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Starbucks celebrates 10 years of Indian operations with Starbucks Reserve store opening

India – Tata Starbucks Private Limited is celebrating its 10 years with the opening of a Starbucks Reserve store in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Starbucks Reserve is a program by Starbucks, and involves operation of worldwide roasteries.

The new Starbucks Reserve store is designed to bring the coffee experience to life for customers. The premium coffee experience unique to Starbucks is evident in the new Starbucks Reserve store’s stunning aesthetics. Taking centre stage, the Starbucks Reserve bar is set off by renowned architect and artist Ankon Mitra’s undulating sculpture reminiscent of clouds. 

As customers enter beyond the twin arches, based on Mumbai’s architectural heritage with a modern colour palette, they are welcomed by a vibrant floor-to-ceiling mural featuring the Starbucks Siren, created by local Mumbai artists Sonal Vasave and Makarand Narkar. The mural comes to life at the tap of a finger through augmented reality (AR) when customers scan the nearby QR code with their Instagram camera.

At the Starbucks Reserve bar, customers can enjoy a lineup of Starbucks Reserve small-lot single origin coffees, some of the most exquisite and rarest coffees in the world, including Bolivia Sol de la Mañana, Rwanda Sholi and Sumatra Kerinci brewed and served by Starbucks black apron coffee masters.

Michael Conway, group president of international and channel development at Starbucks said, “India is one of Starbucks fastest-growing markets and we’re proud to open our first Starbucks Reserve store in Mumbai, where our Starbucks journey began a decade ago. Since entering India, our green apron partners continue to deliver the iconic Starbucks Experience across the market. We look forward to serving more customers and communities through different store formats, digital acceleration, and product innovation as we continue to grow in India.”

Meanwhile, Sushant Dash, CEO at Tata Starbucks, commented, “For 10 years, Starbucks has been elevating coffee craftsmanship and bringing unique experiences to our customers in India. We value the strong connections we have with our customers and will continue to innovate and develop to enhance India’s coffee culture.”

He added, “Starbucks Reserve is a selection of the rarest, most extraordinary coffees Starbucks has to offer, and transports customers and coffee aficionados to an immersive and personalised coffee journey. It is all about the customer experience and engagement, the story of our coffee and the craft of our baristas.”

Marketing Featured East Asia

Shiseido releases new film to commemorate 150th anniversary

Tokyo, Japan – Cosmetics company Shiseido has released a new film in commemoration of the company’s 150th anniversary. The company was founded in 1872.

The film, titled, ‘Our Mission: A Journey of Beauty’, presents Shiseido’s aspiration to create truly happy and fulfilling days for people around the world for the next 150 years through the power of beauty, which they have cherished since their founding.

In addition, the film also presents future possibilities for beauty delivered by bold innovation, which the company has pursued since their founding, and leveraging their expertise in science.

“Going forward, we will continue to pursue innovation toward addressing social issues such as environmental problems and realising diversity and inclusion and will strive to bring about a sustainable world where people can enjoy happiness through the power of beauty,” the company said.

The campaign for Shiseido’s 150th anniversary started off on June 1, with it conveying to the world SHISEIDO’s enduring focus on life as the essence of beauty and its ongoing pursuit of uncovering the mechanisms that connect beauty and life.

Marketing Featured South Asia

Cartoon Network launches #TomAndJerryBdayBash to commemorate 82 years of non-stop wonder

Mumbai, India — Since its inception in 1940, the furry duo of Tom and Jerry has captivated fans all around the globe with its immersive and unforgettable storylines. Most of the children who grew up watching their adventures and antics have a special place in their hearts for the tandem. To rekindle those memories, Cartoon Network, a WarnerMedia Kids channel, launched a social media campaign to celebrate the 82nd birthday of Tom and Jerry in India.

The campaign was done in collaboration with Cartoon Network’s recently appointed social media marketing agency Chimp&z Inc, an alliance of Merge Infinity Global. The show’s birthday celebration was executed for brand and franchise amplification across social media platforms Facebook and Instagram with multiple social media activations to engage with fans across the country.

Tom and Jerry’s birthday campaign included a mix of brand collaborations and UGC-led content to organically increase the overall digital footprint of Cartoon Network. The campaign was divided into three segments: pre-birthday, birthday, and after-party.

The first segment, the pre-birthday activity ‘I see Tom and Jerry’, was a series of 3 stories where users were asked to share pictures of anything that reminded them of Tom and Jerry using the ‘Add Yours’ feature on Instagram Stories.

For the birthday, on 10 Feb, multiple brands from various sectors namely Parle G, Tata Play, Vinod Cookware, MuscleXP, Man Arden, Curious Cat Company, Feline Club of India, Portronics India, Yellophant, and many more joined the celebration with the 2nd part, ‘#LetItSlide’, where they uploaded unfortunate mishaps they would let slide just to wish the duo a happy birthday.

The campaign ended with an after-party themedTom and Jerry Get The Cherry where users were given the opportunity to decorate Tom and Jerry’s home with a single tap on their mobile screen. The story would display Tom and Jerry’s room with text and decorative items.

According to Chimp&z Inc, the campaign has garnered a total of 2,14,100+ reach and 2,25,400+ impressions leading to an increase in Cartoon Network India’s Instagram follower base by 3000+ within a week. The official handle of Cartoon Network on Instagram posted a wrap-up Reel to showcase how the celebrations unfurled.

Last January, Cartoon Network has unveiled its latest brand experience called ‘Redraw Your World’ for its APAC market.

Marketing Featured APAC

foodpanda celebrates 10th anniversary with new brand mascot

Singapore foodpanda, leading delivery and grocery platform in Asia, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the unveiling of its first-of-its-kind brand ambassador — Pau-pau. The mascot will be given its own unique characteristics and will be featured on foodpanda’s different marketing platforms.

The introduction of Pau-Pau builds on foodpanda’s earlier brand refresh. The pink panda is the platform’s venture towards new brand representation, where, aside from the traditional marketing environments, the new brand ambassador will also be utilized to maximize digital marketing touchpoints.

Idan Haim, foodpanda’s vice president for growth and marketing, commented, “Pau-Pau is a first-of-its-kind among food delivery platforms in Asia! More than anything else, we wanted to create a personality that evokes love among customers. We want Pau-Pau to be an inspiration for people to live life on their own terms and to its fullest. We are excited for our customers to meet Pau-Pau, as we mark the start of a new decade for foodpanda in Asia,” Haim said.

Pau-pau will be featured on the LINE and Instagram apps as an available sticker to bolster use in consumer expression and communication. It will progressively be rolled out into all of foodpanda channels and interfaces, namely the app, website, digital and social media platforms, as well as live-environment activations and more.

The mascot has been developed with a unique set of characteristics that will further help it relate with a wider range of audiences across the Asian market; foodpanda said Pau-pau believes in caring for the environment, empowerment, and living freely.

Eunha Bhang, chief creative officer of delivery hero Asia, gave her thoughts on the uniqueness of the character.

“In creating Pau-Pau, we wanted him to also have a dimension of purpose — that he stands for something more than just being an adorable mascot. Pau-Pau embodies and brings to life the foodpanda spirit by helping our communities reimagine how they use delivery and thereby adding vibrancy and fun in their lives,” she shared.

With the announcement of Pau-pau, one of the character’s key projects will be spearheading the campaign for plastic-free and environmentally-friendly consumerism with foodpanda’s Global Sustainable Packaging Programme to encourage merchant and consumer responsibility.

The one-of-its-kind ambassador was first rolled out in Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia in December 2021, which was subsequently followed by its appearance in other foodpanda networks namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Laos. The next phase will introduce the ambassador in the Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Last November, foodpanda also announced its partnership with Chinese tech giant Xiaomi to venture into q-commerce allowing the option of purchasing consumer electronic products and appliances through its apps. 

Marketing Featured APAC

Porsche’s anniv ad celebrates those who dare to chase their dreams

Singapore – Global luxury car brand Porsche has just released its latest film that both celebrates the brand’s 20 years of existence in the Asia-Pacific market, and a tribute to those that keep on chasing their dreams towards reality.

Directed by Singaporean filmmaker Roslee Yusof, the story follows the journey of two childhood friends pursuing their passions that are at odds with typical notions of ‘success’. Along the way, the protagonists face pressure from convention, fear of failure and personal challenges – but in the end, rise above and achieve fulfilment on their own terms. 

Said film echoes the words from founder Perry Porscho, who states that ‘In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself’, hence the brand goes by the tagline of ‘Driven by Dreams’. Furthermore, the company translates this ‘chasing dreams’ theme in a regional context. 

Speaking about the campaign, Yannick Ott, marketing director at Porsche Asia Pacific, said that the film celebrates the dreams that drive all of us, the spirit of staying true to oneself, while venturing forward in a world where expectations of gender, culture and success can pull one in many different directions.

“We have seen exceptional growth in this part of the world; inspired by the creative force of a youthful population and their personal aspirations, we expect that this region will enjoy one of the most exciting prospects for the years ahead. Against this backdrop, want to reinforce the message that the future is in the hands of those who follow their dreams,” Ott stated.

In relation to the ad release, Porsche also announced last week a long-term partnership with non-profit organization United Women Singapore (UWS), supporting their Girls2Pioneers program. Said program reaches out to girls from underserved communities, aged 10-16, to encourage them to pursue their passions in higher education and careers, thus paving the way for a more gender-equal society.

Marketing Featured APAC

Shangri-La unveils ‘#WithHeart’ campaign to celebrate 50-year journey with Asia

Hong Kong – As Shangri-La Hotel marks its 50th anniversary, it launches ‘#WithHeart’ campaign to celebrate its ties with the Asia region, honoring the passion and values that have driven the brand’s evolution and the rise of the region through the stories of those who have lived this transformation.

The ‘#WithHeart’ campaign aims to bring to life the significance of ‘wholeheartedness’ in all endeavors. It includes a short film series, which will be premiering on 19 November 2021, will tell the stories of young and passionate Asian culture makers.

Titled ‘From Asia with Heart’, the short film series features a culinary pioneer who rose to become Asia’s Best Female Chef, an architecture graduate who followed her heart to become an internationally renowned installation artist, a respected fashion designer who embarked on a journey of advocacy to open peoples’ minds to the idea of luxury goods made in China, and an iconic furniture designer inspired by the profound beauty of nature, as well as an illustrator reimagining Chinese culture and folklore for children, and a pianist infusing his riveting performances with Asian influences.

The teaser trailer is now available at At the website, visitors will also find inspiring stories, perspectives, and foresight into different industry trends from even more Asian innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who put their heart into everything they do. Full versions of the short films will be released in the coming weeks.

Hui Kuok, Shangri-La Group’s chairman, shared that Shangri-La is proud to have supported Asia’s growth over the years.

“As we mark our anniversary, we want to bring to life the stories that have made Asia what it is today. We are not just celebrating our past but looking towards the future as we embark on our next chapter,” said Kuok. 

In celebration of these stories from around the world, Shangri-La is also rewarding those who share their #WithHeart stories on social media. Beginning on 22 November on Instagram, the brand is inviting people to share what they do “with heart” for a chance to take their passions further and win exclusive Shangri-La prizes. 

To enter the contest, people should follow @shangrilahotels and post their stories, tagging Shangri-La and using the signoff “From _____ #withheart”, filling in the blanks with their name or handle.

Marketing Featured Southeast Asia

theAsianparent marks Project Sidekicks’ first year anniversary with webinar series on pregnancy health

Singapore – In conjunction with the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, which was celebrated on 12th October, theAsianparent (TAP), the content and community platform for parents in SEA, has recently hosted a region-wide webinar series, to mark the first anniversary of Project Sidekicks, the platform’s corporate social responsibility initiative that aims to raise awareness around stillbirth in the region and promote real action to support families through their pregnancy journey.

The webinar series, which was hosted and moderated by Nadine Yap, theAsianparent’s chief product officer, was launched available in six countries, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, as well as the Philippines, and Vietnam, with topics of pregnancy health habits, post-pregnancy recovery, and coping with pregnancy loss.

In Singapore, the event welcomed Minister of State (MOS) Xueling Sun from the Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Education as the keynote speaker. Sun noted that in August this year, the Singapore government had amended the Child Development Co-Savings Act to better support parents of stillborn children, allowing working parents of a stillborn child to benefit from government paid leave, as well as maternity and paternity leave and shared parental leave. 

“This move would help support parents who would have undergone the trauma of a stillbirth. It would give them time, space, and help to recover physically and emotionally during such a difficult period of their lives,” said Sun.

Apart from benefit schemes for parents of stillborn Singaporean children, MOS Sun also highlighted the revised definition of stillbirth by the new Registration of Births and Deaths Act, which states that stillbirth is one delivered after the 22nd week of pregnancy and not after the 28th week as previously defined. 

Sun commented, “Through this amendment, we hope that more parents can be supported in terms of Government paid leave and benefits. We all know that parents struggle after the loss of a child, including after stillbirth. It is gut-wrenching to send off a young child, a baby, and the grief can have many downstream effects.”

Meanwhile, Roshni Mahtani-Cheung, theAsianparent’s group CEO and founder, commented that they are incredibly proud of what the government has done and their tremendous progress in helping to ease the suffering of parents who have suffered a stillbirth and provide them with the time and the space to heal and to return to daily life in a healthier way. 

“Here at theAsianparent, our mission has always been about making better parents, better children, and through that a better tomorrow,” said Mahtani-Cheung.

During the webinar, TAP has also launched ‘Project Sidekicks’ official video titled ‘A letter to Hope, a message of hope’, featuring the mascot, Hope the Penguin, to send a powerful message about finding hope in the mid of grief.