in the industry in the last 18 months. Businesses have become a lot more performance and conversion focussed. With a fantastic mix of the best talent and products in the industry, the opportunity is there for us to enable our business partners to realize the best ROI through our cutting-edge solutions,” added Trivedi. 

On the appointment, TAP founder and Group CEO, Roshni Mahtani Cheung, shares, “Akshay’s track record in strategizing at scale while playing to the core strengths of a brand, company, and its people is what we’re banking on to bring cohesiveness to our growth initiatives, where we’ve already got all the right elements in place: excellent products, an engaged community, strong partnerships, and deep purpose. 

She adds, “As a young dad and having worked with top brands across industries, he understands the needs of the community and of clients, respectively. This enables us to better serve both and all grow together.”

TAP is currently present in 13 countries in Southeast Asia and available in 11 languages.

Last March, its community for parent influencers, VIP Parents (VIPP), entered the Top 5 Stories of MARKETECH APAC. In an exclusive conversation, VIPP’s Co-Founders Heena Singh and Jessica Tremel shared the difference parent influencers make in inspiring fellow parents on the best brand and services for their families. 

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theAsianparent names first-ever chief branding officer

Singapore – theAsianparent, the content and community platform for parents in Asia, has hired its first-ever chief branding officer, Fiza Hasan Malhotra

Malhotra most recently comes from Singapore-headquartered workplace design consultancy, Space Matrix, as its global marketing director. She boasts more than two decades of experience in brand innovation and marketing strategy. 

theAsianparent is the largest content hub and community platform for parents in Asia which spans across 13 markets in the region such as in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. In November, it has also announced its new country manager for Indonesia, Rotsen Quispe

Malhotra’s career spans digital transformation, public relations, corporate communications, event management, and social entrepreneurship. Prior to her role at Space Matrix, she was the head of business development and corporate innovation at Impact Hub Singapore. She has also worked for global brands Credit Suisse and Citibank. 

Malhotra said, “My goal is to put theAsianparent Group and its core brands on the path of global market leadership, powered by authentic brand experiences delivered to our community of parents, employees, clients, and our current and future stakeholders.” 

For one of her first projects as the new CBO, Malhotra helmed theAsianparent Awards, which seeks to find and celebrate the most trustworthy parent and baby brands for Asian parents across the region through its panel of parent judges and by community vote.

Of the appointment, founder and theAsianparent Group CEO, Roshni Mahtani Cheung, says, “theAsianparent brand is one I chose with care and nurtured from its infancy, so it is with even greater care that I chose whom to entrust it to. theAsianparent has come to mean many wonderful things to those who encounter it. We want to distill all that into one essence, so when anyone hears the brand or sees the icon, they know, in a snap, what we stand for.”

Malhotra adds, “I am excited to be part of a team that is passionate not only about performance and innovation but also impact—with our mission to help 100 million parents have healthy pregnancies and families. We are currently Southeast Asia’s largest parenting community and continue to look at market expansion and other opportunities across our platforms. To help build and grow a Singapore HQ brand into a leading global player is a huge passion of mine and I look forward to leading the team in reaching that summit.”

In March, the platform entered MARKETECH APAC’s top 5 stories for its VIP Parents Platform (VIPP). VIPP is the hub’s platform to getting to know the most proactive parents and giving them the opportunity to be influencers as well as for brands to reach out to the said cohort. 

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MARKETECH APAC’s top 5 stories for March: Esports league in PH bags top spot

This month of March, we’re looking at a diverse list of the top 5 stories. The rise of digital experiences and online e-commerce amid this unprecedented period in the lives of both businesses and consumers is evidently shown in the stories that nabbed the highest readership for the month. As you will see in the rundown, brands, and organizations that took the top spots are those that launched new partnerships and announced new initiatives that are a response to surging online activity and adoption. 

This month, a Hong Kong-headquartered fintech has just partnered with a new Buy Now Pay Later payment channel. A global adtech has also expanded its services to Vietnam, while a Singapore-based agency hires a new UX director. 

Meanwhile two rising consumer ecosystems – esports and influencer marketing – grace this month’s list with a content platform launching a new community for parent influencers and a Philippines-based gaming league mounting a virtual event that engages music fans.

Take a look at the top stories. Stories were sourced from Google Analytics from the period of 16 February to 15 March. 

Top 5: Singapore-based Bray Leino Splash names new UX Director

As the number of brands adopting digital experiences increases at a faster rate amid the pandemic, Singapore-based DX agency Bray Leino Splash’s appointment of a new UX director comes at a rightful time. 

The newly named Jaffry Jalal has previously worked with TBWA\Singapore and Havas as its UX design lead and was most recently a lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic. He has previously worked with brands such as Singapore Airlines, MasterCard, and Michelin to help them create digital products and immersive experiences. 

Jalal shared to MARKETECH APAC that as he takes the helm at the agency, he looks to start with the basics – straightening out and unifying the language of ‘design’ for the whole agency – in order to serve clients better and deliver an excellent UX.

“[I’m looking at] broadening the definition of design within the agency. That it is about moving something from its current state to a better-preferred state, whatever it is that we are doing. In creating that mentality internally, I hope we can transform where the whole agency becomes the design team for the client,” said Jalal. 

Jalal also shared what he believes to be one of the most important metrics of a good UX, and that is when people “talk less” about the UX, which means the agency has done its job in creating a seamless experience. 

“That’s the strange thing about UX design is that you won’t really notice good UX when it’s designed well. It’s transparent and invisible. The most effective experiences help the customers get the job done and they get on with their life; they come to a website or an app, they get what they need, and it helps them then they move on,” shared Jalal.

“This pandemic, as an agency, [we focus on] how we can help [clients] move from a current state to a preferred state [of digitization]; and [when] the whole agency can speak the language of design, then we can spot opportunities for our clients,” added Jalal. 

Top 4: theAsianparent launches VIP parents platform for parent influencers

Influencer marketing, with its relatable appeal to consumers as well as being a less cumbersome strategy for brands, has been all the rage with more brands and used-to-be consumers jumping into the ecosystem. Products and services targeted at parents are no different and this is what parenting-focused content platform aims to leverage with the VIP parents platform

In the platform, proactive parents are given the opportunity to step into the limelight and use their influence and voice for brands which also becomes an avenue for them to earn. 

Officially launched in 2020, the platform has already garnered a base of over 40,000 moms and dads. For brands, the platform serves as a channel to easily tap parents to implement engagement and brand amplification activities such as participating in surveys or polls, creating original and meaningful content, and even have parents review products and attend brand events. 

MARKETECH APAC spoke with the two Co-Founders of VIPP Heena Lulla Singh and Jessica Tremel to know more about the platform. Singh said that the parents on the platform are different from the broad influencer groups with their genuine experience and knowledge as their top edge. 

“What truly differentiates these parents from broad influencer groups is their parenting journeys, their experiences, and know-how, which actually enable them to provide authentic amplifications for consumer brands,” said Singh. 

Tremel said that VIP Parents is not just an influencer marketing platform, where the community also takes branded campaigns from posting on social media, reviews and reviews platforms, attending events, and downloading apps, and many more activities that parents can do for brands.

“Through our platform, these everyday parents to micro-influencers, have been able to deliver better engagement rates through the genuine feedback that captures audiences which leads to higher client conversion rates,” said Tremel. 

Top 3: Adtech Criteo partners with Vietnam-based MediaDonuts  

Digital advertisers in Southeast Asia country Vietnam are set to see a new solution provider in the market for their marketing and advertising strategies as adtech Criteo partners with Vietnam-based advertising and technology company MediaDonuts.

Criteo is a global advertising platform that provides a full-funnel marketing solution for online advertisers, retailers, brands, and agencies to serve relevant online advertisements. The partnership with MediaDonuts will take in the form of the Ad Sales Partner Program, which provides brands with performance marketing solutions aimed at driving profits and sales.

Speaking to MARKETECH APAC, Mark Gubbels, head of commercial for SEA at Criteo, said that the company specifically chose Vietnam for the expansion being one of the fastest-growing markets in online advertising. 

“We see a great opportunity, especially in the performance-based marketing to work with local businesses in Vietnam and evolve their advertising and marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the market,” said Gubbels. 

Gubbels also shared that part of Criteo’s offering to brands will be education and training on performance marketing. 

“While we are seeing great potential for market adoption within Vietnam’s industry, we still [see] that there’s a lot of room for growth, mainly in terms of education around performance marketing. As more Vietnamese consumers turn to e-commerce and seek an online channel experience, we really need to establish strong relationships with their customers both offline and online,” said Gubbels. 

The training and certification layer aims to provide and equip teams with practical courses to harness data effectively and to gain actionable insights to effectively manage and measure campaigns.

Top 2: Hong Kong-based AsiaPay adds Singapore’s Atome as Buy Now Pay Later partner

Hong Kong-headquartered Asiapay has announced a new partnership with Singapore-based Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platform Atome, adding it to its current BNPL payment partners, to enable seamless, flexible installment payment options to online and offline retail businesses across the APAC region.

AsiaPay is a digital payment solution and technology vendor in Asia aiming to bring advanced and cost-effective electronic payment processing solutions and services to banks, corporate and e-Businesses in the worldwide market. Meanwhile, Atome partners online and offline retailers to increase conversions and grow average orders and customer segments.

Through the team-up, both companies intend to remove the complexity for merchants and retailers of all sizes, to benefit from greater BNPL payment convenience.

Atome has partnered with over 2,000 online and offline retailers in six markets such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong with key merchant partners and e-commerce platforms in a wide range of verticals including Sephora, Agoda, Zara, and Marks & Spencer, and JD.ID and Sendo. Meanwhile, AsiaPay’s platform connects over 100 banks and a broad roster of alternative payment methods in 11 country locations. 

MARKETECH APAC spoke with Ernest Lo, AsiaPay’s executive director for AsiaPay, and he shared that the decision to tie up with Atome is due to the parallels between their business landscapes, such as being able to serve the same markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. aside from Singapore. 

“We see how Atome works in Singapore, [and] we want to work with a partner that’s aggressive with whom we can work out something together; we hope that our merchants in different countries can enjoy this BNPL product,” said Lo. 

Top 1: Philippine Pro Gaming League engaged music fans roping in MNL48 for a virtual match

For our top story this month, we have esports league Philippine Pro Gaming League in the Philippines. For a one-time event last 8 March, the Philippines Pro Gaming League (PPGL) managed by esports organization Mineski Philippines, hosted a virtual match, where it roped in Philippine pop idol group MNL48 to engage and play with fans for the popular mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift. 

PPGL is the largest multi-game esports in the country, and has been running for about 3 years in partnership with Globe telecom. Before the pandemic, the league seasonally conducts its massive onsite grand finals where it directly engages with players, teams, and the gaming community, at the same time, serves as an opportunity to promote gaming to a larger audience. Come the pandemic, Mineski was finding a way to bring the same engagement and experience, and thus, launched the virtual ‘PPGL Takeover’, where it invites personalities, esports influencers and streamers, and TV personalities to connect with gamers and fans. 

Nadine Nora, campaign manager at Mineski Philippines, shared that it has been partnering with people from the music industry and that when it approached MNL48, the collaboration was a perfect match, with the all-girl group being gamers themselves. 

MNL48 is a Filipino idol group, originally established in 2018, known to be a part of the larger J-pop genre scene based on its mother group AKB48. They have since released a total of six singles, including ‘Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie’, ‘High Tension’, and more recently ‘River’. The quintet comprises Cole Somera, Abby Trinidad, Sheki Arzaga, Gabb Skribikin, and Coleen Trinidad.

“MNL48 was very excited with the event as it is an added avenue for them to interact with their fans. [MNL48 and PPGL] just have the same mindset, we were both striving in engaging the community, and everything just fell into place perfectly,” shared Nora.

Watch our live interviews with the newsmakers themselves on the latest episode of MARKETECH APAC Reports, live on our YouTube channel.

This is in collaboration with Malaysia-based media company The Full Frontal.

Platforms Featured Southeast Asia

theAsianparent launches VIPP platform of most ‘influential’ parents

Singapore – Parenting-focused platform theAsianparent which has presence all over Southeast Asia, has launched its VIP Parents platform (VIPP), which comprises of its most vocal and influential parents, enabling brands to engage directly with this segment of parents across the region.

The VIPP platform has been officially launched six months ago, and according to theAsianparent, the VIPP has a base of over 40,000 moms and dads, giving marketers the opportunity to tap this audience. Brands can use the platform to let parents participate in surveys or polls, create original and meaningful content, and even have them review their products and attend brand events, with the possible opportunity of bringing parents on board as official brand ambassadors.

On the side of parents that are part of the platform, VIPP provides an opportunity for them to learn and earn. The women-led VIPP team has a training program for registered VIPP moms and dads to help them increase and maximize their social capital. 

Founder and Group CEO of theAsianparent, Roshni Mahtani Cheung, commented that the reality of parenting such as messy homes, spit-up, tantrums, and eyebags are rarely reflected in ad campaigns that target the mother audience, saying that engagement begins with “understanding.” 

“With VIP Parents, brands can get direct feedback from our parent community at their convenience, whether that’s a quick poll to gather first impressions on a new product or a massive survey that could help fine-tune a local campaign. Enlisting our moms and dads, who are already talking about these brands anyway, to both amplify and ground their campaign messages, is that sought-after authenticity every digital marketer talks about,” said Cheung.